4 Methods To Solve DeWalt Drill Chuck Won’t Tighten

dewalt drill chuck won't tighten
dewalt drill chuck won’t tighten

DeWalt drills are certainly the best and most durable out there since they are not only affordable, but they can last you quite some time and you get to enjoy the perfectly stable experience with these at the same time. However, the drill chuck might cause you some problems at times and that is certainly not something that you would want to have on your drill. The drill chuck might not be tightening up at times, and if you are facing the same problem on your DeWalt Drill, here are a few things that you will need to try out.

Fixing DeWalt Drill Chuck Won’t Tighten

1. Change the Bit

If the chuck is not tightening around the drill bit that you are using, most of the time the problem is with the bit and not the drill since the drill bit might have been shrunk, or it can sometimes wear off as well. You will need to make sure that you are changing the bit and trying a new bit on the same drill. That is going to help you get the problem fixed most of the time and you are not likely to be facing the problem again on your drill bit. That is certainly something you will need to keep in mind since it can get you out of the tight corners when you need to use the drill.

2. Rotate it Right

You need to put pressure on some drill chucks while tightening or loosening them and that is added as a preventive measure so the drill bits don’t get off while you are using them. You will need to be careful about that, and try pressing the chuck of your drill inwards while you are trying to tighten it up and that would help you to get rid of any problems that might have been causing you to face this problem on the drill that you are using. That is certainly something useful that will come in handy and you are not likely to face any problems afterward once you are doing it the right way.

3. Clean the Chuck

Another thing that you can try out is to clean the chuck if it is not rotating at all. Dust particles or particles from concrete or metals that you have been drilling in can get stuck inside the chuck and they might be causing you to face this problem that is certainly not something you would want to have on your drill. So, cleaning it up properly should be getting you out of the tight corners and you can tighten it up the right way.

4. Change the Chuck

The chuck can go bad as well after some usage, and that is not something that you should ignore. The possibility is always there and if you are unable to get the chuck to tighten up on your drill, it would be better to change the chuck and that will be solving all such problems for you that you have been facing earlier on your chuck without causing you any further troubles.

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