DeWalt Battery Charger Light Blinking Fast (8 Signal And Its Meaning)

dewalt battery charger light blinking fast
dewalt battery charger light blinking fast

DeWalt is one of the largest and most popular equipment manufacturers for a number of options.

That includes having the right tools that you might need to get most of the work done for any needs you might have.

It is particularly great, and there are hardly some things that you might face on them.

Their battery chargers are pretty smart, and they can indicate most of the scenarios for you if you know what they mean.

DeWalt Battery Charger Light Blinking Fast

If the Dewalt battery charger light is blinking fast, it could be due to several reasons, and a few such reasons that you will need to know about are:

  1. Blinks Long

If your battery is too hot, the charger will be blinking the red light fast and long. That is pretty clear, and you will need to ensure that you are cooling down the battery a bit by giving it some rest.

To avoid this from happening in the future, you will need to ensure that you are keeping the battery away from direct sunlight or exposure to too much heat.

That will allow you to have the perfect experience with your battery for certainty.

  1. Blinks Short

If the battery is too cold, it will blink short and fast, and with that, you will need to warm up your battery a bit.

room temperature

It could be due to being exposed to colder temperatures for a long time, or your battery might be sitting idle for quite some time now.

So, letting it charge for a while or simply getting it at room temperature should allow you to get rid of that light, and you will not have to worry much afterward about the battery either.

  1. Blinks Very Fast

If the light is blinking very fast, and it doesn’t go away, that means your battery has gone bad and that it needs replacement.

There is not much that you can do to fix it except to get the battery pack replaced.

All you will need to do is ensure that you are getting the battery pack replaced with a new one.

That should allow you to enjoy the right experience that you might be seeking without facing any such problems at all.

  1. Blinks two times

If the light blinks fast two times, that is an indicator of your power lines getting damaged or not in contact with the battery terminals properly.

So, you will need to ensure that you are getting that fixed up in the right manner, and not only that, but you will also have to make sure that you are checking the battery as well.

Inspecting damage and then fixing up everything on the terminals by removing the connectors from the terminals and connecting them again should help you out properly.

After that, you are not likely to be facing any such problems on your battery that were there in the first place.

That will ensure you have the right experience that you might be looking for.

Be sure to go through some of the more basic troubleshooting methods mentioned below:

  1. The Outlet Might Be Damaged

You can’t expect the charger to work when the power flow from the outlet is not optimal.

It might not seem like an extensive issue at first, but it can lead to fire hazards down the road if left unattended.

power supply

For this reason, we recommend that you hire an expert for the maintenance of the power connections.

Many owners make the mistake of fixing the power connections themselves and end up electrocuting themselves.

There is no point in putting yourself in damage, and seeking help from an electrician will be the best option.

It will cost you just a little bit, but this investment is far better than dealing with fire hazards and burnt electronics.

So, be sure to check the outlet and confirm this suspicion by trying out a different one.

If the charger does work with the new outlet, then you will know for sure that the current outlet is to blame.

From there, you can install a replacement and get through the issue in no time. 

  1. There Might Be Compatibility Errors

Issues with battery compatibility have been one of the major reasons why you might run into blinking errors.

While DeWalt systems maintain a good reputation as the most compatible charger that you will find on the market, they can’t work with every off-brand battery. 


So, if you’re not using a good battery and running into these errors, be sure to inform the expert.

You need to make sure that the issues with the charger are limited and that there are no problems with the device itself.

From there, you can call the dealer to get pointers on what battery will work best for this charger.

He will point you in the right direction that will fit your budget requirements as well as your power needs. From there, it is not that hard to get through the charging routine.

  1. No Harm In Jumping the Battery

Jumping the battery is the next thing that you need to do when running into these issues.

A fully drained battery won’t get picked up by the charger, and you will keep running into these errors. However, you can jumpstart this drained unit with a fresh one.

jump battery

All you need is a pair of wires, and then you can connect the charged battery to the drained one.

After connecting the terminals on both batteries, leave the unit for about 2 hours.

From there, you can place the drained unit back on the charger.

This time around, the charger will pick up the unit with no issues, and you will have a fully charged battery within three to four hours.

If you’re lucky, the issue will be fixed at this stage, and you won’t have to bother with more fixes.

  1. Check For Damaged Sections

When dealing with damaged sections, you will have to rely on the warranty claim.

You won’t be able to isolate any errors as long as the unit is damaged, and you will have to rely on a new unit to get through this fix.

The majority of DeWalt systems come with a three-year warranty, and you can further confirm the warranty status by calling the dealer.

He will point you in the right direction and will ask for valid proof of purchase.

From there, the verification routine will start, and you will need to wait around two to three business days to get a new unit. So, be sure to reach out to the officials, and they will take it from there.


Lastly, if the warranty has expired, you can still get pointers from the DeWalt official support team.

There are DeWalt-authorized service centers all across the nation, and you can rely on these options to get through the fix.

So, instead of trying to fix the situation yourself, you need to save some time and reach out to these professionals.

They will make the troubleshooting routine much easier for you. 

Wrapping Up

The situation with the DeWalt battery charger can get a bit serious at times when the light is blinking fast. Most of these errors are related to the battery and not the charger.

hardware issue

So, you will have to isolate this issue by checking for battery issues first.

If you can’t find a fault in the battery, then the compatibility might be to blame here, but you can always check for more errors with the charger hardware.

Either way, you need to make sure that the terminals on the battery are engaging properly and that the charger is not damaged.

On the other hand, if you’re unlucky and can’t say much about the charger, then you will need to get a new one.

So, keep that in mind and seek help from the official support about this issue. 

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