3 Easy Ways To Fix DeWalt Battery No Light On Charger

dewalt battery no light on charger
dewalt battery no light on charger

DeWalt batteries are certainly great and you will have the best possible experience on them for sure for any applications that you might have on your mind. These batteries come in all shapes, sizes, and of course the capacity so you can choose the right battery type according to your needs. The best thing is that you also get the right charger with each of them that is designed precisely to charge the battery in the right manner so you will not have to face any problems with the battery in the longer run. However, at times you might get certain problems like there could be no light on the charger. A few such things that you can try out to have this problem fixed would be:

DeWalt Battery No Light On Charger

1. Check Connections

The charger that you get with DeWalt batteries will only show you a light indication on it if the battery is connected properly with the charger and is being charged on it as well. So, if the connectors are not connected properly, and you are facing certain issues with the charger lights not turning on, you will definitely need to make sure that your battery is connected properly with the charger. That should definitely have the problem fixed for you.

The optimal way is to disconnect the connectors and then connect them again, or if that doesn’t solve the problem either, you can clean the connectors with some rubbing alcohol and that should be definitely getting the problem solved for you in the right manner.

2. Check Charger

At times the charger can also go bad and it will not work and that is definitely something that you will have to get fixed. In order to do that, you will need to try connecting some other charger with the same battery and see if the charging light turns on. While you are on that, make sure that you are connecting and disconnecting all the connectors properly to not cause any further problems for you.

If the other charger works, then the problem is clearly with your charger and you will need to get that fixed and replaced optimally to make sure that you are able to get the DeWalt battery charged and that will be helping you out perfectly to get rid of the problem as well at the same time.

3. Get the Battery Checked

However, sometimes the battery might have seen its good days and is too old to be charged now. Battery health replenishes over the time and that certainly causes you to have these issues. So, you will need to have the battery checked for battery health and see if you are able to diagnose it. If the battery is not in right health, that means you will have to change the battery and that should be the best thing for you to have the perfect experience and not only that, but you will also be getting the charger light on your charger back.

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