Battery Tender Jr Blinking Green Light – 4 Signals and Its Meaning

battery tender jr blinking green light
battery tender jr blinking green light

Finding the right charger for your power tools is one of the most important things that you need to consider.

You can’t expect any performance from your power tools while using a defective charger. So, if you’re new to this sector, just get a reliable charger for your system.

Battery Tender Jr is a great kit to have that can help you out of numerous tight corners without causing any sort of trouble at all.

Battery Tender Jr Blinking Green Light

It is simply the best thing that you can get to enjoy a simple, compact, and easy-to-work-with experience at the same time.

The Battery Tender Jr is not only small in size, but it has the right power to charge multiple sizes of batteries

That will be helping you out perfectly in getting the job done without getting into any sort of troubles at all.

If you see a green light blinking on the charger, here is what it would mean:

  1. Blinking Green

Green Light blinking on the battery tender Jr is the sign that your battery is getting charged, and you don’t have to worry at all about it.

That is a healthy sign that your charger is doing what you want to get done, you are going to get the batteries charged up in no time and without any problem at all for certain.

Depending upon the battery you’ve brought for your power tools, it can take around 3 to 5 hours to charge the whole unit.

hardware issue

It comes down to the voltage output from the unit and the capacity of your battery. Some owners like to blame the charger if they are unable to charge the device within 20 minutes.

If you believe the charger is defective, then your best bet is to wait for a few more moments. This is especially true if you can’t find any hardware issues with the device.

So, just be patient, and you will be able to get the optimal response from the smart device.

  1. Blinking Green With a Solid Red

red light

If your Battery Tender Jr has a green light blinking on it, and there might be a solid red light on it at the same time, that means your battery is over 80% charged.

That is simply great since now you can take it off the charger and you will be able to use it in the right manner.

With all that in perspective, you can take the batteries right then, when it starts, the red light shows when the green light is still blinking, or you wait for it.

Most users believe that charging the battery fully will damage the pack. However, the impact of fully charging the unit is not that extensive.

So, if you do wish to charge the unit to 100 percent, then keep charging the device. It will only take a few more minutes for the battery to charge to 100 percent.

power check2

From there, you can remove the battery pack from the charger and install that on your power tools to get the ideal performance.

Ideally, you won’t have to wait for more than 20 minutes. But if the blinking light with the red indicator won’t go off, then your charger or battery is defective.

If you take the battery off the charger, it will still perform well for a few hours. However, the battery won’t last as long when you compare the uptime with a fully charged unit.

So, if you don’t mind replacing the batteries after a few years and need better uptime, charge the battery pack up to 100 percent.

  1. Solid Green

While the batteries are being charged, the light will keep on blinking green, and you don’t have to worry much about that.

As soon as the light turns solid green, that means the batteries are properly charged, you don’t have to worry. That means your batteries are fully charged.

You can remove the battery from the pack and install it on your system. If you get the solid green light as soon as you install the battery, then the connections are to blame.

There might be something stuck on the contacts that are creating this issue. However, you should also check the condition of the charger when you’re dealing with this error.

That will make it much easier to isolate the issue, and you can reach out to customer support for help.

They will help you with a replacement if the warranty is valid. So, be sure to involve these experts.

  1. Constantly Blinking Green

The light is likely to blink green for some time, and after the batteries are fully charged, it is bound to turn solid green.

That is why you will need to keep an eye on the blinking green light.

Yet, if you see that it has been hours and the light is not turning a solid green, there is certainly something that you will need to be careful about.

Water damage can be one of the more common issues here, and it can get pretty rough in a workshop.

So, if you’ve not been able to isolate the issue, then check the unit for water damage. From there, it would be much easier to dry out the system in direct sunlight.

After keeping the unit in direct sunlight for a few hours, you will be able to get the optimal response from the system.

However, if the damage is too much, you will have to get a new one. There is no point in spending too much time trying to fix a damaged device. So, reach out to the dealer.

battery charge

There can be something wrong either with the charger or the batteries, and you need to figure that out by replacing the battery that you are trying to charge.

If the light turns a solid green after some time, that means your previous battery was faulty, and you need to replace that.

However, if the new battery doesn’t make the light go solid green again, you will need to get the charger replaced since it is not charging the batteries properly.

Wrapping Up

The Battery Tender charger brings a responsive light indicator that will help you keep track of the battery status.

When the battery is fully charged, this indicator will stop blinking, and you will be able to make use of the battery. So, lookout for the batter status to turn solid green.

However, if it has been more than five hours and the light won’t change colors, then you will be sure that the unit is defective.

Try going through basic fixes, including cleaning the unit, adjusting connection points, and optimizing the power from the source. 


There is also a chance that your battery pack is to blame here. You will need to isolate the battery pack by trying a different charger.

If you can’t get any response, then it might be time to get a new one.

It all comes down to the condition of the battery, and you can seek help from an expert. The customer care team from Battery Tender will help you through the same fix.

So, reach out to these experts, and they will take care of the rest. You will save hours of your time, and the warranty on the charger is good for at least a year.

tender support

So, if you find the charger to be defective, just forward a warranty claim. From there, you will be able to grab a fresh replacement within the same week.

All you need to do is to show them valid proof of purchase. After that, the process should be pretty effortless for all parties involved.

Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with any more errors when it comes to the Battery Tender charger!

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