7 Reasons Why Worx Nail Gun Is Jammed (And How To Fix It)

worx nail gun jammed
worx nail gun jammed

The nail gun from Worx is a powerful tool that comes with tons of features.

The cordless tool uses a piston system that helps it in delivering high torque with low amounts of power. Keep in mind that the tool can blast through most surfaces without any issues.

The only thing that you need to ensure is that the correct type of nail bits is being used when working on your projects.

The grips on the device help in keeping it stable throughout your usage.

Other than this, the nail gun also comes with the option to adjust its power ratings.

This can be amazing as it lets people work with different materials. Now that you understand all of this, another thing that should be noted is that the tool can also run into some issues. 

Lately, people have been reporting that their Worx nail gun is jammed. If you are running into the same problem, then going through this article should help you in finding some troubleshooting steps.

Why Is Worx Nail Gun Jammed?

  1. Removing The Magazine

The first thing that you should do when running into this issue is check where the nail bits are stuck.

This can help you in dealing with the problem quickly while also keeping the tool protected from damage. In most cases, the nail bits get stuck inside the magazine, which causes the nail gun to get jammed.

Luckily, the magazine can be removed from your tool easily by opening it. Release the magazine and then check where the nail bits are stuck. 

You can easily remove them using a sharp object and applying some force.


To ensure that the problem does not appear again, people should check the type of nail bits they are installing. Make sure that you always use bits that are supported by your nail gun.

  1. Lubricating Your Nail Gun

If the bit stuck in your nail gun does not come out using the step mentioned above, then another thing that you can do is open up the entire tool.

You can do this by removing the bolts holding the device together and then taking out the rest of its parts by opening the latches.

Once done, check where the bit is stuck and then remove it carefully. As long as you don’t damage any parts, the tool should start working after putting it back together.

It can be best that you lubricate the internal moving parts on your nail along this process as it prevents the bits from getting stuck.

  1. Faulty Compartment

Next, one more reason why your nail gun might be getting jammed can be that its compartment is damaged.

support services

The magazine and internal parts of the tool can sometimes break, which results in the bits getting stuck inside them.

If you are getting this problem, then replacing your faulty parts is the only solution. Try contacting the support team for Worx and then tell them about your problem in detail.

They should be able to send you the replacement parts or ask you to bring in your tool for repairs.

  1. Debris and Gunk

While it is pretty easy to blame that system and not take any accountability for the situation, it is entirely possible that you’re running into these issues because of missed patience cycles.

The system will not work over the long run when you keep missing the maintenance routine.

So, if it has been a few week since you last cleaned the system, then now might be a good time to do so. You will not be able to get any response from the system when the unit is clogged up with gunk and debris.

This is especially true if you like to lube up the system with grease. Many owners have this misconception that the use of grease will somehow improve the performance of their units.


That is not the case, and you will only be running into more errors. 

The performance of the system will be subpar, to say the least, and you will have to go about adjusting the situation accordingly when it comes to fixing these errors.

Moreover, the grease can mix up with the debris particles to further clog up the system and limit its performance.

So, you will have to keep all of these things in mind when you’re struggling with the unit not working.

These situations can be hard to fix, and being more proactive when it comes to maintenance is your only fix. Otherwise, you will make the situation more complicated without getting anything in return. 

  1. Incompatible Nails

The situation with the incompatible nails is equally as annoying when you will not be able to get any response from the system.

This situation is usually common for owners that have bought their first unit or just upgraded from a cheaper system.

If you’re in the same boat, you need to understand that there is no such thing as one nail type for all the systems.

So, you will have to find the right nails for this system if you wish to avoid more issues down the road. It all comes down to how you’re planning on addressing the situation.

correct nails

Nine times out of ten, you can just ask the dealer to send you compatible nails. However, if you don’t want to wait that long, then you can reach out to the experts at your local hardware store.

They will know what nails will work with your system, and you will not have to make any poor guesses.

There is no harm in reaching out to the experts when you’re not that sure about the situation.

The experts will always know more and will be more than happy to guide you through the situation. So, if you do get stuck, or the situation with the unit keeps getting annoying, then you will have to ask the officials.

  1. Poor Technique

Issues with poor techniques are just as common, and you need to shift your focus to improving your technique.

When you’re trying to speed run the project and not minding the recoil or the time it takes for the nails to eject properly, then you will run into this situation.

The system will clog up in no time if you’re rushing the process, and most of the time, you just have to slow down your approach.

You will only hold yourself back if you try to rush everything. So, when you do get stuck in these errors, be sure to reach out to the local experts. 

ask an expert

Most of the time, it will not take effort to get through these issues. All that you have to do is to spend a bit of time trying to adjust the technique. A great method here is to rely on local experts to guide you. 

These professionals maintain years upon years of professional experience and know how to guide you exactly through a fix.

So, when you od get stuck in these errors, you have to reach out to the professionals and have them guide you through a fix. They will make your life much easier, and you will be sorted out.

  1. Excessive Pressure

The next thing that you have to check is the pressure on the system.

If the pressure on the system is too much, you will struggle to get any response out of the system. The unit will not work when you’re just trying to blast the nails into tough materials.

If the current nailer is not giving you the desired penetration, then the only reasonable thing that you can do is to rely on a more robust machine.

There is no point in putting more pressure on the tool, and you will only damage it in the process. 


Hopefully, these details will give you some idea of how to manage your nailer perfectly. 

Wrapping Up

Struggling with the Worx nail gun getting jammed in every project? There are a ton of factors that can play into this situation, and you can go through the pointers listed here to get it sorted out.

Most of the time, it will not take much effort, and you can speed through the project in no time.

All that you have to do is to keep track of the maintenance and keep the system clean. From there, you can go about adjusting your technique and limiting the pressure on the system.

This simple change will go a long way when you’re talking about getting the desired performance. 

Next, you can also check up on the type of nails and the power of the gun. If you’re getting through more demanding projects, then it might be a good idea to get a better nail gun for your project.

Lastly, if you find there to be defects in the system or there are some other hardware issues, then you can reach out to the Worx dealer and demand a fresh piece.

There is no point in trying to make this damaged unit work, and you can get a new one in no time. 

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