Worx Battery Charger Is Blinking Red? (3 Things To Do)

worx battery charger blinking red
worx battery charger blinking red

Cordless power tools are one of the best technologies people have come up with. These are compact and lightweight which means that you can carry them around with you no matter where you go. On top of this, the tool can be used anywhere as you no longer have to find a socket to power it up. The battery life on most of these tools is also quite amazing which allows people to complete their tasks without having to charge the tool in between.

Worx is one of the leading brands that manufactures cordless power tools, and it has tons of lineups that you can go through. Though, keep in mind that there are also some problems that you can run into with their products. Recently, some users have been complaining that their Worx battery charger is blinking red when they try to charge their batteries. If you are getting the same problem with your charger then going through this article should help you in finding some ways that can be used to fix this.

Worx Battery Charger Blinking Red:

  1. Battery Might Too Hot or Cold

The LED light on the Worx charger is installed to indicate if the charger is working or not. If you notice a red light blinking on it then this means that the battery pack, you have installed is either too hot or too cold. The company has implemented a security feature that prevents the charger from working in these conditions.

The main reason behind it is that trying to charge a lithium-ion battery while it is too hot or too cold can result in it getting damaged. Keeping this in mind, the only thing that you have to do is wait for your battery to get back to a normal temperature. You can then charge it without running into the same problem again.

  1. Charger Might Be Overheating

In some cases, the light can also blink if the charger itself is too hot or too cold. Keep in mind that the charger can mostly overheat if you have been using it for a long time. The only case where this might get too cold is if you are living in a cold climate or if you had been keeping the charger in a spot where the temperatures were too low.

When it comes to this, people should remember that keeping their charger away from moisture is important. This helps in ensuring that the charger does not get damaged. The solution for this issue is the same as the one mentioned above.

  1. Faulty Charger

Finally, if you have tried the steps mentioned above butt your charger is still overheating then there is a high chance that it might be faulty. When it comes to this, the only thing that you can do is get your charger replaced with a new one.

You can try contacting the support team for Worx and then provide them with detailed information regarding the problem. In most cases they should be able to help you out by providing you with relevant fixes and solutions.

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