3 Ways To Fix Worx Pole Saw Chain Keeps Coming Off

Worx Pole Saw Chain Keeps Coming Off
Worx Pole Saw Chain Keeps Coming Off

The chainsaw from Worx is a powerful tool that is mostly used by woodworking professionals. The great thing about the device is that it can complete most tasks within a fraction of the time required when using hand tools. Though, there are also tons of problems that you can run into with this tool. This is why you must understand how the chainsaw can be handled. This helps people in ensuring that they stay safe when using a powerful device like this.

Worx Pole Saw Chain Keeps Coming Off

Overall, the tool is equipped with tons of features that ensure its users can have a fun time using it. Though, a common problem that you will notice users complaining about is that the Worx pole saw chain keeps coming off. This is quite annoying to deal with which is why we will be using this article to help you out. Below are some troubleshooting steps that can be used in case you are also running into the same problem.

  1. Tension On The Chain

When using the chainsaw from Worx, people should understand that the blade on this tool is a chain. Just like cycles and bikes, the chain rotates, allowing the motor to function properly. The most common reason why the chain might be constantly coming off can be that it does not have enough tension.

This happens when you have not installed the chain properly and it is too loose to function. People can simply access their power tool and then tighten the chain to increase its tension. It is important that a balance is maintained as chains that are too tight will also cause problems. These mostly tend of breaking themselves or damaging the motor which is why you should prevent this from happening.

  1. Chain Is Damaged

While the tension on the chain being too high can damage it and cause it to break, people should note that this can also happen naturally. If this happens then you will get the same problem as above and the only way to fix it is by replacing the chain with a new one.

Before doing so, it can be important that you confirm where the issue is from. Damaged chains can be identified easily as you might notice cracks or breaks on them. New chains can be bought directly from stores that are affiliated with Worx.

  1. Faulty Chain Mechanism

Finally, the last reason for this problem can be that the chain mechanism holding your chain in place might have gotten damaged. This is quite rare but usually happens when you had been using the device for a long time.

The problem can be dealt with by contacting the support team for Worx and asking them to repair the tool for you. People who still have a warranty on their saw can also get free replacements. But you should go through the warranty guidelines once, before trying to claim it as this can help in avoiding further issues.

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