3 Reasons Why Craftsman Battery Charger Is Blinking Green

craftsman battery charger blinking green
craftsman battery charger blinking green

Craftsman is the brand name that you go for if you are looking for something that would fit your needs perfectly, and you can enjoy a smoother experience with all the sorts of tasks or jobs you might have at hand for it.

They are also manufacturing some of the latest and best possible equipment when it comes to the tools, such as cordless tools that are battery-operated.

So you don’t have to worry about a single thing while you are working on any sort of project where you don’t want to deal with the mess of cords or you would simply like to have a more portable experience. 

Craftsman also offers battery chargers that are specifically designed to work with their battery packs, and if it has a green light blinking on it, here is what it would mean:

Craftsman Battery Charger Is Blinking Green

  1. Blinking Steadily

The green light that has been blinking steadily on your craftsman battery charger is an indicator that the battery pack is connected to the charger properly and that it is being charged optimally as well.

That means you don’t have to worry about a single thing, and you can just let the charger get its job done.

The green light will be blinking for some time, and after the battery has been fully charged, it will turn steady green.

That is the indicator that your battery is properly charged now, and you can take it off the charger to be installed on any equipment that you might want.

  1. Blinking Green For Too Long

The green light on the charger will keep on blinking for as long as the battery is being charged and will only get stable once the battery is completely charged.

So, it depends on how much charge your battery already has most of the time. And if your battery was deeply discharged, it might take a bit longer than normal to have it charged.


Yet, if it is taking more than 5-6 hours and the light is still blinking green, that might be a signal that your battery is unable to store the charging. 

You will need to get it checked in order to make sure that you are not facing any such problems later on while using the battery with any of your cordless tools or other equipment.

  1. Other Indicators

There are certainly some other indicators that you will need to know about the status of your battery and charger, and these are certainly a plus to have on any charger to know if something is not right.

Yet, you don’t have to worry about them if you are getting the green light on your Craftsman battery charger since there are other colors, such as red, for warning indicators.

If there is some major issue either with the charger or the battery, you will not be getting a green indicator. Instead, it will show you a red light that might be blinking or solid.

On the other hand, if your charger is not in the best shape, now might be a good time to go through some basic fixes.

There is no need to keep the battery hooked up to the charger when you can’t seem to get a response. Here are some more specifics on the issue.

  1. Check the Temperature


Checking the temperature is one of the best methods to get more perspective on the situation.

It is the most common cause behind the system not working. You will also be dealing with similar issues when the environmental conditions are a bit extreme in your condition.

Extensive use in hotter temperatures will not only hold you back, but you will also struggle with the lifespan of the battery in some conditions.

So, instead of using the battery for hours at a time, you should take 10-minute breaks after every 40 minutes of uptime.

That will ensure that the battery pack doesn’t heat up and you are able to charge it properly.

If you also find that the battery pack is hot to the touch and it won’t charge in the Craftsman charger even though it is blinking green, then you need to let it cool down.

All that you need to do is to leave the battery out to charge for about 20 minutes and then plug that back into the charger.

The same can be true if the battery is too cold. If you don’t have proper storage and the battery is stored outside in some conditions, then you will have to let it warm up. 

li ion battery

This doesn’t mean that you should try heating up the pack. Instead, you should let it warm up at room temperature and then try hooking it up with the charger.

Hopefully, you will not have to deal with more errors down the road as you try to adjust the battery pack.

  1. Inspect Power Supply

Sometimes, all that you need to do here is to inspect the power supply from the main source.

It is not always the charger or the battery pack that is to blame here. So, you need to check up on the power supply to isolate these issues. All your focus should be on streamlining the power from the source.

If the outlet is in poor shape, then you will have no luck with getting the battery to charge. So, to avoid that outcome, you can either hook up a multimeter with the power connections or hire an expert.

We suggest that you go with the latter option as you will put yourself at risk if you’re inexperienced.

multimeter device

Fixing the power connections might not seem that complicated, but it is simply too common for owners to electrocute themselves while trying to fix the power connections. So, you should hire an expert to avoid this possibility. 

He will not only help you get through the issue more efficiently, but you will not have to deal with the same problem for months to come.

From there, you can schedule maintenance once every six months to keep everything working perfectly. 

  1. A Quick Cleaning Cycle Will Help

If you didn’t find any issues with the power source, then you will have to service the charger here.

The green light blinking on the Craftsman charger will usually point toward normal operations, but issues with the gunk collected on the terminals can create issues here.

So, you need to check the connection points on the charger as well as the battery pack itself to figure out the situation. There are no extensive steps involved here, and a quick cleaning cycle will help you get through these issues.

Most of the time, you can just blast canned air on the charger and well as the battery pack to get ahead here. However, you will have to wipe away the gunk with a rust cleaner if the charger seems to be in poor shape. 


It all comes down to the current situation of the charger, and you need to make sure that the power can flow easily from the charger into the battery pack. There are no other steps involved, and your only focus should be on fixing the power connections.

  1. Try Using A Different Battery Pack

At this point, you need to look at the battery pack to figure out the situation. If you’re sure that the hardware of the charger is in perfect shape, the cable is in good condition, and the terminals are optimal, then the battery is to blame.

You will have to check up on the basic condition of the battery pack and then try using a different pack with the charger to get a better understanding of the issue.

If the blinking green light does charge the battery pack, then you will be sure that the battery pack is to blame here.

The only thing that can be done here is to dispose of the old battery according to the instructions mentioned in the manual and then get a new one. There are no methods that will help you get the desired performance from a faulty battery pack. 


For this reason, you should just proceed with the new battery, and you will be able to avoid a ton of pitfalls along the way.

  1. Claim The Warranty

Lastly, if you find that none of these fixes fit your situation, then your charger is simply defective. There is no debate about it, and you will have to claim the warranty on the charger. Craftsman is one of the most robust brands on the market.

You will not have to go through much hassle to get a new unit. So, all that you need to do is to forward a claim to the dealer and provide him with relevant proof.

He will take a while to verify your claim, and you will have the new unit within the same week.

Wrapping Up

While the green light blinking on the Craftsman charger shows that the battery is charging properly, that is not always the case.

The fixes mentioned above should help you get through the station where the charger won’t work with the battery pack. So, be sure to test them out.

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  1. My craftsman cmcb1104 battery charger for v20 light turns green on the right side for 1 second and then goes blank with my older battery pack CMCB202…and does the same with the new battery pack 202! Different wall outlets…and does the same thing. Cord not damaged and no gunk. Need to replace the cmcb1104 charger or some other way to troubleshoot??? Thanks


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