3 Quick Fixes For Worx Battery Charger No Light

worx battery charger no light
worx battery charger no light

The cordless tools from Worx are some of the best power tools that people can purchase. These are equipped with numerous features that help in ensuring that you can have a fun time when working on your projects. The best thing about these tools is how fast their batteries charge. In most cases, the battery can charge within 20 minutes which is amazing. You should note that these batteries are also known for their efficient power usage.

These can allow people to use their tools at high power ratings for several hours which is great. While the batteries might be quite useful, there are also some problems that you can run into with them. Recently, some people have been reporting that their Worx battery charger is giving no light. If you are getting the same issue, then going through this article should help you in finding some troubleshooting steps that can be used to fix the problems.

Worx Battery Charger No Light

  1. Checking Outlets

The most common reason behind this problem is that your outlet might be running into some issues. People can confirm this by testing the voltage ratings on their outlets. Start by taking a voltmeter and then testing the voltage ratings on your socket.

Compare the results with a standard current to confirm if there are any fluctuations. If you don’t have a voltmeter with you then connect a lamp to your outlet and then observe its light. If it blinks, then your currency is not stable. Simply use another outlet to fix your issue and get the faulty one replaced as soon as possible.

  1. Checking If Charger Is Overheating

If your outlet has a stable current, then the problem might be from the charger overheating. This happens when you have been using it constantly for several hours. Worx recommends that you give the charger some rest as it can easily overheat. Keep in mind that the charger will not work as long as it or the battery you are installing is overheating.

Waiting patiently is the best option as the devices should come back to their original temperature within 20 minutes. You can then start charging the batteries again without any further issues. Keep in mind that trying to charge overheating batteries can also result in them getting damaged.

  1. Check Battery and Charger For Dust

Finally, the problem can also sometimes be from dust collecting on the charger or battery. If any of these devices have their terminals clogged, then the charger will not work. You can fix this by cleaning them carefully and removing all the debris stuck to them.

Although, if the charger is still giving the same problem, then it might have gotten damaged. There is no way to fix faulty chargers as the board on them costs the same as a new charger. This is why instead of trying to get the device repaired, you should purchase a new fast charger. This should be quite cheap but make sure that you purchase a model that is supported by your batteries.

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