11 Steps To Resolve Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum Stopped Working

milwaukee m18 compact vacuum stopped working
milwaukee m18 compact vacuum stopped working

Milwaukee is not only great with manufacturing tools for construction and commercial work, but they also get some great maintenance tools and more.

These will allow you to enjoy perfection on all fronts, and you will never have to worry about a single thing if you are looking down the Milwaukee inventory to get some job done.

They always have some tool down their sleeves to help you out, no matter what the job might be. Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum is one such cordless vacuum that you get to enjoy for a wide range of cleaning jobs.

If it is not working for some reason, here are a few things to check upon.

Fixing Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum Stopped Working

  1. Check Batteries

battery check

Naturally, all the cordless tools and equipment function on batteries, and it is pretty much the same for the M18 compact vacuum as well, and that is why batteries are the first thing that you should be checking up on if it is not working.

You will not only need to make sure that the batteries are properly charged, but you will also need to ensure that they are appropriately installed in your Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum.

Getting that fixed should be enough most of the time for you to make the vacuum work again without facing any further issues.

  1. Clean the Compartment

The Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum can also stop working if the dust compartment is full, and you will need to empty it from time to time.

So, if the vacuum has stopped working for some reason, you will need to ensure that you are cleaning the compartment properly and connecting it again.

That should be enough for you to get it working again, and your Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum should be working without getting you any further problems that you have been facing earlier.

  1. Clear the Vacuum Duct

vacuum cleaner close up

There are two ducts on the vacuum, and one of them is used for the suction while the other is for the cross-flow of air. That is why you will need to ensure that you are keeping them both clear at all times while you are making the vacuum work.

Yet, if the Milwaukee M18 Vacuum has stopped working, you will need to ensure that you are clearing both the vacuum ducts properly, and if there is something stuck in-between, you will need to clear it properly.

This should be helping you out in the right manner in making the compact vacuum work again.

  1. Check For Obstructions

Next, check for obstructions and make sure that nothing is clogging up your system. This situation is not that rare, and usually, people run into this issue because they ignore the maintenance of their machines.

If you’re in the same boat and didn’t give much attention to the maintenance, then now might be a good time to check for obstructions. You just have to make sure that the airway is open and that the flow through the system is optimal.

You can further isolate this issue by limiting checking the handle for damage. So, thoroughly inspect your vacuum and then remove all obstructions to streamline the airflow.

  1. Charge The Unit For A Few More Hours

Sometimes, all you need to do is to charge the unit for a few more hours. The vacuum won’t work until it is properly charged, and you need to isolate the issues of insufficient power supply from the charger. So, leave the unit to charge for a few more hours. 

Ideally, three to four hours of charging time are more than enough to help you charge the vacuum, but there is no harm in leaving the vacuum to charge for one or two more hours. Mostly that will be enough to get ahead of these errors.

Furthermore, you will notice a significant improvement in the suction power after the unit is fully charged. So, simply charge up the unit and then check the response from this device.

  1. Check For Compatibility Issues

The problem here might just be related to the compatibility of the device, and you should focus more on isolating the issue to an incorrect battery type. If you’ve recently installed a new battery, then you’re likely in the same situation.

Here, you can either try to go through the compatibility list yourself or seek help from official support to narrow down the errors. Mostly that will be enough to address all errors with incorrect battery types.

Depending upon the dealer you choose, it might not be that hard to get a replacement. So, try asking the dealer to provide you with a compatible replacement, and that would be it when it comes to charging-related issues.

  1. Try Servicing the Vacuum

service tools

Almost 90 percent of the issues with the vacuum can be addressed by servicing the system.

If you’ve not cleaned up the vacuum in a while, then now might be a good time to do so. You just have to do a bit of cleaning and then recheck the response from the vacuum.

It will take a bit of time if you’re servicing the unit for the first time. So, clean up the system according to the instructions mentioned in the owner’s manual then that will be it when it comes to the vacuum not working.

  1. Make Sure Contact Points Are Clean

The contact points might also be to blame here, and you need to clean up the contact points as the rust can accumulate over time. So, grab a brush and get to cleaning when it comes to this compact vacuum.

Furthermore, it is not such a bad idea to try replacing the power cable. All your focus should be on limiting all power-related issues. So, check the power output from the charger with a multimeter and then try a different outlet.

If the charger is indeed damaged, then the only logical decision here is to hire an expert to help you grab a replacement. So, try reaching out to the customer support professionals, and they will guide you on how to grab a fresh piece.

  1. Try Installing A New Filter

vacuum filter

If you’re sure that the battery connections are optimal and the response from the unit is not that bad, just replace the filters that are installed in your unit. The life of these filters is entirely dependent on the frequency of work.

So, if you use this compact vacuum pretty frequently, it might be a good idea to get the filters replaced. Your main focus here should be to install new filters on your unit and then try turning it on one more time.

The filters can clog up the whole system, and you won’t get any suction power from the unit. So, keep that in mind and install new filters on your system.

  1. Check For Hardware Issues

The possibility of hardware issues is always there when you’re using this vacuum in an active workshop. So, if the operating conditions are a bit rough, just check the unit for hardware issues and then get it replaced if the warranty is still valid.

This vacuum is one of the most reliable devices on the market that brings a durable frame to your smart system. So, to isolate the issue, you need to thoroughly inspect each section.

The upside here is that the warranty policy on these items is pretty solid, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to get a replacement. All you have to do is to forward a warranty claim and provide the requested information.

  1. Get Help From Official Support


Lastly, if there is no such problem and you are still facing these errors on the Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum, you will need to ensure that you are getting it checked at Milwaukee authorized warranty center.

Since there might be some internal component that might have gone bad and it might need some repairs or replacement, and that will be helping you out in the right manner to make things work out properly for you.

To Conclude

Overall, Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum is one of the most consistent devices in the market. However, it can still malfunction if you’re a bit rough with the unit and ignore its maintenance.

So, if you ever run into situations with the compact vacuum not working, just go through the fixes mentioned here.

Most of the time, you will be able to fix these errors by streamlining the power connections. However, if you’re stuck in the same errors even after going through all of these fixes, then calling customer care might be your only solution.

There is no point wasting your time with a defective device. So, claim the warranty or take your unit to the nearest repair center. Hopefully, you won’t have to spend extra cash to get your device working again.

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