10 Common Milwaukee M18 Fuel 6-1/2 Circular Saw Problems (Troubleshooting)

milwaukee m18 fuel 6 1 2 circular saw problems
milwaukee m18 fuel 6 1 2 circular saw problems

A circular saw is one of the many power saw tools that you can find inside a market. It uses a blade that moves in a rapid rotatory motion in order to cut an object. They are mostly used in order to cut materials like wood, plastic, metal, or masonry.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 6-1/2 Circular Saw Problems:

Even though Milwaukee is a really popular company that provides different power tools, including a circular saw, certain users have been complaining about their products. According to these users, their Milwaukee M18 fuel 6-1/2 saw is having various problems.

This is why today, we will be focusing our article on discussing all the different problems that you can face using the product. We will also be mentioning the troubleshooting for each and every problem that you may face.

So, without wasting any more time further, let’s get right into it!

  1. Blade Spinning On Arbor

spinning blade

One of the most common problems with this particular circular saw is that you will notice the blade start malfunctioning while running. It might not run at full speed or stop midway.

You might also notice the blade making weird noises when you are trying to cut something.

Most usually, this is caused when the blade is spinning on the arbor. Luckily, you should be able to fix this by simply tightening the blade. If this does not fix it, then try opting for a different blade for your circular saw.

Certain users have reported receiving faulty blades from Milwaukee. So, be sure to thoroughly inspect the blade. Getting it replaced should most definitely help in resolving the problem.

However, make sure that you select the blade carefully.

  1. Saw Not Turning On

Another common issue that many users have reported having is that their saw won’t completely turn on .

In fact, whenever they try to turn on the saw, it won’t give any response at all. In case you have been having the very same issue, then we recommend you check the batteries of the saw first.

It could be that you have dead batteries installed on the saw. Once you have confirmed the circular saw is getting the required power, it is possible the saw might be faulty.

In this case, you will have to get it checked by a professional. Alternatively, you can opt for a complete replacement if nothing seems to work.

  1. Blade Not Following A Straight Line

saw blade

The issue with the blade not following a straight path are pretty common, and you can narrow down these issues by inspecting the blade for wear.

It is never recommended to use a dull blade, and you need to stick with only the top-quality options to avoid further issues.

However, if you’re sure that the blade is sharp and the teeth are not dull, then the shoe might be to blame here. In either case, you need to grab a replacement and then check the alignment of the blade.

Most often than not, it is the blade itself that is bent and not the shoe. So, keep that in mind before you waste hours trying to readjust the shoe back into its place.

  1. Blade Is Binding

Binding issues are not that rare and can often be linked to low battery. You just have to make sure that there are no power-related issues and that the output from the battery is optimal. That way, it will be much easier to isolate these errors.

On the other hand, problems like a dirty blade or dull section can also create the same problems. So, try to fix these issues by servicing the blade and checking the orientation of the blade. Even if the blade is sharp, owners often install it backward on the saw.

Lastly, you might just be using the wrong blade on your saw. So, go through the compatibility list one more time or seek help from the dealer and he will guide you on which blade will suit your saw.

  1. Excessive Friction

Sometimes, the smoke will start appearing from the saw, or you’ll notice a massive jump in the heat generated by the system. This can be pretty damaging to the machine, and you should turn it off immediately.

You can fix this issue by removing obstructions from the sides of the blade and then checking the performance one more time. Hopefully, you won’t have to bother with any more smoke or heat.

However, if the issue persists even after cleaning the unit, then it might be time to get a blade replacement. It will be a bit heavy on your budget, but you should try to purchase in bulk for future projects.

  1. Battery Issues

low battery

Battery issues with this saw are not that rare, and the reviews are not too good about its life. So, you might occasionally run into performance errors because of a drained battery.

The only fix here is to get a replacement, and you can check the condition of the battery with the help of a multimer. If the output from the unit is not optimal, then you need to check the wire for possible errors.

  1. Trigger Not Working

The trigger can also get stuck from time to time as the gunk from your recent projects clogs the unit. You will have to turn off the machine for a while and then clean around the trigger thoroughly to avoid further errors.

Some owners also prefer to use air blowers to get rid of the debris. So, if you’re not getting any response from the trigger even after using the blower, then you will have to take apart the device.

You also have the option of taking your unit to the nearest repair center if you’re not too comfortable with opening up the device yourself. It will cost you a few bucks, but hopefully, you won’t have to worry about the same trigger-related issues.

On the other hand, if you’re sitting on a valid warrant, now might be a good idea to claim it. Opening up the device yourself or getting it fixed from your local repair center can void the warranty.

So, just call customer care, and they will guide you accordingly.

  1. Blade Depth Issues

saw blade

The blade depth issues are also pretty common, with owners being unable to adjust the system. Usually, this problem is not that hard to fix, and you will need to take a look at the locking levers.

There is a good chance that you didn’t tighten up these levers, and there is some wiggle room left. So, remove the blade after the saw is completely turned off and then fix the depth of the blade before tightening up the levers.

Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about the same depth-related issues when the levers are properly in place. On the other hand, if the levers are damaged or missing, you need to call the dealer immediately.

The only thing you should do is claim the warranty on this defective unit. You won’t be able to get the saw to work if the levers are defective. So, keep that in mind before you purchase your next unit from the hardware store.

Once the levers are in the proper place and secured, then you can simply get through the project. You won’t feel any excessive strain on the machine, and it will work perfectly with the blade.

  1. Saw Won’t Spin

This is by far one of the most annoying issues that you can face in this particular model. What happens is that your blade won’t spin at all or spin at around 25% speed even when it is getting full power.

Even though this is quite annoying to deal with, you can surely get this issue fixed as well.

Although we recommend that you get the circular saw checked in case you are having this issue, there are still a few things that you can check by yourself.

First, try checking the batteries of the circular saw, along with the actual blade fitted inside the saw. Try cycling the trigger to see if it does anything for you. In case nothing seems to be working, your best bet would be to get it checked and repaired.

  1. Troubleshooting Additional Problems


There are still certain other issues that you can end up facing using the circular saw. A general rule for troubleshooting most of them would be to refer to the user manual guide.

If you are unable to find anything useful, then try contacting the support team for further guidance. They should suggest the troubleshooting procedures required to help resolve your problems.

The Bottom Line:

Facing problems with the Milwaukee M18 fuel 6-1/2 circular saw? We have listed some of the most common problems with that particular saw and how you can fix every single one of them.

Be sure to give the article a thorough read in order to learn all about them.

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  1. My first us of my Milwaukee 2630-20 with blade the motor lugged and it smelt like burning plastic. I traced the problem to the fitting under the spindle of the blade. It was very hot and smelled of plastic. Running the saw without the blade did not cause the problem


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