3 Common Milwaukee Fuel Circular Saw 7-1/4 Problems

milwaukee fuel circular saw 7-1/4 problems
milwaukee fuel circular saw 7-1/4 problems

Milwaukee tools are the first brand that you will need to consider if you are looking for endurance, durability, efficiency, and power at the same time and that will help you out to ensure that you are getting the perfection of having the right experience with working for any needs that you might be having. They are manufacturing some of the best tools and saws that are pretty great and you will be getting the best edge of cutting with their saws and for any needs, you might be having. That includes cutting for woodwork, some plastic, and even metal pipes, and more.

Milwaukee Fuel Circular saw 7-1/4 is one such saw that might seem like an ordinary fuel combustion engine that you might be looking to have; However, it is a rechargeable machine and you can get immense power on it as you will be having 15A of corded saw power, yet without the need of having the saw hooked up to any wall outlet and that should be the best thing for you to be having on the Circular Saw. There is a lot to make the decision of having the circular saw for your needs, but there are also some common problems that you need to know about.

Milwaukee Fuel Circular Saw 7-1/4 Problems

1. Blade Getting Loose

One of the most common problems that you will be facing on the Milwaukee Fuel Circular Saw 7-1/4 is that the blade can be getting loose at times and you will be having certain inconveniences due to it. The blade if it gets loose will cause you to have vibrations, power loss, and more and you will definitely need to be careful about that. The loose blade on the saw can also be causing you to have certain issues with the accuracy and precision of your saw while you are making it work for any of the needs that you could be having. That is why you will need to make sure that you are getting the problem fixed optimally.

To start with the diagnostics, you need to check the bolt that holds the saw blade and ensure that it is properly tightened up. The bolt needs to be tightened, and you get the blade wrench with the saw that will help you out to ensure that you are getting. If that doesn’t work, the bolt might have been worn out due to some reason and you will need to ensure that you are replacing the bolt to have the right experience with the Circular saw.

2. Not Having Enough Charge

While the battery is pretty great and it can give you up to 750 cuts per charge, with time the battery is bound to wear off and it will not only lose the power, but it will also deteriorate in terms of the battery health and that is why you will need to make sure that you are getting it checked up properly. All batteries are wearable components and they will certainly lose their health over time.

That is why, if you are getting any such problem with having lesser working time with the battery, or you feel like the battery is not allowing you proper cuts as you should be having with the battery If you find the battery health has deteriorated, or the battery is damaged for some reason, you will need to have the battery replaced and that will be getting you perfect experience as you might have been looking for.

3. Brake Not Working

There is an electric brake on the Circular Saw from Milwaukee that stops the blade as soon as you lift the pressure from the trigger and that will be helping you out in the right manner to ensure that you are not having any such problems.

Yet, you might be having certain problems with the brake and it will not engage and the blade will keep on rotating. That is why you will need to ensure that you are getting all the fuses checked in order to ensure that the brake circuit is in the right order and that it doesn’t have any problem since that can be dangerous for you at times.

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