7 Common Champion Generator Surging Problem

champion generator surging problem
champion generator surging problem

Generators are the best thing that you can get to make it work for any needs with the power generation.

They come in handy in case you have a power outage or you are working at some remote site with no connection to the grid.

Champion is one of the most popular brands that get you the liberty to choose from a wide range of generators.

Their generators vary in terms of power options, fuel, output levels, sizes, and more, so you can enjoy the right experience by picking the generator that suits your needs perfectly fine.

There is a lot that you will need to consider while getting yourself a generator, and you get to have ample knowledge about the requirements to ensure that you are choosing the right generator for your needs. 

Champion Generator Surging Problem

Champion generators are pretty reliable while being some of the most affordable options out there, and that makes you go for them.

However, at times they could be causing you to have different issues like surging, and you will need to have this problem fixed.

A few common problems that can cause your champion generator to surge and their solution are:

  1. Alternator Problems

One of the main reasons that can cause you to face issues with surging on your generator is some fault on the alternator.

If your alternator is not working appropriately, the generator is bound to be causing you a number of problems, including surging, and you will have to get it fixed.

So, if you are getting some issues with the surging on your champion generator, you will need to start the diagnostics by checking the wiring connected to your alternator.

You need to ensure that the wiring is properly connected and not broken or damaged at any point.

If the wiring is fine, you should also be checking on the alternator, as it can go bad as well.


As a result, your champion generator will start surging since the regular flow of current will not be maintained. 

So, if you find the wiring to be okay, and there is some fault on the alternator that is causing you to face this problem, there is no other way to have it fixed.

You can get the alternator replaced by the Champion support department, and that will be getting you a perfectly smooth running on the generator.

  1. Fuel Problems

Another common issue that you could have on your generator if you are facing surging problems is with the fuel.

generator fuel

It goes without saying that the generator has a motor that needs fuel to be running, and if there is some problem with that, your generator will have a number of issues, such as surging.

So, you need to check on the fuel and ensure that there is ample fuel in the tank that is required to make the generator work. 

After that, you also need to monitor the fuel quality since the bad quality of gas could also be causing your generator to choke, and as a result, you will have to deal with surging.

Lastly, the fuel blockage could be the culprit, and if you have ample fuel and the quality is fine too, you should ensure that you are checking on the fuel lines.

This is to make certain that there is no blockage on the lines and that should be helping you out optimally to have all such problems fixed in the right manner.

  1. Air Intake Issues


Next, if the fuel is fine and the alternator doesn’t have any issue or error on it either, you might be getting this issue due to some air intake-related problems.

The air intake needs to be clear, and there should be no obstacle in front of the air intake pipe to ensure that your generator can take the right air that it needs to be working. 

Not only that, but you also need to keep an eye on the air filter, and if you find it dirty, you will need to clean it up properly to ensure that you can get the generator to work without any surging-related problems.

If the air intake is clogged more than normal, it would be better for you to replace it, and the surging problem will be resolved for good after that.

  1. Leaking Valves

The situation with the leaking valves can be frustrating and hard to isolate. You will have to check up on each value and look for the residue to isolate the problem.

When you do find a leaking valve, there is no point in trying to adjust it by patching it up. Instead, you need to get rid of the valve entirely and get a new one.

That way, you will not have to deal with the same issues down the road, and fixing the surging problems will come easily to you. The valve can be related to the fuel supply or the air intake. 

All that you’re trying to do here is make sure that the fuel is properly going into the system and that there are no issues with the fuel supply itself.

That will be more than enough to help you isolate the issues with the power supply, and you won’t have to worry about anything in the long run.

  1. Clogged Carburetor

At this point, you need to check up on the carburetor as well. Using the wrong type of fuel will clog up the system, and it will restrict the further flow of fuel.

So, if you’ve not cleaned the carburetor at this point, now might be a good time to do so.

A thorough cleaning cycle after taking out the carburetor is the best thing that you can do at this stage.

So, be sure to keep that in mind and get rid of the clogged carburetor when you can’t seem to get a response.

That will be more than enough to help you deal with these errors. From there, you can test out the performance by putting a load on the unit.

It will not surge if the laid it optimal, and you’re not trying to stretch the boundaries of the system. 

  1. Excessive Load


Next, you should also take a peek at the load you’re putting on the generator.

While the performance promised by this generator is more phenomenal than any other option you can find on the market, you should still avoid putting too much load on the system.

Having excessive strain on this system will only hold you back, and you will not be able to get any response from the device.

So, all that you need to do here is to get rid of the extra load and then check for surging issues.

Nine times out of ten, the issue will be fixed right here if none of the abovementioned solutions are helping you out.

All that you need to focus on is limiting the pressure on the power generator. That will be more than enough when it comes to fixing minor performance errors.

  1. Call Help Center


Lastly, you should just call the help center. There is always a possibility that your unit is defective, and you can reach out to the professionals working at the help center.

They will give you a better understanding of the situation, and you can go about fixing the issue.

There is no need to go through all of these fixes on your own when you can contact an expert to help you through each step of the way.

Trying to fix the situation on your own will only complicate the situation and you will not be able to get any response.


Ideally, all errors will be fixed right here, and you will not have to worry about fixing the situation yourself.

The dealer will take charge of the situation, and you will get an ideal response from the machine when you get a replacement.

Wrapping Up

The issues with the Champion generator surging might be annoying, but they are more related to the type of fuel you choose than the actual unit itself.

You will have to figure out the issues with the fuel supply and then go about fixing the unit accordingly.

Almost every single time owners complained about this issue, it was related to the fuel supply, and you need to be mindful of the type of fuel that you’re using in the system.

It might sound like a hassle, but you can easily navigate this issue by asking an expert.

He will inform you on how you can go about fixing the situation without running into more errors down the road.

From there, you can also check for air intake issues, leaking problems, and carburetor errors when trying to further isolate the problems. 


Usually, you’ll be able to fix the unit yourself. However, you might need to reach out to an expert when you’re not that sure about the issue.

Spending hours of your time trying to adjust the system is not that good of an idea when you’re not even sure about the exact issue.

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