Milwaukee FUEL vs DeWalt XR (Which is Better?)

milwaukee fuel vs dewalt xr
milwaukee fuel vs dewalt xr

Milwaukee and DeWalt are two power tool manufacturing companies that are really consistent in their competition with each other. These companies offer some of the best products all around the world. The Milwaukee FUEL and DeWalt XR are two popular options offered by these two companies and are often confused with each other. This is why we will be using this article to give a comparison between Milwaukee FUEL vs DeWalt XR. We will provide you with what you are looking for. Let dig in!

Milwaukee FUEL vs DeWalt XR: A Comparison

Milwaukee FUEL

FUEL stands for Find Ultimate Energy Levels. In the year 2012, Milwaukee launched the FUEL cordless power tools. Milwaukee FUEL tools are well built. They are designed and engineered in such a way that allows maximum control over the tool. Also, it is worth mentioning the fact that these tools offer protection from heat as well as water. Most of the FUEL tools come with brushless motors. These tools also have efficient batteries, intelligent software, and hardware communication system.  They use Lithium-ion batteries which makes them more efficient in their work.

The trademarked Milwaukee FUEL brushless motor is very powerful and works very efficiently. This feature helps provide you with enough power you might need for your work. It also has lower heat levels. This means that the tool will not heat up within no time. Instead, it will make the device work for a longer period of time while making sure that you do not have to worry about the tool heating up. Another important feature is that you get your work done in less time. Also, less power is consumed in the process.

Milwaukee FUEL is more expensive as compared to the DeWalt XO. But the price is worth it.

DeWalt XR

DeWalt XR is also based on Lithium batteries. The XR stands for Extreme Running. These tools use a brushed motor and have a standard size. Some of these tools also use brushless motors. Such tools are compact and have enhanced components. These tools can be used for a wide range of applications. Furthermore. DeWalt XR is less expensive as compared to the Milwaukee FUEL.

DeWalt XR has an amazing battery life so that you do not have to worry about the battery life while working with the device. Also, you can expect long-lasting power with this top-of-the-range tool. Such products are ideal for drilling and fastening applications or to do simple and easy DIY tasks.

Comparing Milwaukee FUEL And DeWalt XR

  1. Milwaukee FUEL has brushless motors in the majority of their motors. On the other hand, DeWalt XR has almost an equal amount of brushless and brushed motors.
  2. Milwaukee FUEL is more expensive than the DeWalt XR.
  3. The color theme of the DeWalt XR is yellow and black whereas the color theme of the Milwaukee is red and black.
  4. The FUEL stands for Find Ultimate Energy Levels. Whereas, XR stands for Extreme Running.
  5. Milwaukee FUEL is considered to be safer than the DeWalt XR.
  6. Milwaukee FUEL does not require much maintenance whereas you might need to take extra care of the DeWalt XR.
  7. Milwaukee FUEL requires less power/ energy requirements when comparing it to the DeWalt XR.
  8. Milwaukee FUEL has a lower heat level as compared to the DeWalt XR.
  9. Milwaukee FUEL has more speed and power as compared to the DeWalt XR. This means that you do not need higher speed and power to get your things done.
  10. The FUEL offered by Milwaukee provides you with the maximum support and control.

The Bottom Line

To conclude the above-mentioned discussion, the two tools i.e., Milwaukee FUEL and DeWalt XR is designed in such a away that both have their own distinctive features. Milwaukee is much more expensive as compared to the DeWalt XR. Also, DeWalt XR has a lot of power that can be used to do something amazing. We have provided you with a comparison between the two tools. To know ore about them, go through our article.

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