M12 Fuel Hackzall vs M18 Hackzall – What’s The Difference?

m12 fuel hackzall vs m18 hackzall
m12 fuel hackzall vs m18 hackzall

To get the job done in a proper manner, you will have to choose the best possible tools that are made for that job specifically.

The same goes for the saws, and there is a reason they have made all those different saw types that you can get. 

These different saw types are the best that you can get in order to have the perfection of accuracy to get through all the cutting saws.

Hackzall is one such option that you can choose to make for most of the reciprocating saws that you might need.

Hackzall is almost the same as a reciprocating saw, and the only difference is that it is smaller in size and it only has 11” on it.

That makes the Hackzall a perfect choice to be dealing with different angles and access all those different spots that you will have difficulties accessing otherwise with a reciprocating saw. 

With all that in perspective, Milwaukee makes some of the best hackzall, and to make them even better, they are cordless to help you with ease of access and portability on all those.

M12 Fuel Hackzall vs M18 Hackzall

You get to choose between the option of M12 and M18 Fuel Hackzalls from Milwaukee, and they are both pretty great in their own capacity. Yet, a few key differences that you need to know about them both are

Specifics M12 Fuel Hackzall  M18 Hackzall
Battery  12 Volts 18 Volts
Teeth 24 18
Weight  3 lbs. 4.3 lbs.
System Brushless Brushless

When you’re talking about entry-level units, both M12 Fuel Hackzall and the M18 Hackzall are robust options.

You can go with either one, and the budget is the only real determinant when you can’t seem to figure out the right fit.

In most conditions, going with the Hackzall M12 is the better idea.

The difference in performance between the M18 and the M12 is not that great, and you will find the M12 to be lighter and better suited for smaller projects. 


This is especially true for beginners and first-time owners. So, if you’re browsing through the market for a decent enough system with a high number of teeth and greater utility, then M12 is for you.

The battery might be weaker, and the uptime might not be as robust, but the performance is almost the same.

As long as you’re not working on exceptionally demanding projects, going with the M18 is not that great of an idea.

You will find that the owners trying to get better value from the system will go for the M18 sawzall system. It is more robust and offers decent power. So, you should try that as well. 

As far as the Hackzall is concerned, the value between M18 and M12 is one and the same. The M12 is cheaper, and the owners often like to go with the cheaper unit themselves.

So, going with the M12 is the best idea if you’re short on budget and need a good option.

Either one of these units will serve you well in lighter projects. However, both are equally as bad when you’re talking about more demanding projects.


So, you will have to figure out the right fit accordingly when browsing through the Milwaukee portfolio.

This brand has offered the Sawzall system to help you with better performance and more robust response.

So, instead of wasting more money on the Hackzall system, try considering the Sawzall system. You will be more than happy with that purchase.

Everything boils down to the type of budget and the type of project you’re aiming for.

Going with the Hackzall is better for the budget and the lighter project. Similarly, going with the Sawzall is better for demanding products and an improved budget. 

However, the differences between M12 and M18 are still minimal when it comes to practical performance. So, be sure to stick with the option that is cheaper, and you will not have to worry about any performance issues or errors.

Here are more details on both options to help you finalize the purchase.

M12 Fuel Hackzall

m12 fuel hackzall

The first difference that you have on the M12 Fuel is the battery type; you get a 12 Volt battery on it.

That would help you to have the right portability and lesser weight. The best thing about the M12 fuel battery is the right choice for weight reduction. 

They have XC battery packs on them that are known to be compact, and you can easily use them for longer periods.

The tool with battery included will weigh 4.0 lbs. and with that, you can make them work pretty easily in order to enjoy the best edge of accessing all the different angles.

The lowered weight will help you out for sure since you will be able to work for a longer time with the M12 fuel hackzall in your hands and call it a day with lesser downtime due to getting tired or having any issues with the working experience on the Hackzall. 

To top it all off, these XC batteries are designed to charge a lot faster than the other batteries. That will also be allowing you to enjoy the perfection of utility and have even lesser downtime for making it work.

Most of the owners have put their faith in the M12 system. It is considered the more efficient option on the market, which brings a ton of users behind this model. So, you will be sorted out with the ideal quality and utility with the M12.

On the other hand, the quality of the M18 system is not bad, but the added price and the weight of this unit have annoyed some customers.

So, if you’re not working with a flexible budget, going with the M18 might not be the best idea for you. 

M18 Fuel Hackzall

M18 Fuel Hackzall has pretty great power on it, and you will definitely be able to enjoy the best edge of power and perfection on its utility of it.

It comes with 18 Volt batteries that are pretty slim, and they don’t add much to the size of your hack all at all.

However, they will add a pound of weight to it, and M18 Fuel Hackzall tends to be 4.3 lbs.

This increased weight might sometimes contribute to the stability of the system, but you will not be that happy with the performance of the unit when working on lighter projects. 

m18 fuel hackzall

That is one pound more, but when you are making any such tool work, you will definitely need to be considerate about the weight since that matters a lot when you are holding and dealing with such a powerful tool for longer hours.

Yet, the M18 Fuel Hackzall has more power on it, and with that 18Volt battery, you get to enjoy the right power delivery on the motor that you might be looking to have.

In addition to that, you will also be able to enjoy the best possible run time on the M18 Fuel Hackzall for sure.

That will allow you to use it for longer hours, and with all that power, you will also be able to get the work done forward.

So, if you can’t seem to let go of the minimal differences in performance and quality, going with the M18 system is not that bad of an idea.

M18 Fuel Hackzall is the right thing for you to be having if you have to take care of more work in a short period of time and enjoy the most of it. 

However, if you want to work with more accuracy and you are looking to have more time to be working without having to worry about hand fatigue or getting your hands tired at all while you are making it work.

Wrapping Up

Purchasing your first system can be a hard decision. You have to look at so many factors to figure out the right fit.

There is no such thing as one perfect system that will serve every owner in unique conditions. So, you need to first clarify your requirements and the project demands. 

We’ve pointed out some of the differences between the M18 and the M12 Fuel Hackzall system to help you better clarify the right system.

The M18 might have a better battery and a more robust performance, but the minimal increase in performance is not enough to help you justify the added price.

Instead, you will be more drawn towards the M12 Fuel Hackzall to get the most value for the money spent.

This system is not only lighter but closely rivals the performance offered by the M18 system. Yes, the battery is not as strong, but that won’t make a huge difference. 

Some of the users even went as far as to say that there are no real differences between these two options.

Moreover, a few showed their dissatisfaction with the weight behind the M18 system. So, you will have a harder time trying to adjust to the performance of this unit as well. 

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