Leatherman Free P2 vs Free P4 – Which One?

leatherman free p2 vs p4
leatherman free p2 vs p4

Leatherman is the brand that allows you to enjoy the perfection of utility and durability when it comes to hand tools.

They are making some of the cleanest hand tools out there in terms of utility, durability, and performance at the same time.

That should allow you to enjoy the right perfection at all times, and you can easily use them all for any such needs you can possibly have. Leatherman has to offer tons of different tools that you can need.

The Leatherman pliers are particularly well-known, and you will be able to make sure that you are getting them for use for all the different reasons you can possibly be having. 

Leatherman Free P2 VS Free P4

The Leatherman free P2 and P4 are two such great models that you will be enjoying for sure, and there is hardly a thing to be missing on these.

They are both particularly great for you to be enjoying, and you will have the perfection to use them for all your different needs.

They might look almost identical, but there are certain differences between these as well that you must know about to pick the right one for yourself. A few such key differences to know about are:

Specifics Leatherman Free P2  Leatherman Free P4
Tools  19 21
Structure Thin Robust
Blade Combo Plain Edge & Serrated
Handling  Simple Moderate

Going with either one of these units is not a bad idea as long as you’re a bit aware of the basic use cases.

There is no such thing as one perfect unit for all jobs. You will have to carefully judge what type of tools will best complement your work and then move forward from there.

Most of the time, first-time owners like to go with the Free P2 version because of its lighter structure.


If you’re looking for a similar setup and need a lighter unit to help with the DIY projects, then going with the P2 unit is the only real option here.

However, some owners might claim that the increased number of tools on the P4 is better for robust projects.

While this statement is not completely wrong, you should prioritize the handling of the unit above everything else.

Having a robust structure makes it harder for owners to get through intricate projects. So, it all comes down to the structure and the handling you’re aiming for.

If you’re an expert and don’t mind the robust structure offered by P4, then going with this tool will serve you well.

With that said, owners have also complained about the combo blade on the P2. A combo blade is never a good idea, and you will struggle to get the desired precision with this setup.

Even if you’re experienced, going with a combo blade will hold you back in the long run.

So, to avoid this situation, you need to stick with the P4 that brings two blades. One blade offers a plain edge, while the other blade is serrated.

You can easily rely on these different options to manage the project accordingly. There is no need to struggle with the limited mobility of the combo blade.

All in all, you should just focus on the type of projects you occasionally have to get through.


If you’re looking at more demanding projects and need a better variety, then going with the P4 is the better idea for you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for some causal projects, then going with the P2 is not a bad choice.

It will save you money, and it is easier to use. The only downside here is the combo knife, and other than that, you’re pretty much sorted.

Here are some more details on both of these units to help you figure out the right fit. 

Leatherman Free P2

Leatherman Free P2

Free P2 is one of the best things that you can get your hands on if you are not just looking for some pliers but want an all-in-one tool to get you through most of the tough corners out there.

The Free P2 got 19 tools in one, which makes it a perfect thing for any handyman or hobbyist to carry around.

This will make a perfect thing to have in your camping gear or to keep with you while you are going for an adventure to enjoy the right edge of perfection and utility at all times.

The Free P2 has Needle nose Pliers and regular pliers along with premium replaceable wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, electrical crimper, wire stripper, combo knife, package opener, Awl, can opener, Bottle opener, wood and metal file, along with Phillips screwdriver.

All these tools can easily be folded, and that doesn’t only ensure you keep them at any place and make them highly portable. 

Still, it will also get you the right safety, and none of these tools is out loose, which can cause you to have any incidents or damages while you are using the tool for all the different needs or carrying it around.

As long as you’re, you’re storing the unit properly, you will not have to deal with a single problem down the road.


It all comes down to how you keep track of the tool maintenance and storage. Even the best tools will fail when you’re storing them out in the open and not cleaning them up properly.

The same statement is true for the P4, and you will have to be mindful of the maintenance.

It might seem like a hassle at first, but you can blast these tools with compressed air, and that will be more than enough to keep these items clean and sorted.

Leatherman Free P4

Leatherman Free P4

Free P4 is another such all-in-one tool that you can get your hands on in order to make it work for any needs that you can have.

It looks pretty much the same, and with one look, you might be confusing it with the Free P2 at times. 

However, it has 21 tools on it, which makes three more tools than the Free P2, and that should add a lot more utility for you certainly.

The Free P4 is definitely the best thing that you will need if you are an enthusiast or hobbyist and you just cannot resist getting something done when you see some problem with it.

The Leatherman Free P4 has a few extra tools on it that include a saw, Serrated knife, and ruler, making it a perfect choice for those extensive jobs that you might possibly be looking to have. 

The added tools are for those who are looking to go the extra mile and have any needs with cutting or some other similar projects.

So, if you are looking to get basic stuff done and just need a tool that can be used for all the different basic needs, the Free P2 will get the job done for you. 

However, for those who need some extra edge and are anticipating the use of a saw or serrated knife, the P4 is a perfect option for these.

Both are pretty much the same in size and pricing as well. So, it all goes down to the needs you might have.

If you’re still confused, then there is no harm in going to your local workshop or the hardware store and testing out these units for yourself.

You’ll surely find an expert with both units in his kit, and you can get some detail on which unit better fits certain projects.

Seeking help from a professional is one of the best things that you can do as a beginner, and trying to guess the best fit won’t really work out in your favor.

So, be sure to get some pointers when you’re confused. 

Wrapping Up


These were some specifics on the P2 and the P4 multi-tools, and you should have a clear idea of which unit you need to pick for your projects.

Both of these systems bring incredible utility to the owners, and you will enjoy years of consistent performance from tools.

You can think of P2 as a lighter tool that offers better flexibility and handling to the owners.

The variety of tools here might not be that extensive, but 19 tools are more than enough for most projects.


The only downside here is that the P2 brings a combo blade, and you can’t use it for precision projects.

Similarly, you can think of P4 as the more robust option that is used by experts across the nation.

This tool doesn’t only bring a better structure to the table, but you will get more tools and different blade options here. So, be sure to stick with this option if you’re not that fond of P2. 

Lastly, if you’re still not sure about which option to pick, then we suggest that you reach out to a professional for help.

There is no point in trying to go through all of these pointers on your own. Seeking support from a certified professional will help you get a better hang on the situation.

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