Metal Drill Bit vs Wood Drill Bit – Which Is Better?

metal drill bit vs wood drill bit
metal drill bit vs wood drill bit

Construction and woodwork are incomplete without the right tools, and there is nothing better than a drill for easing the job. Similarly, drill bits are the cutting tools that are essential for removing material from the surfaces to create holes. In the majority of cases, the drill bits have a circular cross-section, but there are different diameters and types available, depending on the material type and the required hole size. This is why the metal drill bit vs. wood drill bit is an important consideration, and we are here to share the differences between the two.

Metal Drill Bit vs Wood Drill Bit: Key Differences

Wood Drill Bit

As the name suggests, these drill bits are made from wood and are meant to make holes into wooden objects and surfaces without tearing the surface. There are different types of wood drill bits used, and we will talk about them. The lip and spur drill bits are designed with the polished tip, which bits up the wood and prevents the chances of wandering. These bits are designed with a spiral outline that creates a round hole, but there will be a helix pattern on the side. In addition, they can create perfectly-shaped circular holes and deliver a smooth finish.

The second type of wood drill bit is the spade bit, which is used whenever a circular hole is needed, but you have to make a simple pattern. These bits are designed with the brad pointer, but it doesn’t have spirals like the spur bits. The drill bits have a flat body right below the brad pointer. The third type is the auger bit that is important for boring or drilling faster into the wooden surface. This is because it lets the dirt go and leave the hole pretty quickly and neatly. In fact, you’ve to remember that the spiral pattern is more prominent as compared to spur bits.

As we look at the name, the wood drill bits are designed to work with softer materials, such as wood. It has to be used at lower speeds because higher torque and speed will tear apart the wood, and the hole will be stripped as well. You need to remember that it cannot be used with metal because the drill bit will easily break. The drill bits are designed with black oxide and silver finish. As far as the pointers are concerned, they are different for every drill bit, but the majority of them have an exclusive brad pointer for preventing slippage.

Metal Drill Bit

The metal drill bits are curated to make holes into the stronger and sheet materials. They are available in various shapes and have various purposes. In addition, the metal drill bits are available in a variety of shank configurations. Just like the wood drill bit, the metal drill bit is designed in different forms. First of all, there is a high-speed steel drill bit, which is meant for soft metals, plastic, and wood. These drill bits are constructed from carbon steel and don’t have pointed tips, which is one reason behind the affordable price. However, they are only suitable for smaller tasks.

The second type of alloy + black oxide + cobalt drill bit, is more durable and tougher. These drill bits are suitable for hard materials like steel. The best thing about these drill bits is that they are more durable, rust-resistant, and is available in different configurations. The third type of metal drill bit is the titanium/carbide coated drill bit, which is made from carbide and titanium coating. These drill bits are designed with a longer lifespan and promise reliable performance. In addition, they have a pointed tip to make sure there is no slippage, and they have the least fraction, which makes them sufficient for drilling into softer metals.

The wood drill bits are designed to be used with metals but can be used on other materials as well. However, when you use the metal drill bit for drilling holes in metal, you need to use a lesser speed, but the torque should be higher because it’s the ultimate necessity. The metal drill bits are designed in different finishes, but in the majority of cases, the finishes include gold, copper, and black. Last but not least, they either have a pointed flat tip or a little pointed tip.

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