Leatherman MUT vs MUT EOD – Which One?

leatherman mut vs mut eod
leatherman mut vs mut eod

Leatherman is a brand known for their utility and versatility, and they manufacture a wide range of tools that will help you to ensure you get the job done.

That is why Leatherman is known for getting the perfection of having the right tools at hand, no matter what your needs might be.

All you need to do is scroll through their online inventory, and you will be able to see what you might have been looking for.

Leatherman MUT and MUT EOD are two such multipurpose tools that you can enjoy for all your different needs.

For anyone who is working with the tools or likes to get their hands greasy, these are a must-have tool since they are an all-in-one solution that one might need.

Leatherman MUT vs MUT EOD

These tools are pretty handy and portable since you can easily fit them in your pockets without having to carry too much weight on you or facing any such problems either.

All this definitely adds the right utility and value for these all-in-one tools for you. However, these two models are slightly different from one another and have a few differences as well.

So, if you are looking to pick one between these two, here are a few things that you must be aware of:

Specifics Leatherman MUT MUT EOD
Tools 16 15
Target Market Enforcers Demolition Experts
Precision Moderate Exceptional
Versatility Moderate Exceptional
Size Compact (5 in) Compact (5 in)

On the first glance, you will find the MUT and the MUT EOD to be one and the same. Depending upon the model you’re purchasing, there might be one or more tools in either option, but the basics are still the same.


So, you will be sorted with the ideal performance here. The weight is also the same, with minimal variances at 11.2 Oz. On top of that, the closed length brought forward by this unit will also expand to about 5 inches.

This will fit on the side of your pistol holder perfectly, and you will not have to clear up any space.

So, if you’re looking for a compact unit that can help you on the go, going with either one is not a bad idea.

There are no major differences, and the pricing is expensive for both options. This is especially true if you’re just looking for a compact kit for casual projects. 

However, if you’re a veteran and need some exceptional tools for specialized tasks, then keeping track of the minor details can make a lot of difference. Experts have found the MUT EOD to be more efficient when it comes to precision.

The wire cutters and the C4 punch offered in the MUT EOD make it a superior option for demolition experts.


So, if you’re getting deployed within a few weeks, going with the EOD is the better option. You will further make use of the cap crimper and cleaner cuts when relying on this option. 

On the other hand, if you look at the regular MUT, it is more suitable for law enforcers that are looking for a heavy-duty system.

This kit is more suited for robust cuts or harder wires with less precision. So, if you’re not going to need any additional precision, going with MUT is not a bad idea.

It all comes down to your requirements, and both of these units maintain phenomenal reputations on the market. So, you will be sorted with one of the best kits, if not the best kits on the market.

All you have to do is to evaluate your requirements, and you will be sorted in no time. Here are some more specifics on both of these units to help you further finalize the purchase. 


leatherman mut

MUT stands for Tactical Multi-Tool or Multi Utility Tool, as it has all the tools that one might be looking for to go through any of those tough corners.

With that in perspective, MUT has 16 tools in one foldable tool, and you can use each one of them individually by folding it the right way.

These tools include cutters, pliers, saw blades, can openers, and more. It also has a screwdriver, replaceable wire cutters, stranded wire cutters, an electrical crimper, a replaceable cutting hook, and even a hammer that you can use.

With all these tools, you might think that they will be bulky and have lots of weight on them, but that is not true either, and it is one of the most lightweight tools that you can get your hands on to carry around. 


The materials used for manufacturing and forging are highly durable, so you will not have to worry about breaking down the tool or having any other similar problem on this one either.

It’s a tactical tool that you can also use for outdoor camping and shooting plans you might be having.

MUT is definitely worth buying and keeping for all the hobbyists and enthusiasts for having a solution to get out of all those emergency situations that they might encounter while they are enjoying their time, and they will not have to worry about a thing.

When compared with the MUT EOD, some owners have found the regular MUT to be more durable, and you will not have to worry about damaging the unit.

It will help you get through tougher projects, and keeping this unit clean and maintained is not that hard of a job.

One area that is not dominated by the regular MUT is precision. You will not be able to rely on this tool when you’re aiming for cleaner cuts and a sleek finish.

So, be sure to keep all that in mind and try out the MUT EOD for precision. Otherwise, you’ll be disappointed by the final purchase. 


EOD in MUT EOD stands for the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Tool, designed for tactical and military applications.

That would make it the right choice for those who like to go the extra mile or for the military personnel looking to keep something always with them.

mut eod

The EOD has Military Performance Spec Cap Crimpers and Fuse Wire Cutters instead of needle-nose combination pliers and hard-wire cutters.

That will allow you to use them while dealing with explosives or any other sensitive wires.

In addition to that, MUT has a firearm disassembly punch on it that is great for hunting and any other shooting applications you might need it for, and MUT EOD gets a replaceable C4 Punch that is more apt for tactical applications on a battlefield, hence better suited for the military applications. 

That is why you will need to choose between them based on the applications you have in mind.

There are also some graphical differences, and you get to enjoy the camouflage theme on the MUT EOD. That is definitely the best thing for you to be having since it will go perfectly with the tactical gear you will be wearing.

With all these differences, you get a better idea of what you will need, and you can choose between these two accordingly to get better application and utility out of the tool as per your requirements.

If you’re still confused, then we suggest that you reach out to the local experts and have them guide you accordingly. The majority of these experts have years of practical knowledge and will help you navigate the purchase decision perfectly. 

All that you need to do on your end is to explain your requirements, and these experts will be more than happy to take charge of the situation.

So, be sure to seek help and have these professionals guide you. You will be able to get a ton of knowledge on which tool will perfectly match your requirements.

Similarly, we suggest that you also reach out to the official support team for a better perspective on the matter. 

Wrapping Up

wrap up

Confused between the MUT and the MUT EOD from Leatherman? Try going through the details listed above, and you will be able to make an educated decision about the right tool.

Nine times out of ten, you will find that owners don’t give much attention to the specifics. However, if you’re an expert and need this kit for precision tasks, then keeping track of the minor differences can become crucial.

All that you need to do here is to first recognize your requirements, and that will help you finalize the purchase. 

If you’re a demolition expert and need extra precision from your kit, then going with the MUT EOD is the better choice.

The cuts are simply cleaner, and you will have a lot more control over the project. From there, you can also rely on the crimp as well as the C4 punch to add more utility to your setup.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more performance and rougher cuts on beginner wires, then going with the regular MUT is the better idea.

So, be sure to keep that in mind and make the final purchase decision accordingly. You can also get help from the official dealer on this matter. 

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