Hercules vs DeWalt Table Saw (A Brief Comparison)

hercules vs dewalt table saw
hercules vs dewalt table saw

A table saw is a very adaptable tool. This is because the majority of table saw is transportable.

Also, the table saws can be used for many purposes and can be customized according to your need.

They are also available in a vast range of sizes. This means that you can use them in all scales of workplaces.

Hercules and DeWalt are two amazing power tool companies that also offer table saws to their users.

However, many people find it difficult to decide which table saw they need to buy. You’ll find these users asking about the best table saw for their budget.

Most of the experts these owners go with either the DeWalt system or the Hercules system as they educate themselves on the basics.

Hercules VS DeWalt Table Saw: A Brief Comparison

Both of these brands have been in the market for years and will continue to dominate the market for decades. 

Therefore, we are going to provide you with a comparison between Hercules and DeWalt table saw so that you can make your decision.

Specifics Hercules Table Saw DeWalt Table Saw
Portability Limited Simple
Pricing Affordable Moderate
Power Moderate Robust
Handling Simple Moderate
Durability Moderate Phenomenal

While the performance might vary from model to model, the basic sentiment on these units are listed in the table provided here.

You will have an amazing time with either one of these units as long as you’re going through some casual DIY projects.


So, if you’re just a hobbyist, there is no need to put so much stress on this decision.

The only concern that you should have is the price point and going with a Hercules table saw is usually the better idea for first-time owners.

The pricing here will be far better than any other option on the market. With that said, you will find that every owner will switch over to the DeWalt table saw in due time.

This is because of the robust frame, increased power, and extensive features offered by DeWalt.

So, you will not feel held back even when going through some of the most demanding projects on the market.

It all comes down to the basic project requirements. Going with one unit over the other is never the smart idea when you’re not even sure about the basic project requirements.

So, if you’re in the same boat and can’t seem to find the right fit, be sure to first check up on the project and the materials involved.

Even if you’re a bit confused, you can go to a local expert and explain the situation to him.

He will not only help you get a better grasp of the project, but you will also be able to save yourself from a bad purchase.

While you will not find extremely bad reviews on either one of these brands, there is simply no gain in spending extra on DeWalt when you’re going through minor projects.

Similarly, if you’re planning on going through some demanding projects, there is no gain in going with Hercules. 

You have to understand that there is no such thing as one perfect device for all situations.

For this reason, every expert maintains an extensive range of tools and other devices to get through the project.

You will need to do the same if you want to avoid more issues down the road. Here are some more details on both of these table saws to help you figure out the right fit. 

Hercules Table Saw

hercules table saw

The Hercules table saw is very powerful. The company offers table saws of various power ranges.

This allows the tool to power through some of the most demanding materials with ease.

These table saws are light in weight and can be transported easily from one place to another.

Many table saws offered by Hercules have built-in storage compartments, which can be quite useful sometimes.

These table saws also have adjustable feet, a dust port, and the list goes on.

Hercules table saws are made up of fine-quality materials. This means that this table saw will last you a lifetime if they are treated well.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the majority of table saws offered by the company can be used by professionals, construction workers, woodworkers, DIYers, and so on.

These table saws have quite a friendly budget. They offer an amazing quality of power that helps you do your work with ease.

Also, they are designed in such a way that makes them user-friendly, durable, and portable.

So, all of these pointers play into making the Hercules system more suitable for hobbyists or first-time owners who are not planning on getting through demanding projects.

If you’re in the same boat and need something to get through casual DIY projects, then there is no gain in going with DeWalt. 

You will get better control here, and the precision offered by this system can sometimes be better when you’re working with the softer systems.

So, you will not be disappointed by the performance of this system in the long run, and it will remain a permanent part of your system.

DeWalt Table Saw

dewalt table saw

The DeWalt table saws are also very powerful tools. These tools offer more power than the Hercules table saw. The tool is lightweight and portable. 

The majority of the table saws offered by the company have some amazing and cool features.

That includes table coating that helps reduce friction, and the sharp carbide blade enhances the quality of cutting any material along a prolonged life of the blade. 

The table saw also has built-in storage, adjustable feet, a dust port, and whatnot.

The tool will last long if properly used. Also, they can also be sued by professionals, woodworkers, construction workers, DIYers, etc.

However, the table saw offered by DeWalt is much more expensive as compared to the Hercules table saw. These table saws offer ease of use, durability, and portability.

The DeWalt table saws are easily portable when compared to the Hercules table saws. Also, the DeWalt table saw has more motor power than the Hercules table saw.

We all know, more power means less control over the power tool, and it is harder for you to use the tool.

This means that the DeWalt table saw can be quite hard to control sometimes because of its high power.

So, if you’re not an expert and need a more causal system for your projects, then going with the Hercules system is better.

You will get a better response from the Hercules saw, but you’ll be losing out on a few features and duality that are offered by DeWalt. 

On the other hand, if you’re an expert and need a robust unit to help you with the project, going with the DeWalt system is the only logical thing that you can do.

Hopefully, that will clear up your perspective, and you will not have to deal with the same errors.

Comparing Hercules Table Saw And DeWalt Table Saw

  1. Hercules table saw is more user-friendly as compared to the DeWalt table saw.
  2. DeWalt table saw is more easily portable when comparing it to Hercules.
  3. When comparing the price range, Hercules wins the competition. This is because the table saw Hercules is cheaper than the DeWalt table saw.
  4. If we compare the companies, Hercules is a private tool retailer. On the other hand, DeWalt is an American company known for power tools and hand tools.
  5. People tend to like the DeWalt table saw because of its high power. However, Hercules also gives tough competition due to its low price.
  6. When comparing the durability, the DeWalt table saw is the tool you would love to choose. This is because it provides more power than the Hercules table saw.

The Bottom Line


To finalize the above-mentioned discussion, both companies offer table saws that are well-known in the market.

Both of these companies offer good quality table saws that last a lifetime if you take proper care. However, these tools are quite similar to being different from one another.

Lastly, it is completely up to you to decide which table saw suits you the best. There is no such thing as one table saw that will fit all project requirements.

So, you will have to find the unit that will help you get through the majority of the projects without having to take the materials to the local workshop. 

If you can’t seem to land on a good option by yourself, then there is no point in forcing the system.


Instead, you need to reach out to the official support members and have them help you with the purchase decision.

The consultation team will ask for your requirements and will guide you accordingly.

Ideally, you will not be confused after getting a comprehensive detail from the experts.

However, if you’re still not sold, we suggest that you test out both of these units at your local workshop.

That will give you a complete idea of which unit will best fit your needs, and you will not have to switch over.

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