5 Known DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw Problems (With Fixes)

dewalt dw788 scroll saw problems
dewalt dw788 scroll saw problems

DeWalt is a leading brand when it comes to manufacturing power tools. The company offers a wide variety of choices to its users, and each of the tools is equipped with numerous features.

So, you can benefit from a complete range of tools without having to rely on different suppliers.

This can be amazing, but if you are interested in purchasing a tool from them, then some things should be kept in mind. Considering what your usage and requirements are, is a great way of finding a tool that will last you a long time.

The process takes some time but ensures that the device that you purchase will complete your tasks efficiently. You can also engage the customer support professionals present on the DeWalt platform to help you navigate this error. 

Talking about this, the DW788 model of the scroll saw is one of the best power tools this brand has come up with. This is capable of slicing through most materials without breaking a sweat.

However, recently people have been reporting some issues with the power tool.

Hence, we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common problems that you can get along with and ways that can be used to fix them.

DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw Problems

  1. Fuse Might Be Damaged

The DeWalt DW788 is one of the latest scroll saws from the brand that comes with several important features.

One of the best things about the tool is its fuse system that helps in preventing the device from getting damaged in case of any fluctuations in current. The way this works is that if there are any outages or low voltages, then the power tool will burn its fuse.

This causes the connection to cut off so that the internal parts of the tool are kept safe. As a result, the scroll saw will stop functioning until you replace the fuse with a new one. 

Before you do this, people should first check their outlets to confirm what is causing the problem. In some cases, your socket might be faulty, which is why the devices plugged into it got damaged.


If this is true, then it is best that you avoid using the current outlet and power on your scroll saw from another socket instead. When purchasing a new fuse, make sure that you check the voltage ratings on it. 

These should match up with your older fuse, as this helps in preventing further issues. If you are having trouble trying to find where the fuse is installed, check the compartment next to the motor.

The fuse should be fixed inside there and can be pulled outside with a little force.

  1. Device Overheating

If your fuse is working fine, then another reason why the power tool might have shut down can be that it was overheating.

The DW788 model usually shuts down the device when it is getting warm so that the parts on it can be kept safe. 

This is another security feature provided to prolong the life of your power tool. The only thing that people have to do, in this case, is to leave their scroll saw for some time.

Make sure that it is placed someplace where the temperatures are low, but there is no moisture. Once the power tool cools down, you can plug it back inside your outlet and test if it starts working.


If you are still having the same problem as before, then move on to the next step.

On the other hand, if your issue is now gone, then make sure that you make a habit of taking small breaks when using the power tool for a long time.

  1. Reduced performance

Another thing that customers often complain about is that the performance of the unit will decrease over time. This issue is more common for beginners that don’t have much experience in setting up or managing the unit.

So, if you’re also new and don’t know about the proper maintenance, you might run into the same errors.

Luckily, the fix is fairly simple as long as you’re sure that the hardware itself is in good shape. All that you will need to do is to check on the condition of the carbon brushes.

If you’ve been using this unit for a while and it has just started presenting performance issues, then there is a good chance that the issue is with the carbon brushes. There is not much that you can do about fixing these errors except to change the brushes. 


To confirm, you can first remove all power from the unit and then take off the inspection cap to check on the condition of the brushes.

If the brushes are indeed worn down, then you can rely on the local dealer for a fresh piece. He will have you sorted in no time.

From there, you can just install the new brushes and then check up on the performance the unit one more time.

Be sure to also keep track of the basic maintenance and blast the unit with compressed air. That will be enough to get rid of the gunk and debris lodged inside the system.

One more thing to keep in mind here is that you should only rely on the DeWalt brushes for replacement.

There is no point in saving a few bucks and risking the performance of your machine, when you’re looking for cheaper options on the market. So, be sure to make the purchase decision accordingly.

  1. Saw Not Cutting Through Metal

While there is no debate that this saw from DeWalt is one of the best on the market, you will still struggle to get through the material when relying on this option. This doesn’t mean that the material is too hard or the saw is too weak.

Instead, you need to focus more on your technique.

saw bolt

The best thing that you can do here is to slow down the pace. While it might seem like a good idea to have the saw running on full speed to try and get through the material, that will only limit the performance from your unit.

So, be sure to keep all that in mind.

Here, you just have to slow down the speed and bring the unit to a lower RPM by operating the variable speed knob. From there, you can also feed the material slowly and then check up on the performance from this DeWalt unit. 

Nine times out of ten, the issue will be addressed right here and you will not have to deal with the same complications. However, if you’re still confused and don’t know how to operate the machine, try relying on an expert from the official support team.

They will guide you on how to go about operating the unit properly. Alternatively, you can also rely on local experts to help you out.

They will make your job much easier and you will not have to worry about dealing with more errors down the road. 

  1. Scroll Saw Might Have Faulty Parts

Even though the DeWalt DW788 comes with tons of features that can keep its internal parts protected. There is still a small chance that some surge might damage these.


If this happens, then people have to first find the faulty part and then order a replacement for it. Once this arrives, the new part can be replaced with your older one to fix the issue.

The process takes a lot of time and effort, which is why using the customer support service for DeWalt can be better. The team will try their best to provide you with a solution that can be used.

They should also be able to send you the replacement parts required to fix your problem. The team usually stays in contact with the user until their problem is taken care of.

Wrapping Up

While the DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw is one of the best options on the market, you will still struggle with the basic performance inconsistencies if you ignore the maintenance or storage pointers.

You can’t expect any performance from the unit when you’re planning on ignoring the maintenance.

Almost all of the common problems listed above can be avoided if you keep track of the cleanliness and the lubrication requirements of the unit. So, be sure to keep that in mind and go about fixing the unit accordingly.

However, even if you do run into any of the issues listed above, it is not that hard to fix these errors as long as the hardware is in good shape. So, try relying on the troubleshooting methods listed here, and you will be sorted in no time.

Lastly, you can reach out to the official support team about any and every issue relating to the device’s performance.

You might just be able to grab a fresh piece in due time, and you will not have to spend any extra cash. So, try involving the official support members when the issue seems to be complicated. 

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  1. My blade tensioner does not stay on setting. When I turn on machine the tensioner moves to zero. How can I fix this?
    Thank you

  2. My DW788 scrollsaw has started making noise.Ilooked on line and found that the bearings might need to be regreased or replaced.Have you had the same problem?
    Thank you

  3. Why would my scroll saw run normally at the set speed then all of a sudden speed up on its own and running out of control? Could it be the motor? I changed the variable speed switch control and it still does this.


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