Type 1 vs Type 27 Grinding Wheels: What’s The Difference

type 1 vs type 27 grinding wheels
type 1 vs type 27 grinding wheels

It is not rare to see beginners confused about the different types of grinding wheels and their uses. There are many different variants that each serve other purposes. However, before covering the specifics, you should first learn how to manage a grinding tool properly. Otherwise, you will just destroy your equipment without getting any performance from the grinding wheel.

For your better understanding of the different types of grinding wheels, we will be covering various aspects of Type 1 and Type 27 Grinding Wheel. So, if you were unaware of these different types, hopefully, this information will help you better understand.

Type 1 Grinding Wheel vs Type 27 Grinding Wheels

Type 1 Grinding Wheel

The type one grinding wheel introduces a standard flat shape and comes in a variety of different materials. Depending upon the brand you’re going for, it is possible that the grinding wheel might or might not be reinforced. So, if you’re a beginner and don’t know much about grinding wheels, it is an excellent option to get started with. The Type 1 grinding wheel works on different materials, and you don’t have to worry about the blade shattering if it is adequately reinforced.

One thing that most people recommend is the use of guards on your grinders. If you don’t have any guards on the grinding device, it can be extremely dangerous to use the grinding wheels. If you use the grinding wheel against the wrong type of material, the blade can shatter and seriously injure your body. There have been many reports of blades exploding and cutting away the fingers of the user. So, always use a guard on your device and try to look towards the use of a face shield for better protection.

Most of the time, the Type 1 grinding wheels are used with fixed frame machines. Even though they are intended for somewhat rough usage, it is easy to achieve precision if you’re experienced enough. So, as long as you know what you’re doing, a Type 1 grinding wheel might be all you need to get ahead of your project. However, if you’re working on a delicate task and can’t afford any mistakes, you should ask an expert for an opinion.

Getting help from a local expert is always a better option when you are inexperienced. So, depending upon the type of your project, you will be able to find the perfect grinding wheel to use.

Type 27 Grinding Wheel

Compared to the Type 1 straight grinding wheel, the Type 27 grinding wheel introduces a depressed center. This feature makes them the ideal grinding wheel when the user is working on sharp angles. It is pretty easy to work with precision with a Type 27 grinding wheel, and you can achieve accurate angles from 35 to 90 degrees. If you’re just starting, it will take some time to get used to the new shape of this grinding wheel.

Many people have this misconception that Type 1 and Type 27 have identical shapes. Even though both of these grinding wheels look pretty similar, the differences are pretty clear when you look at their usage and performance. It is next to impossible to get the sharp angles with the Type 1 grinding wheel. This is why the Type 27 grinding wheel is the primary choice for many industries across the globe. So, if your project matches this description, then a Type 27 grinding wheel might be better for your device.

There are many brands that offer this type of grinding wheel. Each brand introduces its unique mix to the table and develops a new variant that performs better for a particular project. So, even among the many types of grinding wheels, you can find further variants depending upon the type of material used to create them. To get a general understanding of all the different materials, you will have to spend much time in the research.

With that said, the same safety procedures apply to this grinding wheel. It is best to follow all the possible methods to keep yourself safe from physical injuries. Usually, you can find the safety equipment from a local hardware store. Other than that, it also helps to learn the proper technique by asking an expert in your vicinity.

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