DeWalt Type 1 vs Type 2 Battery – Any Difference?

dewalt type 1 vs type 2 battery
dewalt type 1 vs type 2 battery

Working on your projects can be a lot of fun. Although, this requires users to have the best possible equipment with them. You should also ensure that you have all the devices that will be needed for your project.

When it comes to purchasing these, you will notice that there are numerous types of power tools available.

These can be dangerous to work with, which is why proper precaution is required. One of the best types of tools is cordless devices.

These can be used without having to plug the device into an outlet. Although, you should keep in mind that these require you to install rechargeable batteries in them.

So, be sure to manage the system accordingly if you’re aiming to get the ideal performance from these units. 

Talking about this, two of the most famous options that people go with include the DeWalt type 1 and type 2 battery models.

Both of these are amazing, but they also look similar. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between them.

DeWalt Type 1 VS Type 2 Battery

Specifics DeWalt Type 1 Battery DeWalt Type 2 Battery
Pricing Reasonable Reasonable
Issues Moderate Minimal
Origin Canada China
Preferences High Limited

When comparing the type 1 battery with the type 2 battery, you will find that there are more similarities than differences between the two units.

The sentiment on these devices is pretty mixed, with some owners being behind the type 1 battery because of its origin.

Even though the reports show that the type 2 battery is better suited for most jobs and presents minimal errors, owners still prefer to go with the type 1 unit.

So, if you’re in the same boat, be sure to go with the type 1 battery.

You might run into some issues with the clips along the way, but these issues are not that serious, and you can manage them accordingly.

As far as the basic performance of these units is concerned, you will find that the DeWalt type 2 battery is the same as the type 1. 

You will not notice any boost in performance or durability, or structure. The only purpose of these numbers is to help the company identify any modifications or material changes to the unit.

The basic premise will still remain the same as the company tries to update the internal circuitry.

So, if you want to get a better response out of the unit, the safer bet is to go with the type 2 option. There is no guarantee that this unit will be better, but attest you will know that minor issues were fixed within this system.

From there, you can go about finalizing the purchase decision accordingly.

If everything goes well, you will not have to choose between any of these options. The DeWalt type 1 and type 2 batteries can be considered one and the same.

The only bad reviews from the customers about the type 1 battery can be considered as unique cases.

You shouldn’t take them seriously, as the majority of customers have had an amazing time with these devices. So, you will be served with decent performance.


Here are some more specifics on both types to help you finalize the purchase. 

DeWalt Type 1 Battery

DeWalt is a famous company that is known for manufacturing some of the best power tools for its users. The brand has a huge lineup of devices that you can select between.

One amazing thing is that you can view all the lineups available by the company from their website.

This contains a list of all the tools you can purchase. Additionally, clicking on any specific model will show you detailed information about it.

Going through the features of a product makes it easier for people to select tools that will work best for them.

Moreover, the company also posts details about new tools that they are working on their website. DeWalt Type 1 batteries include several types of products. These batteries vary in power and size.

Considering this, you must go through them carefully before selecting one for yourself.

dewalt type 1 battery

When it comes to the performance of these batteries. You should note that most people using them have reported no major issues with the products. This shows how good the batteries manufactured by DeWalt are.

The only thing that you should keep in mind is that your devices are charged properly.

The company provides a charger that should be used to recharge the batteries. If you are thinking about using a third-party charger, then these can have a lot of issues.

The main concern in these is that the voltage requirements can vary. This can damage not only the battery itself but even the device you are going to install your batteries.

DeWalt Type 2 Battery

The DeWalt type 2 battery is another famous lineup from the same brand that people purchase. You will notice that just like the previous lineup, this also has tons of batteries with the type 2 name.

Additionally, the products will look the same when you view them. Even the features and specifications of these batteries will have no difference.

When it comes to this, you should note that the type 2 series is for all the devices manufactured by DeWalt.

dewalt type 2 battery

Most people have been trying to figure out what the difference between these two lineups is. Although the brand claims that these are both the same, it can confuse most people. 

You will notice some users talking about how type 2 is an upgrade to the previous lineup. However, for some devices, the type 1 models came after type 2 was released.

Additionally, some people have claimed that this determines where the product was manufactured. But even this has been proven to be false as some models have the same manufacturing country for them.

Keeping all of this in mind, both of these lineups are almost identical. This is why you should think about which model to purchase instead of it being type 1 or type 2.

You can then compare the prices between both of these battery lineups to check which one you are getting a better deal on.

This should easily help you in getting the best possible battery for yourself. As for getting problems on these devices, DeWalt offers its users a warranty service that can be used.

This can be amazing as you can get a free replacement for your problems in case of any faulty equipment.

Wrapping Up

Going through all of these details, you will find out that there is no point in trying to find the better unit between these two options.

While some owners do claim the type 2 unit to be better, there is no support behind these claims, and the differences are next to nothing.

So, you’re sure to get amazing performance out of the DeWalt system, and you will not feel the need to upgrade with either one of these options.

You should focus more on the reliability of the dealer and don’t get stuck between the type of battery here. 

Otherwise, you will only hold yourself back as you try to find the right fit for your projects. A good chunk of owners has found that type 2 is better and doesn’t run into any complications in the long run.

However, the origins from China don’t really help promote the sales behind this option.

Similarly, you will find that a few owners here and there have complained about a few errors in the DeWalt type 1 batteries.

So, you will have to take your chances here and go with the unit that is offered by a reliable dealer. That way, you will be able to claim the warranty if you find any faults in the unit.

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