7 Ways To Fix Ryobi Chainsaw Not Starting

ryobi chainsaw not starting
ryobi chainsaw not starting

Ryobi is a famous brand from Japan that is known for manufacturing power tools for its users. The company has a huge lineup that you can select from. Some people wonder if having these tools at your home is necessary.

The answer to that usually depends from person to person. Some people might prefer to contact a specialist to fix their problems.

On the other hand, some users want to fix their issues on their own. Talking about this, one product that many people purchase from Ryobi is their chainsaws.

This is amazing to use, but there are also some issues that this device can run into.

The chainsaw from Ryobi not working can be quite annoying. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some steps that can be used to fix this issue.

How to Fix Ryobi Chainsaw Not Starting?

  1. Check Wirings and Outlet

The chainsaw from Ryobi is a powerful device that requires a lot of electrical power to work.

Considering this, if you are having trouble with the equipment not working, then the first things you should check are your wirings and outlet. There is a higher chance of these having a problem instead of the chainsaw.

You can first observe the cable for your chainsaw for any damage to it. If you do notice any breaks, then you will have to get your chainsaw replaced with a new one.

On the other hand, if the wire is perfectly fine, then make sure that it is plugged into the socket tightly.


Finally, you should also try using some other appliance on the same socket. This will confirm if your socket has any problems or not. If it did, then simply use some other outlet and get the faulty one replaced.

  1. Spark Plug Might Be Defective

Sometimes the chainsaw not working can be due to the spark plug on it being defective.

Keep in mind that these will eventually break and require you to replace them. When it comes to checking if the spark plug is defective or not, you will first have to remove this from the chainsaw.

Now observe it for any cracks. If you do notice any, then this is most likely damaged. You will have to purchase a new spark plug and then replace it with the defective one to fix your problem.

  1. Go Through A Quick Servicing Cycle

This should be your next move when you can’t seem to get any response out of the saw.

The situation with the clogged tubes can be annoying, to say the least, and you have to make sure that you keep the chainsaw clean.


Otherwise, you will just be dealing with the same errors in a few weeks, and the situation won’t improve.

So, when you do get stuck in these errors, one of the best things that you can do is follow through with a quick cleaning cycle.

You have to make sure that the system is clean and that there is nothing clogging up the carburetor.

A quick cleaning cycle by taking apart the carburetor and using the carburetor cleaner from the market to clean it out will have you sorted. 

It will take a bit of your time, and you have to follow through with this method once every few weeks.

That way, the situation with the chainsaw will never get annoying, and the Ryobi system will start. So, be sure to check up on that as well.

  1. Check Ignition Coil

ignition coil

The situation with the ignition coil can be just as annoying. As long as you’re sure that the spark plugs are in good shape, you have to move forward to check up on the ignition coil.

To check the status, you might need to check for breaks in continuity.

Here, you can rely on any meter, like an ohmmeter, to check up on the response from the ignition coil. If you’re not getting the desired reading, then now might be a good time to replace it.

There are no quick methods when it comes to addressing these issues, and you have to reach out to the dealer.

From there, he will provide you with directions to your local Ryobi certified repair center, and the experts there will help you out. 

The good thing here is that the new ignition coil is not that expensive. You can even install it yourself if you have the budget for it, and there are no quick methods around it. You will have to make the investment to get the new coil.

Once you’re through with the investment and the ignition coil is fixed, then you can start the Ryobi chainsaw without further issues. Hopefully, you will be through this situation in no time. 

  1. Cycle Out The Fuel

Sometimes, all that you have to do is to cycle out the old fuel and then use fresh fuel to get the system working.

This is especially true if you’re taking the saw out after an extensive winter. So, if the saw was stored in the shed for a few months, then cycle out the fuel.

It is clearly mentioned in all guides that you should always remove the fuel from the tank before storage.

Otherwise, the fuel will go bad and you will have to clean up everything to get the saw working again. 

If you think that you made the same mistake, then the only thing to do here is to get the old fuel out and clean the carburetor as well as the filters and the fuel lines.

It will take a ton of your time, and you have to get rid of the old fuel completely.

Even if you’re sure that the fuel has not gone bad, you might simply be using the wrong grade of fuel in the saw.

So, in either case, you will have to reach out to the officials, and they will be more than happy to take charge of the station.

Ideally, you will be sorted out right here and won’t have to deal with more complications down the road. It all comes down to how you’re planning on fixing the situation with the Ryobi chainsaw not starting. 

  1. Clogged Air Filter

air filter

The next thing that you have to do is to check up on the air filters.

It is true that you can clean out the filters and use them again in the system, but that is not always the best method. You need to get yourself new filters once in a blue moon.

So, if it has been a long time since you last purchased new filters, just get yourself new ones right now.

It will take a bit of your time, but you have a decent shot at fixing the issue. All that you have to do is to make the purchase of the compatible filters and then cycle out the old ones.

From there, you can check up on the performance over more time, and the airflow inside the system will be optimal. When the air filters are clogged, the engine doesn’t get any power as the fuel won’t burn without oxygen.

So, you have to make sure that the filters are not clogged, or you will remain stuck in these errors. You can also engage an expert to help you out if you’re a bit confused about the situation. 

  1. Contact Customer Support

Customer Support

Finally, if you are still getting the same problem on your chainsaw, then there is a chance that some part of it has become faulty.

These devices can take a lot of time and effort to check. Additionally, the parts in them are quite sensitive, which is why it is better that you ask a specialist to help you out.

The best recommendation is that you contact the support team for Ryobi and tell them about your problem. They should be able to provide you with a solution. 

Alternatively, they will ask you to send in the device for repairs or replacements. These should usually be covered under your warranty unless it has been voided.

Wrapping Up

The situation with the Ryobi chainsaw not starting can get a bit sticky, to say the least.

However, you will still need to rely on basic troubleshooting methods to get the system working again. Most of the time, these issues can be linked to ignored maintenance.

There is not a single unit on the market that will respond well when you ignore its Marianne. So, if you’re stuck in the same issue and can’t seem to find a fix, then now might be a good time to go through a quick servicing cycle.

From there, you can check up on the filters, carburetor, fuel lines, ignition coils, spark plugs, and everything in between. 

Make sure that nothing is clogged up and that the system is able to work properly.

Otherwise, you will just lead yourself to more errors, and the response from the unit will be suboptimal, to say the least. Hopefully, these details will help you get through these errors. 

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