3 Methods To Fix Ryobi Battery Charger Blinking Red

Ryobi battery charger blinking red
Ryobi battery charger blinking red

Ryobi batteries and tools are some of the best ones out there in the market that are not only highly efficient and affordable but durable at the same time.

So, you can stick with this brand for the majority of your power tools. It is ideal for beginners, with some pretty great options for professionals as well.

That gets you the right edge of perfection and convenience that you got the right tools that will help you out perfectly with all the different sorts of needs you might be having.

Ryobi Battery Charger Blinking Red

The batteries and all their chargers are extremely durable, and there is not much that you might have to worry about.

However, at times you might see the battery charger blinking red. A few things that you might need to know about it and how you can get it sorted out would be:

The Reason

The best thing is that you don’t need to worry about it much since the charger or battery is not something that you might have to worry about, and it is all good.

There might be some minor factors that might be causing you to face this problem, and here are a few tips and tricks that will help you out perfectly to ensure that you can make it all work for good.

You won’t have to face any such problems again on your Ryobi Chargers or the batteries again.

  1. Find A Warmer Spot

room temperature

The red light can appear if the battery is too cold and your charger is not able to transfer the amount of current that is needed to charge the battery.

That is certainly something that you wouldn’t want to have. The batteries can get cold, and starting them is certainly a problem.

So, if you are in a climate where the temperature is too low, you might need to keep your batteries safe from exposure to air directly.

You will also need to make sure that you are not letting them near water or anything to ensure optimal temperature.

  1. Let The Battery Cool Down 

battery icon

Like too low temperature can cause you to have different problems, too high temperature is also something that you will need to be careful about and make sure that your batteries are not getting too hot.

The reason for batteries getting too hot is having the batteries overcharged at times, discharging them too fast with some equipment of higher voltage, or maybe putting them under direct sunlight or some hot equipment.

That is certainly something that you might not want to have, and you will need to make sure that the battery is kept at optimal temperatures to be working in the right manner.

  1. No Harm In Jumping The Battery

If the temperature on the battery is optimal and you are still getting the Ryobi charger getting, the red light flashing on it, you might have the battery over-discharged from the lowest limit.

jumping battery

It is certainly something that you will need to make sure that you are not letting the battery discharge below a certain level, and if it does that, you will need to give your charger a bit of time to charge it again.

A good rule is to never allow the battery to go all below the 20 percent mark. Any lower than that, and you will risk the battery dying out completely.

So, to avoid this problem, you just have to keep the pack at optimal charging levels.

However, if you’ve made the mistake of using the battery even when it was below the 20 percent or rather 10 percent mark, you might be dealing with a dead unit.

Luckily, all hope is not lost here. You still have a few methods that can be used to revive this battery.

All you need is to quickly jump the battery with a different pack that is in perfect condition. This might not sound like a good idea, but you’re not left with many options at this stage.

Here, you need to get a pair of wires to connect the two batteries.

After the terminals are connected, you can leave these batteries on the device for around 20 minutes.

From there, it is not that hard to adjust the power status, and inserting it in the charger will help you address the flashing red light errors.

  1. Check Terminals

There is also a good chance that the problem is more related to the terminals if none of the above-mentioned situations apply to you.

battery terminals

You will have to get a replacement or try out a new battery when the terminals are damaged on the battery.

With that said, the situation might be with the charter and not the battery. So, instead of blaming the battery, you should also try to service the charger.

Make sure that the placement of the battery is correct and that there is nothing wrong with the terminals.

Usually, a bit of cleaning is more than enough to get through the majority of errors. However, if you find the connections to be damaged, then you need to grab a fresh replacement.

From there, you won’t have to worry as much about the flashing issues.

  1. Check For Hardware Issues

hardware check

Lastly, if your charger is in rough shape and you can’t really isolate the issue with the battery pack, then you’re dealing with a broken unit.

There is no point in trying to make a damaged unit work for hours on end.

The warranty deal is valid for the new unit for around 3 years. However, that can vary depending on the model you choose and the dealer you engage with.

So, there is no harm in reaching out to the dealer. He will help you secure a fresh piece.

You will still need to show proof of purchase to verify the claim. From there, the dealer will guide you on the procedure, and you will be able to get a new device within the same week.

Just try to keep the charger in good shape from here on out. To keep the charger in good shape, you just need to focus a bit on the storage of the charger.

A dry spot with optimal temperature and no pressure from other devices is best for your electronics. So, make sure to manage the storage around your workshop accordingly.

Otherwise, you will end up damaging this new charger in no time without securing any response from the machine.

Wrapping Up

wrap up

As long as you’re sure that the condition of the battery is not too severe, you should be able to get through these errors pretty easily.

However, there are no quick fixes or workarounds that can help you with a damaged device.

The only method of fixing a damaged unit is getting a replacement. Even getting it repaired will lead to the same errors in no time.

So, instead of going to the local experts, just call the dealer. That will be much better if you’re trying to avoid the same issues in the future.

It can be a bit of a hassle to get the warranty claim at first. However, you’re not left with many options here.

Hopefully, you will have an easier time trying to secure a new piece when seeking help from the official members. 

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  1. My 18V charger has been left plugged in for months with a battery sitting beside it, I was told that the battery was dead. So I plugged in in. While charger was just plugged in it had a red light bottom left. When I attached battery it started blinking.


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