4 Ways To Troubleshoot Paslode Nailer Won’t Fire

paslode finish nailer won't fire
paslode finish nailer won’t fire

Loading the fuel on your Paslode Finish Nailer might seem like a demanding task, but it only requires a few steps.

These steps include removing the back cover and the hatch to put in the fuel. Having a quick peek at the instruction manual will further clear up your understanding of the situation.

Once the fuel is loaded, put the back cover into its place and make adjustments on the Paslode Finish Nailer by adjusting the depth.

Once that is done, you can just start firing the nails without further issues. Sounds simple right? Well, it can be a bit tricky to get optimal performance from this unit at times.

Ways to Troubleshoot Paslode Nailer Won’t Fire

While there is no debate that the Paslode Nailer is a robust system, you will still need to keep track of its maintenance and the basic hardware status.

Storing the unit properly and blasting it with air will help you clean out the gunk from the system.

However, ignoring the maintenance will create many issues. Recently some people have been struggling with Paslode Finish Nailer not firing.

If you’re in the same boat, let us cover a few troubleshooting steps that can help you overcome this specific issue.

  1. Check Jammed Nails & Fuel Cell

One of the more common reasons behind the Paslode Finish Nailer not firing is that sometimes nails will get trapped in the tool housing.

You won’t be able to fire the system as long as the nail is trapped in the unit. To get the device working again, you will have to remove the jammed nail from the unit.

Once the jammed nail is removed, you should be able to get the Paslode Finish Nailer to fire again.

However, if the issue was not related to jammed nails in the housing, then there is a good chance that something is wrong with the fuel cells.

If you’re lucky, then the only issue will be the inappropriate connection of the fuel cells with the unit.

However, if the connection is firm and properly managed, you need to replace the fuel cell and buy a replacement immediately.

Along with these methods, you should also look towards some common mistakes like using the wrong type of nails in the system.

Hopefully, the device will start firing once you manage the nails inside your machine.

If you’re confused as to what types of nails will best match the model of nailer you have, then be sure to ask the dealer for some pointers.

He will take charge of the situation and will help you find the right fit for your projects. Using the wrong type of nails will only clog up the chamber.

You will put yourself at risk when the chamber is clogged, and it is best to be careful throughout the troubleshooting routine. Otherwise, fixing the unit will not come easily to you.

  1. Check Wiring Cluster

check wiring

If you have gone through all the basic troubleshooting methods and the issue is not fixed at this stage, try checking the wiring cluster for possible damages.

To do this, you will need to remove the top cover and inspect individual wires for physical damage.

If all the wires are in perfect condition, then you will have to check the connection points across the ends of the wires.

Make sure that the connection points are clean and the wires are properly connected.

On the other hand, if some wires are damaged, you will have to replace them immediately. You can also try patching up the wires depending on the severity of the issue.

For this purpose, you can rely on the use of a soldering tool and merge the wires.

At this stage, the issue should be fixed, and you’ll be able to get the Paslode Finish Nailer to fire nails.


With that said, if you purchased this unit recently, it would be a better idea to ask your dealer for a replacement.

The warranty here is better than some of the other brands on the market, and it will not be that hard to get a replacement.

Depending upon the warranty status, he will help you with complete support, and you won’t have to try any troubleshooting steps yourself.

So, just stay on the safe side, and let the dealer handle this issue by forwarding a warranty claim.

On the other hand, if you try to go through with the fixes on your own, then you might end up voiding the warranty.

There are no quick methods when it comes to writing issues, and you will have to get through the proper channels. 

  1. Clean the Device


Proper maintenance will not only enhance the life span of your tools, but you will also be able to achieve better efficiency throughout the implementation of the project.

Unfortunately, very few customers pay attention to proper maintenance, which is why you will often notice people complaining about issues with their machines. 

So, if you’re struggling with the Paslode Finish Nailer not firing, then cleaning the device should be your primary option.

Just be sure to be careful throughout the cleaning process. The last thing you want is the nailer to go off as you’re trying to clean the system.

The power from the unit is more than enough to get the nail through your body. It can cause serious damage, and you should never point the nailer toward your face.

Throughout the cleaning cycle, you need to keep it pointed away and then make sure that the chamber is free.

Sometimes, all you’ll need is a bit of compressed air to blast the system. That will be more than enough to get rid of the lodged debris and other smaller objects from the chamber.

The issue should be fixed once you have completely cleaned the device.

However, if, for some reason, you’re still unable to get the Paslode Finish Nailer to fire, there is a good chance that you’re dealing with a faulty spark plug.

To be sure, you can remove the cover and hear for the spark in the unit.

If there is no spark, then you will have to get a spark plug replacement for your unit.

Luckily, the spark plug replacement is quite cheap, and you can install the replacement yourself.

So, depending on the type of issue with your unit, just replace the spark plug, and it will have the device working again.

Hopefully, this information helps you overcome the firing issues with Paslode Finish Nailer not firing.

  1. Check For Hardware Issues

At this point, it is also possible that your unit is damaged or defective.

hardware check

While this machine is pretty robust and can stand the rough conditions around the workshop, you will still need to be a bit mindful of its storage.

Extended exposure to moisture and humidity will only lead to more issues.

Similarly, you need to check up on each section for cracked pieces, damaged sections, discolored parts, and much more.

If you do find the device to be in rough shape, then your first move should be to inform the dealer and ask for his instructions.

Trying to go at the fix on your own might just void the warranty, and you will not be able to get a fresh piece from the dealer.


It all comes down to maximizing your chances of getting a new unit, and trying to fix the device on your own is not always the best idea. 

So, be sure to engage the dealer and act upon his instructions to get through the fix.

You can then demand a replacement, and that will be provided to you after a bit of verification. This is especially true if you think that your unit got damaged during delivery.

You’re not liable for any delivery issues, and the dealer will take charge of this situation in no time if the claim is genuine.

Wrapping Up

wrap up

Figuring out the right solutions can be a bit hard when you’re not sure why the Paslode nailer won’t fire.

There can be a ton of issues that can play into this situation, and it will take a while to narrow down these errors. So, be sure to first inspect the unit carefully.

You will have to start the troubleshooting routine by checking up on the jamming situation.

This is the most common reason why the nailer won’t engage, and you will have to free up the magazine.

From there, you can move forward with checking the spark plugs and then thoroughly cleaning the unit.

All you’re trying to do here is make sure that nothing is clogging up the system. That will be more than enough to help you tackle the majority of errors with the system.

From there, you can proceed with checking the hardware to get a better understanding of the error. 

If you find the hardware to be damaged, then your hands are pretty much tied. There is nothing much that you can do on your end to fix the hardware issues.

So, if you’re in the same boat, be sure to claim the warranty or get the nailer repaired from the local workshop.

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