7 Ways Of Paslode Angled Finish Nailer Troubleshooting

paslode angled finish nailer troubleshooting
paslode angled finish nailer troubleshooting

Nothing can beat the satisfaction after going through a demanding DIY project, Right? Well, what if you can make the whole experience more exciting by relying on tools like a nailer.

While the traditional approach of using a hammer with a nail can never be replaced, you can still add your flare to it.

Yes, the type of tools that you use in a project will dictate the overall experience.

Spending more money on power tools might have an impact on the budget, but you’ll get so much value out of a nailer. Imagine gearing up with a nail gun and blasting through the project without any brakes.

You will be able to arguably save hours of your time when sticking with a nailer. So, if you value your time (which you should), spending a bit of cash on options like a Paslode nailer is a better idea. 

Will you be happy after making the purchase? Probably not. However, as you get comfortable with the unit, you will notice the efficiency of your projects. So, we will suggest that you swallow this hard pill and make the purchase. 

The nailer allows you to fire those nails a lot faster and in a more convenient manner so you will never have to worry about a single thing at all while you are making it work.

However, there are some issues that you might have to face as well. A few troubleshooting tips that you will need to know about are:

Paslode Angled Finish Nailer Troubleshooting

  1. Replace Seals

If you are feeling that the nailer is not generating the right amount of pressure, or there could be some air pressure leaking out of your nailer, that could be caused due to having some leakage on the nailer and you will have to ensure that you are fixing it up in the right manner.

To do so, you will need to replace the rubber seals that might be broken or damaged and it will help you to avoid all such problems in the future that could be causing you to have this problem with the air leaking.

  1. Lubricate the Firing Pin

If the firing pin is not retracting properly, or it is getting stuck, the firing pin might be facing some rust or there could be some other issue on the firing pin due to lack of lubrication.


That is why the best solution to have all such issues is to lubricate the firing pin properly and that will be helping you ensure that you are not facing any such issues and problems with the firing pin on your Paslode Angled Finish Nailer.

  1. Check the Feeder

Improper feeding will also cause you to have a number of issues and problems like the nails not being fired properly, or they might be getting stuck.

If you are having any such issues or problems, you will need to make sure that you are checking on the feeder and aligning all the nails that you have on the feeder as well to avoid all such problems.

Not only that, but you also need to make sure that you are lubricating the feeder as well to have the proper experience with it.

  1. Air Supply Issues

Your air supply is the next frequent source of trouble. Keep in mind that the air supply is the most crucial aspect you need to control. Otherwise, there won’t be a rise in system pressure, and the nails will remain within the chamber.

If the compressor is damaged or otherwise in poor shape, just replace it. Attempting to resurrect a damaged gadget with a few basic fixes is futile.

Any innovation that allows you to keep your tools charged will be of tremendous assistance. When it is completed, it may be time to explore a promotion. The use of a smaller tank or one with fewer attachments is never advisable.

  1. Reduced Performance

The problem with reduced performance can stem from a ton of things. Most of the time, you should start by checking for leaks one more time. Yes, you need to check for leaks again and make sure that the system is not damaged.

From there, you can check the system for servicing requirements. If you’re not keeping track of the servicing requirements, then that can lead to a ton of issues. So, your first move here should be to go through a quick servicing routine.

Yes, you need to first remove all power and the connections from the nailer and then blast it with compressed air. Many users ignore the instruction of removing power and end up driving a nail in their hand. 

We’re confident that you don’t want that to happen to your hand and it is best to first keep track of the safety. From there, you can go about optimizing the project and the cleaning routine. Yes, it will take you some time, but you’re not left with many choices. 

All that you have to do is to check up on the cleaning requirements, and then put the system back in its original form. That will help you out and you will not have to bother with as many errors down the road.


  1. Compatibility Problems

It may also be aggravating to deal with the compatibility side of things. Everybody is capable of making errors sometimes. Fortunately, the error in selecting the proper kind of nails is not too significant, and you will still have a good chance of correcting it.

The nails need to be examined for problems if you can’t get them to drive out of the chamber. It’s possible that the length or angle is the issue. In any case, you must remove the nails before using the proper kind.

Ask the regional specialists if you’re unsure. It would be far wiser to ask the locals for assistance than attempting to figure everything out on your own.

So be sure to get in touch with us and let the experts handle your case. By doing this, you’ll save a tonne of difficulty in the future.

  1. Nails Getting Stuck

Last but not least, the biggest problem occurs when the barrel fractures or has other corrosion-related problems and the nails become caught within. You must thus ensure that any rust that could be present in the barrel has been removed.

In addition, you must remove any debris, grease, or other impurities from the barrel that could be the root of your problems.

Therefore, all that is required of you to prevent nails from becoming trapped within your nailer once again is a thorough cleaning of the barrel.

correct nails

Wrapping Up

The Paslode angled finish nailer has you worried? You may find some fundamental mistakes and their fixes in the list above. The majority of the time, if you’re taking proper care of the unit, you’ll have control over the problem.

Expect little from the system if you ignore basic maintenance. Some of you could object and say that you don’t have time or that you often seem to disregard the maintenance cycle. If that’s the case, you should just be prepared to pay hundreds extra on power equipment.

If you don’t maintain these tools, they won’t survive very long. Even the most reliable manufacturers, like Milwaukee and DeWalt, require that the consumers keep track of the maintenance.

As a consequence, rather than criticizing the system, you should start keeping an eye on the maintenance cycle and being more proactive.

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