3 Common Nebo Flashlight Charging Problems

nebo flashlight charging problems
nebo flashlight charging problems

Nebo is the brand that you look forward to for any of the needs you might have with flashlights. While they manufacture a wide range of tools that you can use for any of the different sorts of applications.

You will not have to worry about a single thing while using these tools, their flashlights are considered to be a class apart, and that allows you to be enjoying the perfection that you might have been seeking.

Their flashlights are durable and manufactured to ensure that you can use them under any conditions that you might like.

Not only the bodies of Nebo Flashlights are designed to be pretty rigid and durable, but you also get to enjoy the best performance and durability on the flashlight.

Nebo Flashlight Charging Problems

The Nebo flashlight battery is also pretty great. You will not have any problems when it comes to the battery or charging on them since the batteries are designed to take a bit of beating no matter what conditions you put them through.

Most of the time, they will continue to be used perfectly for most of the applications.

However, the Nebo Flashlight can also cause you to have several charging problems, and a few such problems that you need to be careful about are:

  1. Not Charging

battery check

The first thing that you will need to know about is the Nebo Flashlight not charging at all, and you will certainly need to be careful about that.

The flashlight will not charge, and that can cause you to have a number of problems when you are preparing for some project or trying to make the flashlight work for any upcoming hiking or camping trip.

The problem is most of the time caused due to the charger being incompatible, and you should be making sure that you are checking the charger properly.

You should also ensure that the charger you are using is compatible with the flashlight model at the same time. That will optimally fix the problem for you.


If the charger is compatible, yet you are having the same issue, you will also need to make sure that the charger is not damaged at some point and that the cable on the charger is intact.

Replacing the charger should help you out in the right manner, and you will be able to use the Nebo Flashlight for any applications by charging it up properly.

Your main focus should be on making sure that the unit has optimal access to power.

If you can find any damaged sections on the charger, the smart thing to do is to replace it entirely. There is no point in wasting hours of your time trying to make a defective device work.

So, do the smart thing and try out a different unit if you’re also in this situation.

  1. Not Holding Charge

Another common problem that you might have to face is that the battery will not hold a charge on your Nebo Flashlight.

That will cause you even more inconvenience since you will be trying to get it charged, and after a few minutes of usage or just putting it down, the battery will be drained up.

That is why you will be getting a great level of inconvenience and will not be able to use the flashlight either.

So, if you do decide to go with the Nebo Flashlight, it should be one of the first things that you need to keep in mind.

The problem is most of the time caused if you are using a battery that has deteriorated battery health and the battery needs to be replaced.

If you are having such problems due to battery health, it would be better for you to have the battery replaced.

That will help you out properly, and you will be able to enjoy the same seamless experience with your battery once again.

hardware issue

However, the storage condition or hardware issues with the unit can also play a role here.

If you don’t have a good storage system and the unit is left out unattended in extreme weather conditions, then you need to focus more on the storage. You can’t really make use of a flashlight with a dead battery.

So, make sure to find a dry and isolated storage box where the temperature doesn’t get too cold or too hot. That will be enough to keep the battery in good condition for the years to come.

  1. Irregular Charging

Lastly, the Nebo Flashlights are made to be weather resistant, and they can take a bit of wear and tear and moisture as well.

That is why you will have a sense of comfort and peace of mind that you are not going to face any major problems with the charger or the battery.

However, moisture can cause corrosion on the Nebo Flashlight terminals, and that corrosion will eventually be the reason behind the corrosion.

That is why you will need to ensure that you are checking on the corrosion and clearing out the terminals using some rubbing alcohol or cleaner.

That will help you out in the right manner to make sure that you are not facing any such problems with the irregular charging.

This issue can also be related to the power source and not the charger itself. So, you’ll have to try out a different source and switch up the outlet to narrow down the issue.

If the issue does get fixed after changing the outlet, you need to call an electrician for help.

power strip

There is surely something wrong with the power connections, and you can’t fix those yourself. So, try and reach out to an expert, and he will take care of the rest.

It is a good idea to get the connections serviced at least once every year.

Otherwise, you’ll be compromising the longevity of your appliances. So, instead of only looking at the hiring fees, make sure to reach out to an expert.

He will know how to help you through these issues.

Wrapping Up


You can follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned here to keep the flashlight in good condition. Most of these errors are pretty basic, and you won’t have to worry about much.

However, if there are hardware issues with the unit, you can’t expect any performance from the device.

The only way to get ahead of hardware issues is to get a new unit. You can’t even rely on a repair center as the device will never go back to perfect condition.

So, if you’re in the same situation with the Nebo Flashlight, try claiming the warranty for a new piece.

All you need is proof of purchase, and the dealer will handle the rest. Usually, it will take less than a week to get through the verification.

From there, you will have your new device in no time. Just make sure to keep this device in a proper storage box to avoid further complications.

However, if the warranty has expired, you are not left with many options. You will have to spend money on a new unit, and repairing the flashlight will only delay the same problems.

So, think long-term and get a new device to help you with the unit. 

7 thoughts on “3 Common Nebo Flashlight Charging Problems”

  1. We own a NEBO HL19A that will not light. Upon charging the blue (fully charged) light comes on but when I unplug the charger and press the switch the light will not turn on. What is wrong and how can it be fixed. I really miss my NEBO!!!

  2. My NEBO will not charge. period. No sign of life when I plug in- zero light activity. I have tried a a dozen different chargers, cables and it made no difference. The only other option I havent tried is to charge it thru the USB slot above the other one but I can’t find a USB to USB cable sold anywhere, which leaves me to question what it is doing on the flashlight to begin with? Did I miss something during unpack-aging?

  3. i have the same problem and cant find a solution. paid a lot of money for it and it is brand new out of the box. plug it in and it works great. unplug it and its totally dead.

  4. I,m having issue,s with one that my sister got me.After charging light started smoking and got hot to touch.What would cause this?I have two.Light great.First problem i have had

  5. Where do you get a replacement battery. My torchy just stopped working. The cable still shows blue when connected to the base of the flashlight. The base spring is not broken. So it must be the battery. Problem is that I do not see anywhere where I can buy a replacement battery, what the battery ID is (HL22D … ????). I like the flashlight, but the major flaw is the lack of any ability to replace the flashlight. ANY Ideas ????

  6. I have a Nebo redline blast rc and if I turn it on medium power it will run for a couple hours. If I turn it on high it will shut off in about 20 secs and there is no charge in the battery. This only happens when the light is on high. I hope someone can help me with this problem. Thanks Gary


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