10 Quick Solutions To Kobalt 24V Battery Not Charging

kobalt 24v battery not charging
kobalt 24v battery not charging

Kobalt is the best option that you will need to go for if you want to have some tools that offer a perfect balance of durability, efficiency, and affordability.

They are also making some of the most exceptional cordless tools that one might need to be dealing with such jobs and tasks that require mobility and on remote sites. For all such tools, you also get those perfectly compatible batteries from Kobalt to power them up.

Kobalt 24V battery is one such lithium-ion battery that is to be used for a wide range of 24V tools. If the battery is not charging for some reason, here is what you will need to check.

How To Fix Kobalt 24V Battery Not Charging?

  1. Check the Power Cord

The power cord that you get along the Kobalt 24V charger can be detached for carrying it around, and you need to connect it properly if you are looking to charge the battery on your charger.

power cord

It should be easy enough, and you just have to disconnect the power cord once and then connect it again to the charger properly.

You also need to inspect it for any sorts of possible damages or wear and tear that could be on the power cord.

That way, you will be able to ensure that you are getting all such problems fixed up if any, and you are not having the issue due to a faulty power cord.

  1. Terminals

You also need to ensure that you are checking on the terminals properly.

There can be some corrosion on the terminals due to moisture, or you could be having some carbon build-up on them that might be causing you to face all these different problems.

That is why you will have to ensure that you are cleaning the terminals on both the charger and battery properly to not face any such issues while trying to charge those batteries.

battery level indicator

Not only do terminals need to be cleaned up, but you also have to ensure that you are checking up on them for any sort of bends.

If the terminals are bent, you need to straighten them so they can be connected properly, and that should be sorting it out for you.

  1. Mind The Temperature

The battery temperature also plays an important role, and it should be at an optimal level for you to be having the right charging for your battery. So, if the battery is not charging properly, you need to make sure that it is not either too hot or too cold.

If that is the case, let the battery settle down on its own by storing it under the shade, and that should help you out to get the Kobalt 24V battery charged again.

  1. Check Health

The battery’s health deteriorates over time, and if the battery is not charging, you should contact a Kobalt support center, and they will help you to check the battery’s health for you.

battery test

If it has gone below a certain level, it would be better for you to have the battery replaced, and that should allow you to enjoy a seamless experience with your Kobalt 24V battery and the tool.

  1. Try Jumping The Battery

This issue with the battery can always present itself when you completely drain out the battery.

If you’re in the same boat with the Kobalt 24V battery and it is fully drained, then you need to jump it. Here, you will have to make use of another charged battery to power up the system.

A good rule of thumb to avoid these issues is that you should never allow your unit to go below the 20 percent charging levels. Any more than that, and you will be reducing the lifespan of your device along with the charger.

jumping battery

However, if you’ve already made a mistake, grab some wires and a new battery. From there, you can jump-start the unit and jump it a few times.

From there, insert the battery on the charger one more time. That should be enough to help with the charging errors.

  1. Check For Hardware Issues

At this stage, you need to also check the condition of the battery along with the charger.

Any cracks or water damage to the unit will lead to the same situation with the battery not charging. So, if you wish to narrow down these errors, just check the unit from top to bottom.

Depending on the condition of the unit, you might be able to fix the issue by replacing a few components on the charger.

However, if the condition is too rough, the safer bet is to get a new device. There is no point in wasting your time with a defective piece. If you’re in a situation with water damage, try and limit the issue by drying out the unit in direct sunlight for four hours.

Keep the charger in the sun and then reconnect it to power. Hopefully, you won’t have to bother with anything after the water is dried out.

  1. Adjust Placement Of The Battery

The placement of the battery might also be to blame here. If you are lucky, the fix might be as simple as removing the battery and then installing it one more time. That should be more than enough to help you through these errors.

pair of battery

Make sure that the terminals are engaging properly and that there are no alignment problems. Ideally, you will be able to secure a proper connection without worrying about any more errors.

  1. Try Servicing The Charger

If you are sure that the hardware is in good shape, a bit of servicing will do the trick. All you need to do is to remove all gunk from the charger as well as the battery pack.

Rubbing alcohol will do a great job here. So, keep that in mind if you’re struggling with charging errors.

Just make sure that the debris on the connection points is not blocking the power flow. From there, it is not that hard to fix all issues with your device.. Otherwise, you’ll know for sure that the unit is defective.

  1. Claim Warranty

When the battery pack or the charger is defective out of the box, you will have to get a replacement. The dealer will cover most of the issues with the device. So, if the device is indeed defective, make sure to involve the dealer.


Most Kobalt dealers will bring complete warranty support for more than a year. So, follow through with the claiming procedure and then claim a new unit.

You are not liable for any delivery issues, and getting a new unit will address the majority of these errors.

  1. Go To a Repair Shop

If you don’t have a warranty and want a quick fix, then reach out to the official support. The terminals are not that hard to fix, and you just have to reach out to an expert. It won’t be that heavy on your budget, and the charger will be fixed in no time.

Hopefully, that will be it when you’re dealing with the Kobalt battery not charging. 

What Other Options Do You Have?

When you’re dealing with power tools and relevant batteries, going with DeWalt is the best option.

While the Kobalt battery is great and affordable, the battery life brought forward by DeWalt will always be superior. Moreover, you will get more power from the DeWalt system.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the things you can try to get your battery charging again. Most of the time, the batteries do not charge because of power supply issues to the unit. However, you need to check for water damage and hardware issues as well.

If the issue is not related to the charger, a replacement is the only real option. However, before you do that, try to jump the battery with a charged unit.

That way, it will be able to register on the charging station and draw power from the terminals.

Lastly, there is no harm in cleaning the terminals to isolate these issues. There should be no gunk, debris, or lint stuck on these connection points. So, make use of rubbing alcohol to get rid of this gunk.

Hopefully, all errors will be fixed at this point when you’re talking about the Kobalt battery not charging!

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