5 Ways To Fix Greenworks 80V Battery Not Charging

greenworks 80v battery not charging
greenworks 80v battery not charging

Greenworks is known for its innovative electrical and cordless lawn and garden tools.

The company has a commitment to providing superior, sustainable, and innovative battery-powered solutions that satisfies the requirements of the users by all possible means.

The majority of customers have been pretty happy with the dealer support and consistency brought forward by Greenworks. If you’re new to the market and don’t have much experience with smart units, there is no harm in starting out with this brand.

All of the Greenworks devices are suitable for beginners and experts. So, you won’t feel the need to upgrade to a better unit even when you get more experience.

For this reason, Greenworks maintains one of the more dominant spots in the market.

However, it can be quite a challenge when your Greenworks 80V battery is not charging. If you are facing such problems, then our article should help guide you by providing you with a list of some possible solutions to your problem.

How to Fix Greenworks 80V Battery Not Charging?

  1. Faulty Outlet

faulty outlet

One of the common reasons for your Greenworks 80V battery not charging can be because of a faulty outlet. Check the voltage of the outlet by using a multimeter.

If the outlet does not provide the required voltage, then plug the battery charger into a different outlet that provides you with the desired voltage to get the job done.

Also, check if the power is turned ON. If not, then simply turn on the power by pressing the switch ON/OFF button.

  1. Faulty Charger and Battery

Check if your battery charger is working properly. If not, then replace the charger with a new one, as replacement is the only long-term solution to your problem.

Also, check if the battery is working properly. It is also possible that the battery has been worn out due to excessive use.

battery sign

In such conditions, the only solution you have is to replace the battery to get rid of the problem at once. However, repairing the battery is also possible.

  1. Check For Compatibility Issues

Even if your charger is in the best possible condition, it will sometimes not charge the battery. The issue here will be more related to the compatibility of the charger. Unfortunately, you can’t just use any off-brand charger with your device.

So, instead of trying to isolate the issue with charger damage, check for compatibility errors. Here, you need to match the model and brand of your charger with the recommended option. If the model or brand doesn’t match, it is time for a new one.

You can’t buy a charger by simply looking at the power requirements. You will have to get a compatible device to get long-term performance from your battery. So, keep that in mind if you’re struggling with no charging errors.

  1. Check For Water Damage

water splash

This battery doesn’t hold up against water damage that well. If the storage conditions are a bit rough, then you need to find a better spot. The same can be said about increased humidity in the workshop. So, if you’re in the same situation, try to find a dry spot.

More than half the battery-related issues can be fixed by placing the battery in a better spot. So, you need to check for water damage and then adjust the device accordingly. Here, your main focus is on keeping the battery pack in a dry spot.

  1. Inspect Charger Cavity

The charger cavity might also be to blame here. Instead of immediately buying a new pack for your unit, try to check the condition of the charger cavity. There might be some debris or lint stuck inside the cavity.

The only fix here is to clean the charger cavity completely. You need to avoid any and all issues with obstructions inside the charger cavity. Usually, you won’t have to worry about a thing if you service the machine at least once every week.

It won’t take much of your time, and the response from the charging unit will be optimal. So, keep that in mind if you’re not able to charge the Greenworks battery.

  1. Check For Leaks

battery leak

The situation with the battery liquid leaking can be pretty dangerous. You need to make sure to keep the battery unit isolated and away from reach if the usage is a bit rough. The leaking liquid will not only render your battery useless, but it can also create many safety hazards.

If you accidentally get any battery liquid on your skin, try to neutralize it immediately. Make sure that the battery is not leaking and that there is no residue beneath or at the side of the battery pack.

On the other hand, if you can see visible cracks and the unit seems to be in poor shape, try to call an expert. He will help you isolate the issue and safely dispose of the battery unit.

  1. Clean Charging Contact Points

cleaning cloth

At this stage, you just have to check the charging points. If the contact points are rusty or covered with rust, your best bet is to clean them properly. The rust or debris layer will only create issues with the power flow.

You can either rely on a homemade vinegar solution to help with the cleaning or try out a cleaner from the market. Both of these options are equally viable if you’re somewhat experienced with diluting a vinegar solution. So, keep that in mind if you’re dealing with build-up on the contacts.

  1. Check The Water Reservoir

Some of the Greenworks batteries have a flooded design where you have to add water to maintain the battery. Check the water reservoir of your Greenworks 80V battery.

It should be filled to the maximum level. If the water level is below the maximum level, refill the water in the reservoir to the maximum level.

Once the reservoir has been filled with water to the desired level, your problem will be solved. Next, plug in the charger of the battery.

  1. Check The Temperature

battery temperature

If the battery is based on Lithium ions, then you should check the temperature of the surroundings as well as the battery before charging the battery.

When the temperature is high, wait until the temperature of the battery cools down. After the battery has been cooled down, recharge the battery.

  1. Contact Customer Support Service


If none of the above-mentioned solutions work for you, then we would highly recommend you to contact the customer service of Greenworks.

Their experts will further guide you to get rid of the problem. However, be cooperative when contacting customer service in order to get full support and help.

The bottom Line

To conclude the above-mentioned discussion, Greenworks offers an amazing variety of batteries to its users.

However, the Greenworks 80V battery is one of the best batteries available on the market. With that being said, many people have problems related to the battery nowadays.

The Greenworks 80V battery not charging is one of these problems. If you want to know the solution to such problems, feel free to read our article.

The majority of battery-related errors can be fixed quickly by being a bit mindful of battery storage. There is no debate that the charger can be behind these issues as well, but you should still try to find a dry and cool spot for the battery.

The warranty on this unit is also pretty decent and will serve you with years of support. So, if you got a damaged unit out of the box, just call the dealer. He will be more than happy to help you with this situation.

However, if the warranty has expired, you can call a local expert. Dealing with a leaking unit can be a bit difficult, especially when you’re not experienced. So, leave this job to the professionals. It is a safer decision, and you shouldn’t try to save your money here.

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