3 Quick Steps To Resolve Modine Heater Burners Won’t Light

modine heater burners won't light
modine heater burners won’t light

Modine brings a number of heating solutions to the customers with its wide range of top-quality heaters. Over the years, this brand has established itself as one of the most reliable and efficient heater manufacturers in the market. So, if you’re looking for an ideal heating solution, then Modine is the perfect fit for you.

Even though this brand is known for its reliability, there are still some minor issues that customers struggle with from time to time. Lately, some users have been facing issues with Modine Heater Burners lighting. So, let’s cover a few solutions that might help you overcome this issue.

How to Fix Modine Heater Burners Won’t Light?

1. Clean Burners

A clogged burner is one of the leading reasons why you might be struggling with lighting up the Modine heater burner. Luckily, you don’t have to dismantle the unit to fix this issue, and you can easily get around this problem by cleaning the unit. Depending upon the unit you own, you might have to take off the faceplate and then clean the corrosion from the burner region. After that, the burner should work properly in your setup.

There are a lot of different methods that can be used to clean the unit. Most people rely on thin metal tools to clean out the channel. So, you should also follow the same method and clean all the build-up in between the burner channels. Once the build-up is removed but the faceplate is back in its palace, and the burner should start working.

2. Faulty Ignitor

If you give proper attention to the cleanliness of your equipment and the flow channel is not blocked out, then there is a good chance your igniter is not working. You can either check the wiring connection to isolate the problem with the ignitor or check the connection points. Once you’re sure that you’re not dealing with wiring problems, then you can install a new ignitor.

Luckily, you won’t have to go out of budget to get the igniter replacement for your unit. So, just make the purchase from an online store and install the new igniter in your unit. This new igniter should help you overcome any of the lighting issues in your Modine Heater Burners.

3. Replace Sensors

Defective fire sensors in your unit can also lead to similar problems in Modine Heater Burners. So, if the methods mentioned above don’t help you fix the ignition problem, then you’re likely dealing with faulty sensors. In this situation, you should just reach out to Modine Customer support and ask for their help.

Depending upon your warranty status, they might send you a sensor replacement free of cost. So, you should always ensure their involvement if you’re facing issues with Modine Heater Burners. The customer support from this brand is quite responsive and will connect you with a professional. That way, you can get accurate instructions on how to fix the lighting issues with the Modine Heater Burner in your workshop. Hopefully, your unit will start working after installing new sensors.

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