3 Common Reasons Reznor Heater Pilot Won’t Light (With Solutions)

reznor heater pilot won't light
reznor heater pilot won’t light

As soon as cold weather starts to kick in, people start unpacking their winter clothes. Although, these are not enough to keep you warm when the temperature starts hitting single digits. This is when you will have to take out your heater and use it instead. When it comes to purchasing these devices, there are tons of companies manufacturing them.

This is why you must look into their specifications before buying them. This should help you in getting the best product for your usage. One of the best companies known for manufacturing heaters is Reznor. Although, they have also been receiving some complaints about their devices. One of the most reported issues is that the Reznor heater pilot won’t light. If you are getting the same problem then here are some ways to fix it

Reznor Heater Pilot Won’t Light

1. Check Thermocouple

The pilot on your heater is a flame that should continuously burn. This will then keep the burners on your device lit up so that the furnace can work properly. Although, if the pilot itself is not burning then there might be something with your device.

The most common reason for this issue is if the thermocouple on your heater is covered with dust. Talking about this, you should note that it is important that you clean up your heater and its pilot regularly. Dust starts to accumulate on it easily which will eventually clog the system.

Considering this, removing all of this dust from your thermocouple should allow you to fix your problem. Keep in mind that you will have to use a small pin to remove the dust around the sensors. Applying too much force can easily damage the sensors which are why you must do this with full attention.

2. Check Air Intake and Gas

The fire burning in your pilot should be blue, which is why if you notice that your flame was orange or yellow. Then this means that there is not enough oxygen being supplied to the flame. The most common reason for this is having a blocked air intake.

This also gets covered with dust and will prevent oxygen from reaching the flame. Keep in mind that a flame requires both fuel and oxygen to continue burning. Considering this, you should ensure that your gas tank is filled up and the air intake is completely open. Doing this should help you in lighting up your pilot flame easily.

3. Contact A Technician

Aside from the thermocouple being covered in dust, sometimes it can break or get misaligned. You should easily be able to correct the position of this part when cleaning it. However, if it is broken then your only option is to get it replaced.

You can order a new one and replace it on your own. But keep in mind that this is quite dangerous. This is why if you are hesitant on trying this by yourself then you should contact a technician instead. They should be able to help you with the troubleshooting process.

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