5 Reasons Why Does Your Circular Saw Spin Backwards

why does your circular saw spin backwards
why does your circular saw spin backwards

If you are someone who enjoys working on small projects by yourself. Alternatively, if you work at a workshop, then you understand how important it is to have a circular saw.

These devices help you in cutting hard material quickly and accurately.

When it comes to purchasing these devices, you will notice that there are tons of companies manufacturing them.

This is why you must go through the list of features these have as well as their specifications carefully.

The process should help you in finding equipment that will work best for you.

With that said, there are also some issues that these saws can run into. One of the most common questions that people have is, “Why does my circular saw spin backward?”.

Why Does My Circular Saw Spin Backwards?

The simple answer for this is that this is an issue with your device that has to be fixed.

This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a few simple steps that should help you in getting rid of the problem.

  1. Check Electrical Connections

Having the blades on your circular saw spinning backward might look weird to you at first.

Although, it is important to keep in mind that this is a serious issue that you have to fix before using the device.

The teeth on these blades are only designed to cut material in a specific direction.

Considering this, if your saw is spinning backward, then there is a high chance that there is something wrong with it.

check voltage

One of the most viable reasons why you can get this problem is if the device is not getting proper current. 

The voltage being received by the saw might fluctuate, which can cause it to move in the opposite direction.

With that said, you can start by using a voltmeter to take readings of the current from your socket. This should provide you with the exact voltage coming from your outlet.

Although, if you do not have a voltmeter with you, then you can also plug in a lamp to observe its voltage.


The bulb on it should flicker in case of any fluctuations, confirming the problem is the result.

Considering this, if your socket is damaged or faulty, then you must get it replaced with a new one. In case you feel hesitant checking the switch on your own.

The best solution for this is that you contact an electrician instead. It is safer that you let a specialist check the problem and fix it for you.

  1. Faulty Motor

If you are still getting the same issue with your circular saw, then there is a chance that your motor is running into some issues.

saw motor

These devices usually last a long time without running into any problems. Although, if you recently had an outage or surge in current, then that can easily damage appliances that were in outlets.

This is why it is better that you use extensions and sockets with fuses that can save your equipment from damage.

With that said, the user can examine their motor by taking it out of the circular saw.

Considering this, if your device is still under warranty, then you should contact the support team for it.


Opening up the equipment will void its warranty, whereas the support team should help you in getting a replacement.

Make sure that you provide the team with all the information required about your issue.

They will then either fix the device or send you a replacement unit instead. As for checking the motor on your own, you can use a voltmeter to test the resistance on these devices.

The process should help you in confirming if there are any issues with your motor.

  1. Check the Direction of the Saw

Next, if you are still running into the same issue with your device, then there is a chance that you might have installed it incorrectly.

This is quite rare and should only happen if you took apart the equipment for some reason.

Although, if you did, then there is a chance that you have your blade installed in the opposite direction.

Simply taking it apart again and changing the direction of the teeth should help you in getting rid of the problem.

If you still have any issues, then contacting the support team for this product is your only option.

  1. Check the Brush Status

The next thing that you will have to do here is to check the condition of the brush holders as well as the brush itself.

Even if you’re sure that there is nothing wrong with the wiring or the installation of the unit, you will run into these errors with the saw when the brush holder is damaged.

saw brush

If your saw is in rough shape, then that can be a bit hard to isolate the error.

So, if you’re in the same boat and can’t seem to isolate the problem, then getting new brushes for the system might be a good idea.

Here, your main focus should be on checking the unit for cracks and other damaged sections that can create more issues down the road.

So, if you’re in the same boat, be sure to try and isolate the errors by fixing the unit hardware.

hardware issue

A replacement is the only real move here, and you shouldn’t try to mess with the system without contacting the dealer first.

The limited warranty status on most machines will make it next to impossible to get a replacement if you try to fix it yourself first.

So, in case there are hardware issues with the machine, you will have to ask the dealer to help you through the error.

Hopefully, that will be it, as you’re trying to adjust the power status to the system.

  1. Fix Switch Wiring

If you’re still stuck in the same errors, then you can switch up the wiring to further isolate the errors with the system.

switch wiring

Most of the time, the owners have wired up the switch wrong, and you will have to take one more look at the wiring status.

While reversing the wires doesn’t have a direct impact on most units, you will still need to narrow down the issue if you can’t seem to get through the issue with the saw spinning backward.

All you’re trying to do here is make sure that the wiring is not damaged and connected properly to the switch.

If you’re not sure about how to check the wiring status, then you can easily isolate this issue by seeking help from an expert.

He will guide you on how you can fix this issue on your end. It will barely take a few moments as you try to adjust the system.

Similarly, if you’re not sold on the idea of hiring local experts, then there is no harm in seeking help from a customer care expert for your respective brands.

He will help you figure out the issue for free, and you can proceed with the setup accordingly.

Wrapping Up

These common pointers should help you figure out why your unit is spinning backward. Most of the time, this is not that serious of an issue.

If you’re somewhat experienced and keeping track of the unit maintenance, then it will barely take you a few minutes.


However, if you’re not sure about what you’re doing with the saw, we suggest that you hire an expert.

We know that spending cash on hiring an expert is not the most preferable option to the owners, but that will save you a lot of hassle.

It all comes down to saving your time while also making sure that the unit gets fixed.

So, if you’re not too sure about the unit and the issue persists, then you need to seek help.

You can’t do everything on your own, and getting official support is much better than fixing it on your own.

Lastly, the dealer is always available to help you with a replacement. The limited warranty status is valid for around 5 years on most units.

If you’re sure that you followed protocol, then getting a new unit is not that hard of a task to accomplish. 

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