Milwaukee 2803 20 vs Milwaukee 2804 20 – Which Is Better?

Milwaukee 2803 20 vs Milwaukee 2804 20
Milwaukee 2803 20 vs Milwaukee 2804 20

Milwaukee is the brand that you need to go for if you are looking to enjoy the right durability, a variety of options for any tools that you might need to have, and a lot more.

Moving forward, you will also be able to get the best edge of perfection on all the different tools that might be out there.

With all that in perspective, you will be able to get all the different tools that you can need from

Milwaukee and use them for any professional applications that you might be dealing with.

They are also offering a wider range of cordless tools that will allow you to use them to make it work for all the different portable needs you might have.

With the Milwaukee cordless tools, you will be enjoying the best edge of perfection of seamless power delivery and the best runtime.

Milwaukee 2803 20 VS Milwaukee 2804 20

Along with using it for all the different needs you might have at the same time.

The Milwaukee also makes some of the best drill hammers and drivers that you might be able to get your hands on.

Milwaukee 2803 20 and Milwaukee 2804 20 are two such tools that you might be able to get your hands on.

These are some of the best tools that you can get your hands on, but if you are looking to compare them both, here are a few things that you need to know about:

Specifics Milwaukee 2803 20  Milwaukee 2804 20 
Rotational Speed 2000 RPM 2000 RPM
Chuk Size 13 mm 6.35 mm
Weight ~ 2 pounds ~ 4 pounds
Power 800 Watts 800 Watts
Dimensions 9″L x 5″W x 11″H ‎9″L x 5″W x 11″H

There is no such thing as one perfect system for every project, and each device will bring a unique value to your setup.


That being said, you will still find all the basic features in both 2803 20 and 2804 20.

So, you won’t be missing out on any quality, performance, or durability with either option.

However, when you look at the internal mechanism, the most substantial difference is that the drilling mechanism is standard in 2803, while 2804 brings a hammer drill status.

So, you’re sure to get a more robust performance out of 2804 if you have the budget for it.

This change in the drilling mechanism will make all the difference when you’re trying to get through a demanding project.

Going with a hammer drill is much better than your traditional options when dealing with robust materials that won’t be easy to drill into.

On the other hand, the same hammer drill might damage the softer materials if you use this mode while drilling.

It all comes down to the type of material you’re planning on using. If you’re going to use softer material, then going with 2803 is the better idea.

Similarly, if you’re planning on getting through more robust options, then going with 2804 is the better idea.

You can further test out the units yourself to decide which one will better match your preferences. There is simply no such thing as one perfect unit for all owners.

The budget should never be your primary concern, and you should look toward the project requirements to find the right fit. That way, you will not be disappointed by the purchase.

Here are some more details on both of these systems to help improve your understanding. 

Milwaukee 2803 20 Hammer Drill

milwaukee 2303 20

2803 20 is one of the most powerful drills that you can get your hands on. It allows you to have 60% more power due to the brushless motor on it.

The brushless motor that you get on the M18 Fuel Drill Driver has the perfection of power and runtime to make sure that you are able to run it. 

The unique thing here is the linear motion that you will be able to use for harder materials.

So, if you’re new to the market and don’t know which drill to pick for harder materials, 2804 is for you. 

The usage is pretty simple, even when you’re trying to get through a demanding project.

You will be able to drill through these materials with ease, and the 2804 unit will remain a permanent part of your kit for years to come.

So, be sure to keep that in mind and test out the 2804 setup. This is especially true if you’re planning on upgrading your kit with more powerful and efficient tools. 

It gets you 2 times faster under heavy load. With the brushless motor on it, you will have a maximum of 2000 RPM.

That allows you to get any extensive task done without having to deal with any issues or problems at all.

2803 20 comes with an XC5.0 battery pack that has the best performance to get you the right utility on it, but to top it all, you will also be getting the right charging on it.

The Redlink Plus has an intelligent charging system for you, and it will make it work for you for all the needs you can have.

2803 20 allows you to have the best possible charging, saving it from overloads, overheating, and over-discharging too. All of that will ensure you have better power delivery for sure.

It is a drill plus driver that will allow you to drill any holes that you might want to, along with driving all those different screws as well without having to deal with hand fatigue or any such issues like that.

All in all, you will find most of the woodworkers going with this system as they don’t have to get through demanding projects.

Similarly, first-time owners have also mentioned 2803 to be the better unit when compared with 2804. 

So, if you’re new to the market and value comfort and precision over the robust power brought forward by 2804, then going with 2803 is the better idea.

You will always need to start out with the project requirements in mind, and you can’t just guess the right system for your project.

Milwaukee 2804 20 Hammer Drill


2804 20 is another powered machine that you can get, and it has the perfection of utility along with having all the different features that you will be getting on 2803 20.

It also features that same ergonomic design that is the best thing you can possibly get your hands on to make it work for all the different working needs you can have.

2804 20 is also the best thing for making it work for the power drilling options you could be having.

2804 20 is the hammer drill/driver tool, and that is the basic difference between the two of these. It has all the smart features that you can need or have on 2803 20,

You will be able to make sure that you don’t have to worry about the battery run time, getting some other problems with the batteries, or to run out of power.

With 2804 20, you will be able to use it for all the hammer drilling applications you might be planning for.

That is why you will need to choose between the two of these not based on the features but on what your needs might be.

If you’re still not sure about which unit to pick, then you should approach the dealer with your requirements.

He will take a peek at your case and then list all the possible options that you can choose.

You might be able to find a more affordable unit from a local brand that offers the same robust power. 

However, the risk of going with such brands is that the performance consistency of these systems is not optimal.

So, you shouldn’t try to go cheap on the purchase and only stick to reputed brands like Milwaukee and DeWalt.

Hopefully, that will be it as you’re trying to find the right option.

Wrapping Up


Can’t seem to decide between the Milwaukee 2803 20 and 2804 20? Just look at your project requirements and try to figure out the use cases and the material options that you will be going through.

If you are just looking for an affordable drill that can get through softer materials, try 2803. 

It features a standard drilling mechanism, and the precision here is much better when you bring it next to 2804.

However, this precision will come at the cost of the linear motion that you won’t be able to achieve with this system.

The linear motion offered by hammer drills is much better when you’re trying to get through robust materials.

While there is no debate that this mode will damage softer wood, this power is necessary when you can’t seem to drill through the material. 

So, instead of looking at the features and the amazing comfort, you should only consider the type of material you need to drill.

There is simply no gain in getting a precise and comfy system when it can’t drill through the desired material.

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