6 Common Bosch 11236VS Hammer Drill Problems

bosch 11236VS hammer drill problems
bosch 11236VS hammer drill problems

Bosch is one of the best brands when it comes to purchasing power tools. The company has a huge lineup of devices that you can select from, and each of them comes with unique features.

The hammer drill lineup from them is one of the best ones that you can go for.

When it comes to these devices, you should note that these are compact drills that can also be used as a hammer.

The power tool has a small button that can be used to switch between different modes depending on your usage.

This is quite amazing, but there are also some problems that you can run into with the device.

Considering this, it can be important that you understand how to deal with these issues and how they can be fixed.

Common Bosch 11236VS Hammer Drill Problems

Keeping this in mind, we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common problems found on the Bosch 11236VS Hammer Drill, along with some troubleshooting steps.

  1. Hammering Feature Not Functioning

While the Bosch 11236VS Hammer Drill is an amazing device, running into problems with it is quite common.

This is why you must take proper care of your power tools when working on your projects.

One of the most common issues that people report is that the hammering function is not working properly.

The force created for the impact is made by using a piston that has to move freely inside a cylinder.

Considering this, if your hammer function is not working, then there is a high chance that the piston is at fault. You can start by taking apart the hammer drill and accessing its piston.

You will notice that this has small O-rings on it. These have to be replaced with new ones in case the old ones have scratches on them.

bosch hammer

Simply doing this can help people in fixing most problems with the hammer function on their Bosch 11236VS Hammer Drill.

Although, if you notice that your device is still not working properly, then its hardware might have gotten damaged. This is quite rare, but the only option, in this case, is to get it replaced.

  1. Device Not Starting

Another common issue found with the Bosch power tool is that it stops working. You might notice that it is not starting up.

Alternatively, the tool might not be running properly. Whatever the case might be, one of the most common reasons for this can be that your power tool is not receiving enough power.

power cord

The Bosch 11236VS Hammer Drill is a powerful tool that requires a lot of electricity to function smoothly.

Without this, the motor will not spin properly, resulting in the drill not functioning.

Considering this, one thing that you can check is the condition of your power cable. If this is damaged, then replacing it with a new one should help in getting rid of the problem.

On the other hand, if the power cable is fine, then your motor might be running into issues.

You can check its performance by using a multimeter and then taking readings of the resistance on the motor. This will confirm if the motor is damaged or not.

lubricant motor

Sometimes simply lubricating the motor can allow it to spin freely without any further issues.

This is why make sure that you keep the motor lubricated at all times so that there are problems like this.

However, if the motor is damaged, then your only option is to get it replaced.

  1. Damaged Parts

The steps mentioned above are usually enough to fix most problems with the Bosch 11236VS Hammer Drill, however, if you notice that the power tool is still not functioning.

Then there is a high chance that some of its hardware might be damaged. When it comes to this, the only option that people have is to get the parts replaced.

Ensuring that the new parts are compatible with your device is also important. This is why you should contact the support team for Bosch and let them know about your problem.

The team will look into your issue and then provide you with a solution that can be used. If any part is damaged, then they will send you the replacement parts.

Alternatively, you can send them your device for repairs.

  1. Lubrication Issues

Issues with the unit lubrication might not be that serious, but they sure can be annoying. Many users struggle to get this unit working after going through with the lubrication requirement.

Most of the time, these users are not lubricating the unit properly and using too much lubricant.

If you’re in the same boat and the unit won’t respond as well after lubricating, then you need to wipe away the excesses.


Similarly, you need to take a look at what type of lubricant you’re using. Going with cheaper options might sound great, but it will only hold you back in the long run.

So, switch to special gear lubricant and apply that will every brush change. Making this small change won’t have a huge impact on your budget, and you will be able to get the new option in no time.

So, be sure to make use of the new lubricant, and you’ll notice a better response from the unit.

All you’re trying to do here is make sure that you’re not using too much lubricant and that the type of lubricant matches the tool requirements.

Most of the time, that will be it when you’re dealing with minor connectivity errors with the system.

  1. Bearing Issues

Issues with the bearings are a bit more serious, and you will have to take the unit to the official Bosch repair center to get through these errors.


You’re bound to run into these issues after a few months of use. According to the experts, these bearings need to be replaced after 300 hours of use.

If you’ve been using this unit a bit too much in the past few months, then now is a good time to take it to the repair center.

It won’t be that heavy on your budget, and the control of the unit will improve a great deal.

All you’re trying to do is to adjust the noise problems from the system and ensure that the internal system doesn’t get damaged.

Holding off on this replacement will greatly decrease the lifespan of this device. 

So, be sure to keep that in mind and adjust the issues with the bearings when you keep running into these errors.

Hopefully, the system will start working perfectly from there, and you won’t have to visit the repair center for a few more weeks.

  1. Carbon Brush Issues

Lastly, the situation with the carbon brushes can also be annoying when you’re not keeping track of the unit maintenance.

carbon brush

It might sound like an extensive task, but a few minutes out of your weekly routine will be more than enough for this fix.

All you’re trying to do here is to remove the carbon brushes and install a new replacement from the official Bosch store.

There is no point in relying on any off-brand option here, and seeking help from the dealer will further ease up the process.

Wrapping Up

This list of Common Bosch 11236VS Hammer Drill Problems should help you keep the unit in perfect shape for years to come.

If you’re not too sure about the unit status and need some help to get through these errors, then be sure to reach out to official support.

There is no point in wasting hours of your time trying to find the cause of the problem here.

Instead, you need to seek help from a professional, and Bosch support is always ready to help experts throughout the region.

So, if you’re stuck in the same errors, and need some support, be sure to reach out to the official support team. They will make the troubleshooting job much easier for you. 

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