4 Reasons Why DeWalt Battery Won’t Hold Charge

dewalt battery won't hold charge
dewalt battery won’t hold charge

DeWalt is one such cool batteries manufacturer that specializes in bigger batteries and chargers that help you through a lot of applications. These batteries are used to power your home UPS systems, emergency power supply systems, and are also coupled with multiple portable hardware that you can use for all the different sorts of applications out there while you are working on some remote job.

The best things about the DeWalt battery to be known are their great casing that is not only strong and durable but it certainly looks better than most of the other batteries out there and that is definitely a plus for you but the enhanced casing also make it possible for you to have the best edge of portability and connectivity on these batteries at the same time. Simply put, these are some of the best batteries that you can get. But, if your battery indicator shows that it has been charging, but the battery is unable to hold the charge, that is certainly something to worry about. A few things to check upon if the battery is unable to hold charge would be:

DeWalt Battery Won’t Hold Charge

1. Change Charger

Sometimes it’s the fault with your charger and not the battery since at times chargers are not able to transfer proper wattages to the battery due to some malfunction and it will only be showing you charging indication but not charging the battery. So, to fix all such issues you will need to make sure that you try with some other charger and see if it works. Most of the time that should do the trick for you and you will not have to face any such problems in the future on your DeWalt battery.

2. Voltage Problems

If the battery is not in use for quite some time, that is another problem you might have to face, and with that, you can cause to have several different sorts of problems as well such as voltage on the battery dropping to a certain level. When the voltages are below specific levels, your regular charge will not be able to charge the battery and that is certainly a bummer.

You should be contacting DeWalt support and get the battery to an authorized dealer where they have those commercial chargers and they should be able to charge the battery for you. Make sure that you are keeping the battery charged and you have to discharge the battery and then charge it all over again at least once a month to get rid of all such problems. That will be the best way to have this figured out and afterward, you are not likely to be facing any such problems on your battery again.

3. Battery Health

Battery health deteriorates over time and usage and batteries are wearable components. If you have had the battery for quite some time now and it refuses to hold the charging anymore, you will need to get the battery diagnosed for the battery health and see if it is still able to work and there might be some other problem with the battery that might be causing you to face this problem.

However, if that is not an issue and the battery health is fine, you can move forward to troubleshooting. But if the battery health of your DeWalt battery is below a certain level. It would be optimal to get the battery recycled properly and replace your battery to avoid any incidents since not only it is inconvenient to have such a battery but it will also be dangerous for you.

4. Get it checked

Most importantly, there can be a lot of other issues such as the charging component inside the battery not working, some fuse malfunction or some other internal problem on your DeWalt battery that you are unable to diagnose and troubleshoot on your own. So, the best approach would be to consult the DeWalt support department and have the battery checked with them. They will be able to help you out properly and that is certainly the best way to have the problem sorted out and be able to use the battery in the right manner as you might want to.

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