4 Ways To Fix DeWalt 60V Grinder Not Working

dewalt 60v grinder not working
dewalt 60v grinder not working

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How to Fix DeWalt 60V Grinder Not Working?

Recently, quite a number of users have been complaining about experiencing issues with their angle grinder acting up. More specifically, we have found out that DeWalt 60V grinder users are the ones most affected by these issues.

According to these users, their DeWalt 60V grinder is not working at all. This is why today, we will be focusing on all the different troubleshooting steps on how you can fix this issue for good.

So, in case you have been facing a similar issue and are desperately in need of help, then keep on reading the article!

  1. Check Power Source

If you are having difficulties while trying to operate the grinder, then one of the first things we recommend that you check is the power source of the tool. You should start by checking the batteries of the tool.

It could be that you are currently using faulty batteries, which is causing the issue.

power source

If that is the case, then simply replacing the batteries should help resolve the issue. You can try inserting a different battery just to check if the tool starts working or not.

Do keep in mind that you will have to use a battery that is fully supported.

Aside from the comparability, the charging status should be optimal if you wish to get any response from the unit. The battery won’t respond to any input when it is detained.

So, even if your battery is close to 20 percent charged, leave it on the charger for a few hours.

From there, you will at least know that the battery is not a fault. To further confirm this error, be sure to use a multimeter. All your focus here should be on checking for continuity.

If the reading on the meter is optimal, you can proceed with the setup one more time.

However, if you’re not getting anything on the meter, then you need a fresh replacement. You can’t do anything about defective batteries and will have to get new ones.

Just make sure to get a compatible pack and seek help from the dealer if you’re not too sure about the purchase.

  1. Check Wires

Another thing that we suggest you should most definetely have a look at is the wires inside the tools. Any damaged wire could ultimately lead to the tool not operating at all. Similarly, if there is any damage done to the wire holder, it could lead to the same results.

cable wire

One more thing that you should check is the power connectors. There’s a chance of loose power connectors, which might be causing the issue. So, if you’re a bit experienced, then it is not that hard to fix the loose wiring or connectors.

If the wiring is indeed damaged, you can also take the unit to a repair center. It will cost a few bucks but will save you a few hours in the long run. So, keep that in mind and spare a few bucks for the repair fees. Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about anything after that.

  1. Check For Damaged Sections

We all know that the situation around the workshop can get a bit rough at times. You won’t really be able to isolate the issue most of the time when the unit is in rough shape.

So, if you’re in the same boat and think that there might be hardware issues, then claim the warranty.

The warranty is valid for around 3 years on the majority of the power tools. So, even if you’re new to the market, and don’t know how to go about this issue, then reach out to the dealer. This is especially true if you got a damaged piece out of the box.

water damage

There is no debate that the delivery process can be a bit harsh on the electronics. Even with all the extra coating and padding, you will still run into issues with the unit. Luckily, you are not liable for any of these damages.

The responsibility falls on the service provider, and you can claim the warranty immediately. So, be sure to send proof to the dealer, and he will get ahead of this issue. After a bit of verification and details, he will guide you through a fix in no time.

All you have to do is to explain the situation, and he will send the new unit within the same week. Hopefully, this time around, you won’t have to deal with any damaged sections.

  1. Getting it Checked

If you have had no luck so far, then there might not be much you can do by yourself. At this point, we highly recommend you start seeking professional help.

There is no point in wasting more time with the unit when you can’t seem to isolate the issue yourself. So, be sure to reach out.

support service

Either contact a verified technician or try contacting customer support for further guidance. Calling in a professional should help in getting a look at your tool and also suggest repair if possible.

Lastly, the dealer support and the warranty claim procedure are not a bad idea either. This brand will always honor the warranty.

So, if you think that the device got damaged during delivery, now might be a good time to call the dealer. You just have to explain the issue with the hardware, and that’ll be it.

The Bottom Line:

Is your DeWalt 60V grinder not working? Although we recommend you start with checking the power source, there are still some other things that you can check along with it.

To learn about all the troubleshooting methods in detail, be sure to give the article a thorough read!

It should provide you with all the information that you need. Usually, you won’t have to worry about anything after streamlining the power connections. So, if you’re not too sure about the issue, just get new batteries.

Just make sure to ask the dealer about the compatible replacement, as there is no point in installing any other option. From there, it is not that hard to get the unit to work.

However, if you are not too sure about the wiring or any other hardware issue, seek help from local experts.

Going to a repair center might be a bit heavy on the budget, but it will surely save you a lot of time. So, keep that in mind if you can’t seem to find the right fit for your workshop.

Hopefully, you won’t have to go through all of this hassle, and the unit will be fixed as soon as you get through the battery issue. 

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