DeWalt 20V vs 60V Trimmer: Which One?

DeWalt 20V vs 60V Trimmer
DeWalt 20V vs 60V Trimmer

DeWalt is an American power tool manufacturing company known worldwide. The company offers power tools that can be used to do simple DIY projects to heavy construction works.

Their products are well known around the world because of their quality and amazing features.

From experts to beginners, you will find everyone making use of the DeWalt lineup. This brand is just better than the majority of other units that you might find on the market.

Moreover, the price point here is not that expensive. You will be able to stick to a minimal budget to make use of this brand.

The company offers some unique trimmers that are considered to be some of the best trimmers in the market.

DeWalt 20V VS 60V Trimmer

DeWalt 20V and 60V trimmers are also included in the list. However, many people tend to confuse the two types of trimmers offered by the company.

Therefore, we will provide you with a comparison between the two trimmers to help you better understand the difference between them.

Specifics DeWalt 20V Trimmer DeWalt 60V Trimmer
Battery Timing Moderate Extended
Weight 8.5 lbs. 12 lbs.
String Length 15” 13”
Max Output ~ 1000 W ~ 1800 W

When looking at these basics, you will be able to easily conclude that the 60V trimmer is better in every aspect when it comes to the efficiency of the unit.

However, that is not the only thing that you need to consider when purchasing the right fit for your smart home.


Instead, you need to look at the price point and the handling of the unit as well. Everyone knows that you’ll have to pay the top buck here to get the 60V unit, while the 20V is a bit more affordable.

Moreover, the heavier structure of the DeWalt 60V trimmer makes it harder to use in some conditions.

These are the only two pointers that will discourage you from the purchase of the 60V unit.

Similarly, one more thing that you need to consider is the length of the grass as well as the size of your yard to find the right fit. If you have a massive yard, then going with the 60V is the better idea.

It might be heavy, but you will strain yourself more when using the 20V system across a massive yard.

So, be sure to also consider that and not get stuck on the price point when deciding between these two options. 

On the other hand, you will find that the majority of owners like to start out with the 20V trimmer and use that for a couple of years before going to the 60V unit.

The 20 V system is more usable and brings an easier setup for first-time owners.

So, if you’re new to the market and don’t know which unit to start with, we will suggest that you go with the 20V system.

You will get a better utility out of it as you educate yourself on the maintenance and proper usage of the system.

Once you’re confident in your skills and know how to work the trimmer properly, then there is no harm in upgrading to the 60V system.


While some owners might claim that starting out with the 60V trimmer right away will serve you better, that is not the case in most situations. 

So, do yourself a favor and determine your project requirements as well as your experience before spending the cash on either one of these systems.

DeWalt 20V Trimmer

DeWalt 20V trimmer is a battery-powered trimmer that weighs about 8.5 pounds. The cordless grass trimmer provides a 13-inch cutting swath with a 0.080-inch line.

dewalt 20v

It is lightweight and has a cool and unique design that maximizes control and minimizes the pressure and stress on your arm. It is easy to use and is very simple in appearance.

The device has an innovative folding mechanism that is quite helpful when it comes to storing the tool. The trimmer is powerful and reliable.

However, it offers less power as compared to the DeWalt 60V trimmer. The battery of the power tool lasts longer than the 60V trimmer.

Therefore, a 20V trimmer is best for you if you are looking for marginal power with a longer run period.

20V trimmers are for low to medium demand because of their battery size and power. These trimmers will do the same work but with less power and longer battery life.

This means that more time will be used when using the DeWalt 20V trimmer to cut large-scale grass.

However, if these trimmers are used to cut grass that requires more power for cutting, then they may result in overheating and damage to the tool.

So, you will need to keep that in mind and don’t only go with the 20V unit because it is cheaper. 

Only basing the decision on the price point will set you up for failure, and you will not be able to get any performance out of the system.

So, if you’re in the same boat and need a robust setup for your yard, then going with a 60V unit might just be the choice.

DeWalt 60V Trimmer

dewalt 60v

The DeWalt 60V trimmer is a cordless trimmer and weighs about 12 pounds which is more than the weight of the DeWalt 20V trimmer.

The battery-powered grass trimmer provides a 15-inch cutting swath with a 0.080-inch line.

It is less light in weight but has a unique design that helps maximize your control over the power tool.

The DeWalt 60V offers more power as compared to the DeWalt 20V trimmer. This makes the tool a bit more reliable and versatile.

Instead, the 60V trimmer is a lot more powerful than the 20V trimmer offered by the same company. Therefore, the 60V trimmer is best for you if you need high power over battery life.

These trimmers are the best fit if you are looking for a trimmer that can handle the load and still run cooler.

Also, it is worth mentioning the fact that the 60V trimmers can be used in place of 20V trimmers. But the opposite case is not possible at all times.

It all comes down to personal preferences and experience with the unit. You will have a harder time getting used to the heavier structure and more power from the 60V trimmer.

However, after a few weeks, you will be able to effortlessly speed through all projects. 

There is simply no gain in sticking with a 20V unit when you are aware that the grass will put excessive strain on the unit and you’re not sure about how to manage the system.

So, be sure to keep that in mind when you can’t finalize the purchase.

Comparing DeWalt 20V Vs. 60V Trimmer


  1. The 20V trimmer is lighter than the 60V trimmer. The weight of the 20V trimmer is 8.5 pounds, whereas the weight of the 60V trimmer is 12 pounds.
  2. The 60V trimmer battery provides a 15-inch cutting swath with a 0.080-inch line. On the other hand, the 20V trimmer battery provides a 13-inch cutting swath with a 0.080-inch line. This means that the 60V trimmer has a larger cutting saw as compared to the 20V trimmer.
  3. The 60V trimmer is more powerful as compared to the 20V trimmer.
  4. The 60V trimmer is better to be used for heavy-duty tasks. Whereas, if you use a 20V trimmer for heavy tasks, it may result in overheating of the tool.
  5. The 20V trimmer has longer battery life as compared to the 60V trimmer. This means that it is the best fit for those who are looking for more battery life overpower.
  6. 20V trimmers are less in demand as compared to 60V trimmers. This is because people tend to look for power over battery life.

The Bottom Line

final thought


To conclude, the main difference between the two trimmers is their battery. Their unique design also differs from one another. To know more, go through our article given above.

You’ll surely be able to find the right fit for your projects by analyzing the basic requirements.

As the brand is the same for both units, you don’t have to worry about the warranty status or dealer support differences.

DeWalt stands behind all of its units, and you’re sure to get the right support if you do run into issues down the road with any one of the units from this company.

With that said, it all comes down to how you’re planning on going about managing your yard.


If you’re looking for a more robust unit that will help you get through the maintenance quickly, then going with the 60V is a better idea. You will get a longer string and more flexibility in the yard. 

Similarly, if your yard is not that long and you don’t mind using a few power extensions, then going with the 20V trimmer is the better decision.

You will be able to save a bit of cash that way, and you won’t have to go over budget when trying to make use of these systems.

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