3 Common DeWalt 20V Charger Problems (With Fixes)

dewalt 20v charger problems
dewalt 20v charger problems

DeWalt is a worldwide manufacturer of hand tools and power tools that are used in construction, woodworking industries as well as manufacturing. The brand has a huge lineup of products that fall under different categories. This ranges from having wired tools that can deliver a lot of power to cordless tools that can be carried around no matter where you go. The power tools from DeWalt all come with unique features that suit specific niches.

Hence, choosing a product that works best for you is important. If you are thinking about getting the cordless tools from DeWalt then a charger is required along with the products. While the 20V charger is enough to charge all of your power tools, there are also some issues that you can run into with it. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common problems that can be found with the DeWalt 20V charger along with ways that can be used to fix them.

3 Common DeWalt 20V Charger Problems

1. LED Light On Charger Not Flashing

The 20V chargers from DeWalt come with a LED light on them that indicate what the device is currently doing. This helps in identifying if your device is getting charged or if there are any problems. Keeping this in mind, a common issue that people report is that the LED light does not flash even when they connect their power tools with the charger.

When it comes to this, the first thing that you should check is your connections. Either the charger might be loose or the socket that you are plugging the power cable in might have some issues. Plugging the charger in tightly can sometimes help in getting rid of the issue. Though, if this does not work then the next thing that you can check is the temperature of your charger and power tools. Even one of these devices overheating can stop the charger from working.

Considering this, you should leave your power tools for 30 to 40 minutes before trying to charge them again. If you live in a hot region then keep your tools in a colder area so that they can cool down quickly. Trying to charge your device while it is overheating can damage its battery which is why you mustn’t do this.

2. Battery Not Charging

Another common issue people report is that their battery is not charging. When it comes to this, the problem is from the battery itself instead of the charger. You can try going through the steps mentioned above to see if they fix the problem but there is a high chance that your battery might be faulty. You can confirm this by testing its resistance using a voltmeter.

Batteries usually start losing their charge over time and have to be replaced with new ones. This is why it is quite common that your battery might be faulty if you have already been using it for several years now. Sometimes the LED light on the charger might start flashing rapidly which means that the connection is loose.

You can take your battery out by holding the small button above its compartment and then slide it down. The user can then clean the connections and install their battery back inside tightly. If it is still not charging, then there is no other option than to get it replaced.

3. Charger Might Be Damaged

Finally, one more common problem that you can get with the 20V charger from DeWalt is that the device might be damaged. This usually happens if you keep on using it for long durations without rest. Alternatively, you might have gotten an electricity surge that damaged the charger.

Luckily, DeWalt uses fuses in the chargers that cut off the connection in case of an outage. If this happens then you can easily fix the problem by changing the fuse. This can be replaced easily but you have to ensure that the new fuse has the same electrical ratings.

If you are hesitant about replacing the fuse on your own, then you can also contact the support team for DeWalt. They will look into the issue and provide you with a solution that can be used. Alternatively, they will get your charger replaced for you.

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