Chicago Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Review

chicago electric chainsaw sharpener review
chicago electric chainsaw sharpener review

Chainsaws are commonly used by professionals when slicing through durable materials. There are tons of hand tools that can be used for the same task, but these take a lot longer.

On the other hand, power tools are capable of completing the tasks in a much shorter timeframe while also being much more accurate.

The only thing that people need to look out for is understanding how the devices can be handled. With that being said, Chainsaw owners will often notice that the blades they are using start getting dull.

While there are tons of workshops that you can visit to get the blades sharpened again, these can cost you about 4$ to 8$ depending on the store you have visited. 

This might not seem a lot, but the costs can start adding up when you get these blades sharpened repeatedly. Considering this, Chicago Electric has come up with a chainsaw sharpener that is capable of sharpening the blades by yourself.

Though, people have been feeling hesitant when purchasing the device which is why we will be using this article to provide you with a review on it.

Chicago Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Review

The Chicago Electric chainsaw sharpener does exactly what its name implies.

The tool is used to sharpen the dull blades from your chainsaw so that these can be used again. With time, the blades on your chainsaw will get dull which prevents them from making smooth cuts.

This can cause tons of problems which can be quite annoying to deal with. You should note that the chainsaw sharpener from this brand works the same way as knife sharpeners used in kitchens.

The only major difference is that the blade on your chainsaw will be a lot larger in size. Additionally, the material used on the blade is quite durable and thick which is why a lot more power is required.

Hence, Chicago Electric has manufactured a power tool that uses a powerful motor inside it that is capable of delivering high RPMs. The device requires an electrical outlet that should provide it with sufficient voltage at all times.

Once done, the power tool should start spinning its sharpener that can be pushed down on your chainsaw blade. 

The only thing that people have to do after this keeps the blade moving so that it gets evenly filed. This helps in ensuring that the entire blade gets sharp and there are no issues with it.

People can understand by this information alone, how amazing the chainsaw sharpener from this company is.

chainsaw motor

However, there are several other factors provided on the tool that might convince an even larger audience into purchasing it. When sharpening your blades, these are tightly attached to the base of the power tool.

Now, we know that the majority of people have conflicted feelings between spending five dollars on sharpening their chainsaw or spending fifty dollars on purchasing their own sharpener. However, you shouldn’t think of the price point to be the main factor here. 

Yes, you will be spending more in the long run, but saving more in the long run (after you’ve sharpened the chain more than 10 times that is).

However, the main convenience of this sharpener lies in time saved. You’ll be able to avoid all the hassle that comes with going to the hardware store. 

You should think about the time it takes to go to the hardware store and schedule a sharpening cycle for your chainsaw.

You’ll always come to the conclusion that it is better to sharpen a chainsaw yourself. So, make the investment and learn how to use the chainsaw.

The great thing about it is that your blades will remain at a constant angle ensuring that the shape does not get damaged. This also helps in ensuring that your blade is even which helps in making even better cuts.

Overall, the device is quite easy to use and requires next to no maintenance.

Though, some methods can be used to ensure that your tool lasts you a long time. This includes lubricating the device once a month so that its motor stays in the best condition possible.


Moreover, people should also remove the dust and debris from their tools after they are done grinding the chainsaw blades. This helps in keeping all of the excess dust off your sharpener so that it does not get clogged.

Going through the information provided above, most people can understand why the Chicago Electric chainsaw sharpener is such a great tool.

The device might cost you a little, but this helps in saving a lot of money in the long run. You can keep your chainsaw blade sharpened at your home with minimal effort while also saving you the trouble of having to visit a store for it.

After about 8 to 10 sharpens, the device pays for itself, and you can then start saving money using it. Some people might think that filing their chainsaw blades manually is another option that they can go for.

However, this takes a lot more effort and time which is why getting a tool like this is always the better option.

On a last note, there is no need to get overwhelmed with the learning curve.

Yes, it will take some time to get used to the basic cleaning requirements, but this time investment will help you with a far better response from your tools. So, be sure to get help from the locals if you’re confused or unsure.

The Downside

Now that we’ve listed all the benefits of owning a Chicago Electric Chainsaw Sharpener, there are still a few factors that will not be that pleasant to deal with. These factors include the absence of a working light and the difficult to find suitable replacement parts.

So it is not a fantastic solution if you anticipate some harsh use and may require replacement components. Although the quick speed and customizable sizes certainly increase the value, it is useless if you can’t repair the sharpener when it is broken.

This does not imply that finding a substitute is impossible. You won’t like the difficulty involved in modifying this method, however. So be sure to give this system special attention. Being overly aggressive will just make matters worse for you.

A few users have also mentioned alignment or balance issues with the system. These issues are still present and have been for some time. But it doesn’t mean the sharpening has to be destroyed.

When you get a Chicago Electric Chainsaw Sharpener that is not correctly aligned, you should instead get in touch with the authorized dealer or the support staff.

You won’t be able to produce a sharp edge due to these alignment problems, and the chainsaw’s performance will be, to put it mildly, lacking.


The only thing you need to remember is that none of these problems are your fault. This system has a guarantee that matches even the most expensive systems on the market. As a result, you should get a fair answer from the vendor.

You just need to describe the problem and any workarounds you’ve already attempted. The dealer or professional support staff will then assume control and lead you through a repair.

If they come to the conclusion that your sharpener is indeed damaged, you can demand a new one. The warranty will cover all damages, and you will be provided with a fresh piece within the same week. 

Just make sure to help the dealer with the verification and provide him with a valid proof of purchase like a receipt. From there, the dealer will be taking charge of the situation and he will give you a new system to work with.

Hopefully, things won’t come to this and the Chicago Electric Chainsaw Sharpener that you receive will be in perfect shape.

Wrapping Up

We’ve listed some specifics on the Chicago Electric Chainsaw Sharpener. Is it a good option? Yes! Should you learn how to use this sharpener? Definitely. So, set aside some money for this sharpener and it will serve you for years on end.

After the first few weeks, you will find this sharpener to be the best purchase in your workshop. This affordable accessory will save you hours in the long run. Moreover, you will have more control over the sharpness of the chainsaw.

There is no debate that every workshop needs a chainsaw sharpener. If you think carefully, it will be hard to find a justification that will discourage the purchase of the chainsaw sharpener.

So, be sure to stick with this orientation and you’ll be sorted out perfectly. 

Lastly, the best thing about the Chicago Electric Chainsaw Sharpener is its easy maintenance.

This aspect is one of the most crucial things behind the Chicago Electric Chainsaw Sharpener, and it will not be that hard to manage. So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you should try out this accessory. 

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