What Is A Unistrut? (Everything To Know)

What Is A Unistrut
What Is A Unistrut

Unistrut – What exactly is it?

Since 1924 the commercial construction market has been relying on the Unistrut metal framing for quick reinforcement and robust structures. The simplicity and ease of use of these metal connections allows for an adjustable and reusable system.

Unistrut is considered the original metal framing system — eliminating the need for complex welds or drilling routines.

Over the past 9 decades, this brand or concept has evolved from a simple framing technique to an exceptional support system for countless construction projects.

The Unistrut lineup includes channels, fasteners, hangers, clamps, and several accessories. 

This framing method is incredibly versatile, allows for quick completion, and maintains infinite configurations.

Whether you’re into DIY projects or need something more efficient for your construction contracts, going with the Unistrut will put you far ahead of the schedule.

Unistrut usage

  • Support for lab equipment
  • Utility and storage racks
  • Solar support
  • Support for HVAC systems


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The Unistrut relies on a hex head bolt that connects metal fitting to the spring nut (or other standard Unistrut nut).

These nuts have tapered grooves to align the connection properly and allow for a more precise and accurate connection. 

A vice-like grip is created as the hex bolt is tightened into the spring nut. This spring nut can be adjusted anywhere along the channel to allow for any desired configuration.

The benefit of the spring nut is that it creates pressure against the channel edges, making movement easier along the channel. 

When working with a channel that is suspended above head, the use of spring nuts is almost crucial. The standard channel nut will just slip out and you’ll have to rely on an extended stick or a brace to keep the nut in place.

Unistrut Channel

The most crucial piece of the metal structure is the Unistrut channel that is formed from a metal sheet.

It maintains a long structure with folded edges to make space for the grooves on the spring nut. These folded edges also support the grip of the connection, as the grooves drive into the channel.

The majority of manufacturing units rely on stainless steel to create the Unistrut channel. This choice of material allows for a stronger structure and an anti-rust presence.

unistruct use

Some special projects also call for an aluminum alloy to further reduce the weight of this channel. 

Lastly, you’ll also find engineers preferring the use of fiberglass to further eliminate corrosion in high moisture regions and extremely corrosive environments. 

Types Of Unistrut Channels

We can all agree on the fact that there is no such thing as one perfect material or one perfect tool for every job. Each project calls for unique demands and relies heavily on the adaptability of the engineers.

To tackle these changing demands, contractors can rely on a variety of options from solid channel to a half-slotted channel or a half channel. 

Solid Channel takes a more traditional approach and relies on the use of drill for mounting purposes.

Owners can also use clamps or some other holders to keep this channel in place. It can be a hassle to manage if you don’t have proper drilling tools. However, it does allow you to create custom holes.

Punched Channel comes with pre-drilled holes for your standard bolts. You can easily put a spring nut inside the channel and then use a hex bolt to tighten up the connection. 

Slotted Channel brings long oval slots extended along the length of the channel.

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These slots allow for more flexibility and connections can be moved up or down the channel before getting secured properly. Professionals also prefer a half-slotted presentation when they have to add multiple connections.

Lastly, half channel Unistrut are used to create a more minimalist presence. While these channels are not as strong, professionals are mostly relying on its sleek design and smaller presence to complete their project with elegance. 

Can You Use Unistrut for Overhead Equipment Installation

The smaller and simpler design of the Unistrut often creates confusion among medical professionals and dental experts. These professionals can’t seem to put their faith in the Unistrut when it comes to securing (or supporting) their lab equipment.

While we won’t deny the fact that the Unistrut is not the most phenomenal or strong structure on the market, we will still say that it is more than strong enough to handle your equipment.

As long as you’re not planning on swinging from the equipment (we hope not), the structure should support it properly. 

One thing however we will recommend is that you should hire a professional for the installation. You’d only be anxious and confused when thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment is installed with a quick DIY solution.

Just don’t risk the security of your equipment. Spending more money to hire an expert will put your mind at ease and will also improve the usability of your equipment.

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Just don’t waste your own time and let the professionals take over when you’re confused about the installation. 

The Takeaway

The Unistrut is arguably the most phenomenal supporting structure that you can choose. It is simple and robust enough to be used by medical professionals.

If you install the Unistrut properly, it will perfectly hold and secure the equipment (without any wobble or wiggle room). 

The utility of the Unistrut spans in many dimensions including:

  • Pipe support
  • Custom orientation
  • Platforms
  • DIY Projects (tables, risers, platforms)

We can’t understate the importance and performance of a Unistrut (in commercial or casual conditions) So, if you’re new to DIY projects or just starting out with your first contract, we will highly recommend that you give Unistrut a shot. 

It might not seem like the most sturdy or robust option in the beginning. However, with time, you’ll get more efficient, and your confidence in this metal frame will skyrocket.

From there, you won’t be able to think about completing a project without using a Unistrut. 

Learn more from your local workmen and contractors and they will be pretty happy to guide you on the best material handling techniques.

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