What Is A Mattock Used For?

what is a mattock used for
what is a mattock used for

A mattock is a versatile tool with lots of uses in agriculture and even construction. It consists of a long handle, typically made of wood or fiberglass, with a metal head at one end that’s made up of an adze blade on one side, and a pickaxe blade on the other.

This combination of components makes it an essential tool for lots of things, as it lets the user to both dig and chop with ease. It’s especially good for dealing with soil. In this article, I’m going to talk more about the use of this tool.

What Is The Use Of A Mattock?

If you ask anyone that has experience with using a mattock, including me, they’ll tell you that it’s the most versatile hand-planting tool there is. As I mentioned earlier, the components that it has make it good for both digging and chopping up soil. But, that’s not all. Here’s a list that’ll tell you all you need to know about the uses of a mattock.

mattock on soil

  1. Anyone doing work on a soil field can easily use this tool to dig into the ground. As I mentioned, it’s good for chopping soil or softening it too. That makes it much easier for farmers to plant something exactly as they’d want to, or shape a field to their liking.
  2. You can also use mattocks to dig into soil and remove unwanted materials or dead roots if necessary. All of this can be tiring because it’s a big tool, but learning how to use a mattock is very much worth it if you regularly work with soil.
  3. It’s easy to get rid of rocks in the ground or even break smaller ones using a mattock. This way, you can make more space for yourself while planting or digging. This makes it great for clearing land, since you can get rid of most unwanted obstacles.
  4. It isn’t just good for getting rid of things. You can also use the mattock for harvesting crops. The components on the tool can be used to loosen the soil around root vegetables like carrots, potatoes, etc. and pull them out.
  5. Soil isn’t the only thing that a mattock is helpful on. People can also use these tools to break a structure or furniture. If you’re at a construction site, it can be used to break down thin walls, demolish sheds, and more of the sort.
  6. The adze on a mattock is one of the best things about it and makes it so versatile. You can use it clear paving on the ground or make a path because of this.
  7. Mattocks are also used by miners to dig and clear their path.

There are lots of other uses for the mattock, but this is an example of some great main ones.

mattock placed

Depending on what type of work you’re looking to do, a mattock can be very helpful. Whether you’re in the garden, on a construction site, or doing some farming, this neat little tool is sure to make life easier for you.


In conclusion, a mattock is a versatile tool with many uses in agriculture, landscaping, construction, and even mining. However, out of all these, it’s best used for agriculture, particularly on soil. If you want to learn more about how to use it on soil, or other important things about the mattock, check out my other articles for details.

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