How To Use A Mattock? (Everything To Know)

how to use a mattock
how to use a mattock

Anyone that does field work knows how important a mattock is. It’s so helpful for you want to chop or clear soil.

But, a tool is only as good as the person using it. If you’re new to the mattock and want some help learning how to use it, I’ve got you covered. Continue reading to learn more about the use of this tool, along with what it’s best for.

How To Use A Mattock

Keep in mind that these tools should be used very gently. You shouldn’t use them with too much force and try to force them into the ground.

using mattock

That’s more along the lines of what a pickaxe is good for, and trying to use a mattock that way completely ignores its actual functionality. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t raise them over your head either, as that could lead to injuries.

Instead of using them like a pickaxe, mattocks should be used like a tool for chopping and organizing, because that’s what they’re best for. That’s what they’re used for by many good farmers and gardeners all across the world.

As I mentioned earlier, they come in many variations. That’s why, depending on the type of mattock you’re using, they’re also usable for digging holes that you can plant into. This tool is especially useful on thick layers of dry soil.

A sharp mattock can easily get into surfaces and dig the soil effectively. Mattocks are also good for excavation and soil inspection because of this.

sharp mattock

So, it’s pretty fair to say that the sharper your mattock is, the better results you’re bound to get.


I’ve told you the basics of using a mattock, but you’ll need to practice using it yourself to really get a feel for the tool.

If you want to learn a bit more about it before you do that, check some of my other posts on this website about the mattock so you’re more familiar with it.

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