How To Sharpen A Mattock (My 2 Go-To Methods)

how to sharpen a mattock
how to sharpen a mattock

Every tool in the world gradually worsens as time goes on. They either break, get rusty, start to lose their shape, or get dull.

Fortunately, a lot of times they don’t have to stay worse, and you can get them back to their old self with just a bit of work. That’s what I’m here to discuss today by helping you learn more about how to sharpen a mattock so that it’s always useful for the things you need it to be.

How To Sharpen A Mattock?

Like any other hand planting tool, the sharpness of a mattock decreases as time goes on.

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The edges get rusty and weary, making the tool much less effective if you don’t take good care of it. It’s a natural thing that you can’t stop. However, one thing that you can do is to sharpen it back up again! Here are a couple of good methods for doing this:

How To Do It Using A Metal Sharpening Machine

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Using a metal sharpening machine or a metal grinder is a great way of getting the mattock back to its most effective shape. Here’s what you need to do for it…

  1. Find a suitable metal sharpening machine for your mattock. Make sure that it’s just the right size and build. It needs to be a machine for sharpening metal, and not steel specifically. Some of these machines are for working on smaller things like knives and other small tools. But, you need a big one that’ll be effective on your mattock.
  2. Hold your mattock gently and firmly before putting it in front of a running metal sharpening machine. The force from the blades will be quite a lot, so make sure you have a nice grip on your tool so that it sharpens properly and doesn’t fall. Not being careful during this process can make you prone to injuries.
  3. Use the machine to sharpen both sides of the blade, as well as the edges, thoroughly. Rub it carefully and thoroughly against the metal sharpener for the best results. This very important because the effectiveness of your mattock depends on how sharp it is. Be careful to get all of the rust off, and make sure that the surface is even.

You can also take it to someone else’s workshop and pay them to do the job for you, or to use their machine and do it yourself if you don’t have one. Alternatively, you can also just try the second option, which we’ll go through next.

How To Do It Using A Metal Filer

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Not everyone has a metal sharpening machine just lying around at home. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t sharpen your mattock. It’s just as easy to do it with a metal filer if you know how to use one! Even if you don’t, here are the steps you have to follow:

  1. The first step is getting the right metal filer. You can find these in many sizes, and they’re all good for different reasons. If you don’t already have a filer, do some research and get the one that matches your mattock the best to make sure you can get it sharper than ever.
  2. Use a cloth to get rid of any loose stains and rust on the blade. That way, the surface will be more even and you can sharpen it better.
  3. Rub the metal filer across both sides of the blade. Make sure to do this firmly but gently. Using too much force and pressure will cause damage to the mattock instead of sharpening it.
  4. Remember to sharpen the edges and corners too, as these are very important for full effectiveness. Just like the sides, rub the filer along the corners gently and firmly.

The Bottom Line

The two methods listed above are the best ways of sharpening your mattock.

They’re both straightforward if you know what you’re doing, and you can use them to make your tool as effective as ever in just a few moments. I hope either of these tips are able to help you get your mattock sharper than ever!

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