Starting A Chainsaw with A Drill – Is It Safe?

starting a chainsaw with a drill
starting a chainsaw with a drill

People all around the world understand how annoying it can be to run into problems with their equipment. Although, when it comes to getting these fixed, one option is that you contact a specialist. The user has to first wait for them to visit you when they are free. You will then have to pay them both for the repairs as well as the labor. Considering this, many users want to fix their issues on their own.

When it comes to this, one of the most important things that you should keep in mind is that proper equipment is required. Additionally, what brand you purchase these devices from is also essential. This is why one recommendation is that you go through the specifications of this equipment. The process should help you in narrowing down the list by only selecting devices that have features you are interested in.


A chainsaw is an electronic device that is usually powered up using fuel or gasoline. This equipment is powerful enough to easily slice through most materials. Considering this, people mostly use it for cutting up hard materials including trees. You should note that the equipment uses a motor that is used to spin the blades quickly. This is why you have to ensure that there are no problems with the motor. Keeping it maintained will help the user in preventing most issues from appearing on their device.

Starting A Chainsaw with A Drill

Usually, when it comes to starting a chainsaw, the user has to pill on a cord several times with a lot of force. Some users might find it annoying while others can also have a hard time trying to start their chainsaws. Considering this, many people question if it is possible to start a chainsaw using another method. One of the most popular ones includes starting a chainsaw with a drill. You can also do this yourself by following the steps mentioned below.

  • The first thing that you have to do is purchase a four-inch square head bolt. This should have a shank on it that can easily fit in your drill’s chuck. If you are having trouble trying to fit in the bolt head then grinding it a little should help.
  • Start the engine on your chainsaw and prime the carburetor.
  • Now try fitting the socket on the flywheel’s nut. Keep in mind that you will have to remove the shroud keeping your chainsaw’s engine covered.
  • Finally, power up the drill in its forward position, and your chainsaw should start working.

The steps provided enough should help most people in starting up their chainsaws using a drill. Although, if you are still having trouble then keep in mind that a battery-powered drill can be weaker. This is why it is best that you plug your drill in an outlet and then try starting up your chainsaw. In some cases, the bolt-on your drill can come off so there is no need to worry. Aside from this, several other methods can be used to start up your chainsaw without its cord.

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