6 Steps To Fixing Ridgid R4510 Motor Problems

ridgid r4510 motor problems
ridgid r4510 motor problems

Ridgid is one of the best brands that will be helping you out to ensure that you are getting the best possible utility on any of the tools that you can get your hands on.

With all that in the perspective, you can easily choose a wide range of tools that you will need from them with having the best edge of durability, affordability, and all that utility on the Ridgid tools you might be looking to have.

With the Ridgid, you also have some of the most extensive and bigger tools you might possibly be getting your hands on.

They are manufacturing some of the best possible saws in terms of durability, better life, utility, and performance and that gets you the liberty to be using them for any extensive needs you can be having.

Ridgid R4510 is one such table saw with great features on it. 

It has a powerful motor that will allow you to enjoy the right power, control, and accuracy that you can possibly be needing in making all work, there are certainly a number of great things that you will be enjoying on the R4510.

However, there are some problems with the motor as well that you will have to deal with. A few such problems that you need to know about are:

Ridgid R4510 Motor Problems

  1. Wobbling

The first thing that you might have to deal with while you are choosing the Ridgid R4510 has to do with the wobbling on the motorhead, and with that, you will not only have to lose the power considerably since it will not be focused on single point.

Instead, you will also have to be considerate about the accuracy since the cut will get wider and the blades can go here and there to give you such problems.


Most of the time, the problem is caused due to having those issues with the rubber seals or the bearings getting damaged on the rotor of your motor.

So, having them fixed up will be allowing you to fix all such problems that you have been facing earlier.

Moving forward, you also need to inspect the blade and it might be worn out from the center which will cause you to have issues with the wobbling.

Replacing such a blade and installing it properly will help you to avoid all such problems that you have been facing on it earlier.

  1. Grinding Noises

There is another common issue that you might have to deal with on the Ridgid R4510 saw and that has to do with the grinding noises coming out of it.

These grinding noises can be a real mess, since not only you will have an inconvenience getting all those sounds on the top of your blade cutting through any materials that you might have been working with, but they will also damage the motor.

noise pollution

Proper lubrication on the motor using some motor oil will be the best solution to get rid of the issue if it is caused due to some gunk build-up or any other similar reason. 

However, if the lubrication has not done the job for you, you will need to get the body of your motor and all the different bearings that might be in there.

Fixing any broken bearings will be helping you to get out of trouble easily and you will not have to face any such problems with the noise again.

  1. Motor Not Working

At times the motor can also stop working out of nowhere and you need to get that fixed as well for sure.

There can be a few reasons for your motor on the R4510 to not start up properly, and they have to do mostly with the wiring. 

Once you clear out the problems that you could be having with the wiring, all such problems are most likely to be gone for good.

check wiring

However, if the wiring is alright, you will need to ensure that you are checking on the motor and it might have gone bad. 

A Ridgid-authorized support center will be able to help you out in order to diagnose and fix all such problems that you have been facing earlier and you will not have to deal with such issues again.

  1. Burnout

The situation with the motor overheating or burning out can be more lined with the saw dust.

If you’re not cleaning out the unit after every use or have ignored the maintenance for a couple of weeks, then now might be a good time to reach out to the officials.

You will have to check up on the hardware side of things to make sure that the unit is in good shape.

Ignoring the cleaning requirements will only clog up the system and you will not be able to secure any response from the motor. 

So, if you do run into these issues, the first thing that you need to do is to remove the motor from the power source.

power battery

From there, you can grab a can of compressed air or a blower and then blast the unit with air. It will help you get rid of the clogged up saw dust.

From there, you can also go about lubricating the pivot points to further reduce the load on the system.

Some owners also point out that this issue with the motor can be linked with the internal wiring. However, that is not always true. 

So, you will have to do a bit more inspection to make sure that the internal wiring is in good shape.

Hiring an electrician or a technician to help you out here is not a bad idea either. Hopefully, you will be sorted out in no time. 

  1. Power Issues

Power issues with the motor can also lead you to the same error. You will not be able to get any performance from the unit when there are power issues behind this brand.

So, if you’re stuck or can’t seem to get any performance, be sure to check up on the power.

All that you’re trying to do is make sure that the power going into the system is optimal. If the power is too much or too low, the motor will struggle to perform.

power check

So, you can check up on the main source and rely on any voltage measuring device to isolate the error. 

Relying on these devices will help you figure out the situation more quickly, and you will not have to bother with as many errors.

However, it is not always safe to check up on the hardware side of things on your own. So, be sure to keep that and try seeking help from a local. 

  1. Reduced Performance For Ripcuts

Next, you will also find some owner struggling with the ripcuts.

Keeping the system working can be a bit harsh and you will not be able to get a robust enough response from the motor when relying on rip cuts. This is mostly because you’re not using the right type of blade. 

Relying on a rip blade will serve you better, and you need to switch to this option if you don’t want to fry up the motor.

Yes, changing the blade can be a hassle. However, you’ll risk running the unit if you don’t put any time in changing the blade.

So, be sure to keep all of these pointers in mind when you can’t get a response out of the system.

Hopefully, you will not have to worry as much about these issues, and fixing the system will come easily to you. 

However, if you’re still confused, then we suggest that you reach out to the dealer. The Ridgid support might be one of the best on the market. There is no point in experimenting on your own and you need to reach out. 

Wrapping Up

The main driving force behind the popularity of the Ridgid system can be linked with affordable pricing and better dealer support.

However, that doesn’t mean that you will have an amazing time with the system on every project. 

Instead, some owners do run into a bit of hassle every now and then, and you will run into the same complications as well.

The best and the smartest decision that you can make about these issues is to reach out to the dealer. There is no point in trying to stick with a damaged system.

However, if you’re not that sold on reaching out to the dealer or want to tackle the situation yourself, then you will have to go through the basic fixes listed above.

Keep in mind that you can limit the majority of these errors by clearing out the sawdust and checking up on the performance one more time.

However, if you’re still stuck in the same issue even after going through with all of the pointers here, then you need to get an expert to help you out.

That way, you will not have to waste hours of your time trying to fix a damaged unit. 

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