RidGid Jobmax 18V Review – 6 Aspects To Know

ridgid jobmax 18v review
ridgid jobmax 18v review

Among all the different brands manufacturing those tools for you, you will need to make sure that you are getting the tools from a brand that will suit your needs best.

Each unit brings its own pros and cons, and that is true for the premium brands like Milwaukee and DeWalt as well.

So, you will have to figure out accordingly which unit will better serve your needs. Sometimes, asking the dealer for his opinion can be the best decision that you can make.

Seeking pointers from the officials will help you get a better hang of the situation, and you will not have to struggle as much on your own.

With the tools that you might have, you will need to make it work in the right manner, and not only does the tool need to be perfect according to the needs you could be having.

Ridgid Jobmax 18V Review

There are certain key features that you need to learn about the brand as well to make the best use of the tools.

Ridgid is going to help you out in order to make sure that you are getting the perfection on all such tools for you.

They are offering tons of different tools that you can possibly get your hands on, and along with the right choice of tools you can possibly be getting.

They are also offering durability, performance, and affordability for you on all the different tools that you might be able to get your hands on.

Ridgid Jobmax is one such multi-tool that you can get, and it allows you the liberty to be used a wide range of tools.

The Ridgid Jobmax 18V is a cordless tool, and a few important things that you need to know about them are:

  1. Utility


The utility you will be getting on the Ridgid Jobmax 18V is pretty great for you to be having.

It has the right utility since a multi-tool will help you to ensure that you can use it for all the different applications you might have.

The accessories can easily be swapped on the tool, and you can get a wide range of tools from them.

These can be used for polishing, grinding, engraving, and more at the same time and all that will help you out to get the perfection of usage for sure.

Moving forward, you will also be able to enjoy 20% more power with the octane battery that doesn’t only offer you better power but has enhanced run time as well.

Along with the quick charge, and that will be getting you the best utility for all the different needs you might be looking to use it for.

In addition to all that, you will also be able to enjoy the four directional head positions on it to use it in the right manner according to the needs you could be having.

  1. Power


The power cannot get any better than this, and with that, you can have a motor of 0-20,000 OPM.

All that power delivery is made possible with the brushless motor, and you will be able to make it work properly for all the different needs you could be having with the tools.

The 18V battery is also pretty great, and it adds the right power for you to be helping you out while getting the job done for you .

The power delivery is certainly phenomenal, and you will not have to worry about power at all while you are getting things done for you.

  1. Design


The design factor is also particularly great for you to be having, and it has the best of both worlds. The Ridgid 18V Jobmax is designed to have perfect durability on it.

The design has the right weight balance on the tool with that battery, and that would allow you to have the right handling at the same time while you can use it for all the different applications you could be having.

The design is also pretty great for you to be helping you with multiple handling needs.

It has the ergonomic feeling that you might be able to get, and the design will help you to get all the things done properly and handle the tool without having to face any hand fatigue or any such tiredness at all.

  1. Durability


Durability is also pretty great for you to be having, and you can easily use it for all the different requirements you could have to make it all work.

The body can easily handle wear and tear in addition to some scratches and shocks pretty easily.

So, if you’re worried about putting extended pressure on the unit, worry no more.

This tool will give you the ideal performance and then some when it comes to optimizing the smart controls, and you will not find a better option on the market.

However, when you’re talking about extreme conditions and industry-grade projects, going with an upgrade might just be the better idea.


You will not be able to get the same level of performance from this unit, and going with a better device will be the more logical move.

It all comes down to how you’re planning on loading the unit. If you’re just a hobbyist or an intermediate workman, going with this tool is not a bad idea.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming for more robust skills and need better performance, then going with more robust options will serve you better.  

  1. Pricing


Some owners will say that pricing is the main selling point behind this unit. While this statement is not really false, it still doesn’t overshadow the amazing performance offered by the Ridgid system.

You will have to pay around a hundred dollars for this tool. 

This price is even better than some of the more affordable brands, and you will not have to switch to any other option in the long run.

So, if you’re not that sure about spending hundreds of dollars on the same oscillating tool from premium brands, Ridgid is the way to go.

This option is just superior to other brands that you can find on the market within the same price range.

There is simply no gain in sticking with any other option when you’re trying to save on the money side. So, if pricing is one of your primary concerns, Rigid has got you covered.

On top of this amazing deal, you will also come across some sales across the year, making the oscillating tool more affordable.

So, be on the lookout for some sales, and you will be more than happy to stick with this brand over the long run. 

  1. Customer Support

When you look at the pricing of this unit, you might think to yourself, “what’s the catch?” Well, with Ridgid, there is none!

customer support

You will find that the reputation of this brand can be closely compared to Milwaukee and DeWalt, and you will get amazing performance out of this unit.

So, there is no need to get worried about purchase security or any other element. Ridgid is one of the biggest players on the market and will continue to dominate for years to come.

So, you will not be missing out on any performance when trying out this unit.

Moreover, if you do come across some issues, the complete panel of experts working on the customer support team will help you out.


You can eliminate minor issues with the system by following through with the instructions provided by customer support.

You will have complete purchase security, and the dealer will guide you through each step of the way when it comes to troubleshooting the unit.

Hopefully, the situation won’t come to all that and you will still get amazing quality from this brand. 

Wrapping Up

Ridgid Jobmax 18V is easily one of the more dominant options on the market and enables customers with the ideal response from the unit.

wrap up

You will not find any better option when it comes to maximizing value form the system, and Jobmax will keep you served for years.

The only downside to this unit is that you will need to switch to more robust units when you’re working on industry-grade projects.

However, if you’re just a casual workman or a hobbyist, there is no need to worry about putting extra load on the tool.

It all comes down to the compatibility with the existing projects, and there is no such thing as one perfect tool for all jobs.

So, hopefully, you will have a better idea of which brand to choose for your next purchase without worrying about long-term issues or functionality errors. 

Lastly, you can also reach out to the official support members of this brand to inquire about the unit.

If you’re not that sure or on edge about the purchase, providing these professionals with a list of your requirements will be a good idea. They will help you figure out the best fit for current and future tasks.

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