5 Efficient Steps To Fix Ridgid Orbital Sander Problems

ridgid orbital sander problems
ridgid orbital sander problems

Interested in the Ryobi Orbital sander? Just make sure that you’re aware of the basic maintenance cycle for this sander! Otherwise, you will just be wasting your money (in due time).

So, before you make the final purchase decision, try searching up for common problems with this system. 

Now, we will be blunt with you to say that there are a ton of problems that you can expect here. From the sander not running on to losing power and much more!

So, you need to figure out how to narrow down these problems and fix them up without relying on the professionals. 

Ridgid Orbital Sander Problems

  1. Not Turning On

One of the most common problems that you might have to encounter is the Ridgid Orbital Sander not turning on and that is something really inconvenient when you want to make it work.

power on

That problem is not that big, and can easily be solved if you know where to look for the solution.

You need to check the power outlet first and ensure that you are checking the power outlet with some other appliance in order to ensure that it is getting the right power that you will be needing in order to make it work.

If the power outlet is fine, you need to proceed forward with the power cord of the tool and inspect it thoroughly. 

That is something that you will need to be particularly careful about since the power cord might be damaged at times, and if that is the problem, you will need to ensure that you are getting it replaced properly.

Lastly, if nothing has worked out for you, you need to get the Orbital Sander checked for any internal malfunctions and that will be helping you out to have the problem fixed up properly.

  1. Losing Power/Irregular Running

Another common problem that you will have to face on the Ridgid Orbital Sander is the issue with its brushes.

The motor has carbon brushes on them that will wear off with time as it is the most common issue with all the motors that you get from brush motors.

The carbon brushes, if they are wearing off, will start to make it feel like you are having the power loss on the Orbital Sander that you might have been using.

Not only that, but it will rotate irregularly as well and that is something you will need to be careful about. 

If you start to have that problem on your orbital sander, you will have to ensure that you are getting the brushes replaced and that should do the trick for you.

  1. Speed Dial Not Working

Next, another common issue that is often faced on the Ridgid Orbital Sander has to do with the variable speed dial not working.

The revolving speed of the Ridgid Orbital Sander can be adjusted using a variable-speed dial, allowing you to get the ideal sanding pace for any surface.

If the speed dial is malfunctioning, it’s probably because dust has accumulated on it and is preventing it from functioning properly.

If the cleaning doesn’t work out for you, you will need to have it fixed up properly, and to do that, you might need to have the switch replaced and that will be helping you out to get the right experience as you might have been seeking.

  1. Clogging Issues

When talking about the dust collector, clogging difficulties might be challenging to resolve.

However, buying a new system is the safest option and has benefitted numerous owners. If you are not obtaining a response, you should continue using this method.

Dust Clog

From there, you can also be more mindful of the maintenance of the system. Keeping track of the basic maintenance can’t be understated and you need to be active and efficient when it comes to keeping the unit clean. 

There is no point in worrying about the hardware issues when you’re not even sure about the basic maintenance cycle.

It can take hours of your time to get through the cleaning cycle if you don’t manage to spare a few minutes each week. So, try to be more active when finding routine. 

Otherwise, you will just be dragging yourself down and the performance from the dust collection bin will be suboptimal. So, be sure to have the experts help you out, and that will be much better for your system.

  1. Reduced Performance

Lastly, there have been many reports on owners claiming that the system won’t work properly or there is reduced performance from the orbital sander.

Now, these issues can stem from a ton of factors and limiting them is not exactly “easy.”


So, you need to test your luck and start with checking the hardware. Make sure that the motor is in good shape and that there are no issues with the wiring.

All that you’re trying to confirm is that the power going into the system is optimal and that there are no issues on that end. 

Once you’ve made sure of that, the next thing that you will have to check is the maintenance side of things.

If the unit is clogged up or in poor shape, you’ll get reduced performance. So, it is not that bad an idea to blast the unit with compressed and then check the response from the system one more time.

It will give you more perspective on the situation to say the least and then you can engage the official support team to guide you further.

Hopefully, you will be sorted out in no time and figuring out a decent solution will not be as challenging for you.

Ridgid Orbital Sander is one such tool that you get to enjoy for the perfection of sanding the surfaces with great durability and efficiency. 

That helps you out to make certain that you are getting the right power and efficiency at the same time that will be helping you out to smoothen or polish any surface that you might have been looking for.

That is certainly something great, and you get to enjoy the perfection of compatibility across all the tools you might be having.


Wrapping Up

Planning on spending your money on the Ridgid orbital sander? We’ve helped you with some of the common problems that will help you figure out whether or not you’ll be able to manage this sander.

So, be sure to go through the list above and figure out the right mode of action.

A simple precaution is usually all that is needed to avoid a problem from occurring. There isn’t a single manufacturer of tools that claims their products need zero upkeep.

If you want to maximize performance, you have to pay attention to the smallest details, such as when to apply fresh oil and how often to clean the parts.

There are no quick fixes, and you will have to make the time. Yes, you need to set up alarms, free up your schedule, or outsource the maintenance.

However, what you can’t do is to lose patience for several weeks and then complain when the tool won’t work as intended. 

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