How To Remove Rust From Pliers?

how to remove rust from pliers
how to remove rust from pliers

Pliers are arguably the most important tool in any household or workshop. They’re used for all kinds of different things, and are essential for so many things. From a wide range of simple tasks to more complicated ones, it’s a great tool that comes in handy.

But overtime, just like any other tool, pliers can start to wear out a little. This includes getting rust all over them, which is something no one wants to see on their tool.

If you have noticed that your pliers are starting to get rusty, don’t worry. I’ll walk you through the steps for removing rust from them at home with the help of a few common things.

How To Remove Rust From Pliers?

Removing Rust From Pliers

Pliers tend to lose a lot of their efficiency and sharpness after they get rusty, which goes without saying. But, just because they are showing a bit of rust doesn’t mean you have to throw them away entirely.

All you need is some sandpaper and rust cleaning chemical to follow the steps below for getting rid of rust from your pliers:

  1. Clean the Pliers

clean pliers

Before doing anything, you need to thoroughly clean the pliers. To do this, just use soap or detergent and some water. This helps get rid of loose rust and stains.

  1. Dry and Store Pliers

rust pliers

After washing them, dry out the pliers using a cloth and store them in a container so you can start applying the fix!

  1. Apply Rust Cleaning Chemical

Once the pliers are dry, you can start applying the rust cleaning chemical. I usually prefer WD-40 for this, but you can try out other brands if you prefer those.

apply chemical

But remember that regardless of what you choose, safety is the most important thing.

Make sure to wear gloves, a mask, and goggles while applying the chemical as it could damage your skin otherwise. Make sure to cover both the blades as well as the grip handles.

  1. Let the Chemical Do Its Thing

The rust cleaning chemical isn’t a miracle liquid. It will take some time before it takes effect. So, store the pliers again and let them rest in a container again for 5-10 minutes at least.

let pliers rest

  1. Rub Pliers with Sandpaper

When enough time has passed, you can grab some sandpaper and start rubbing the pliers with it. Do this thoroughly and gently across the whole tool. You will watch the rust start loosening within seconds in your own hands with this!

rub sandpaper

  1. Remove Stains with Cloth

After you’re doing rubbing the tool with sandpaper, you can start getting rid of any stains and leftover marks using a piece of cloth or hard tissue paper. Just rub it carefully and then you’ll be all done!

use cloth

Wrapping Up

This simple method is all you need to clean your pliers at home. By following it, you can make your tools cleaner, sharper, more efficient, and a lot more presentable.

removed rust

I hope it helped you get rid of rust from your pliers just as much as it helps me!

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