Grizzly Track Saw Review – What You Should Know

grizzly track saw review
grizzly track saw review

A track saw comes in handy for cutting in straight lines. It is a regular circular saw aligned to a track or rail that ensures perfect accuracy to be cut in straight lines. You can consider it a saw with a scale attached to it, and you will be able to use it for cutting out those straight long pallets of wood for flooring, furniture making, working with roofing and a lot more. There are tons of brands out there offering their track saws, and Grizzly is among one them.

Grizzly is a US company that offers a wide range of woodworking and metalworking tools and machinery. They are known for exceptional power and durability on all their tools that you can possibly get your hands on. So, if you are considering buying a track saw from Grizzly, here are a few things that you must be aware of to make it work out perfectly and you will hardly have to miss out on a single thing while you are at it.

Grizzly Track Saw Review

1. Features

For such track saws, you will need to make sure that you are getting all the features that you can possibly need while you are working with them. It comes with an infinitely variable cutting depth up to 2-5/32” so that you can enjoy a properly customized experience on the wood that you are using it for. The rail system on the Grizzly track saw allows accurate and splinter-free cuts, and you get a non-slip backing on the underside of the rail that avoids any mishaps or accuracy-related issues that can be caused because your rails slipping.

There are a number of other features such as a built-in riving knife that ensures anti-kickback protection at all times, and you will not have to face those kickbacks that are not only a hassle for achieving the right accuracy but will also cause you to face some problems with the safety.

2. Power

You must also know about the power that you are getting on any such track saws. The Grizzly track saw comes with a 9 Amp motor that runs on 120V and produces 1.1 kW of power. That motor is able to deliver a maximum RPM of 5500, which is pretty much enough to deal with the toughest of wood types as well. That way, you will be certain that you are never going to run out on the power, and you will be able to enjoy a seamless overall experience with your track saw as far as the power is concerned.

The blade rim speed is also phenomenal, and it can cut 9,070 ft per minute. That makes the overall working experience a lot faster than any of the other track saws available in the market. The Grizzly track saw comes with plunge-cutting action that eliminates flip-up blade guards, and you don’t have to deal with any risks of pinching and kickbacks.

3. Utility

There are also a number of factors that would make it a perfect track saw in terms of utility. Starting with the max cutting depth at 90 degrees without the rail at 2-5.32” and with rail 1-32/32” you can cut through thicker wooden pallets pretty easily. The distance between the saw blade and wall is 5/8” that providing a saw dust-free cutting experience for you.

The rail system can easily be placed on wooden surfaces, and you can also carry the rail around you pretty easily. The 55” rail is pretty great, and you will be able to cut those longer pallets in a single go without having to detach the saw or taking the breaks in between.

4. Portability

You might need to carry the track saw around, and the foldable track that you can attach and detach with the track saw makes the whole experience a great possibility for you. To top it all, the combined weight is just 20 lbs. which makes it a perfect choice for those who are looking to enjoy the right portability on their track saw, and intend on carrying the track saw around to different job sites.

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