4 Effective Solutions To Drill Press Spindle Wobble

drill press spindle wobble
drill press spindle wobble

Drill Press Spindle is designed to work right, and it rotates just perfectly to ensure that you are able to drill the holes just right and perfectly. Yet, at times there can be different problems such as the spindle might be not rotate securely and accurately, and it might be wobbling while it rotates. That is certainly something that you will need to be careful about while you are using the Drill Press. If your Drill Press Spindle is Wobbling, here are a few things that you will need to check to ensure that it stops that and you don’t have to face issues with the accuracy of the power delivery on the Drill Press.

Drill Press Spindle Wobble

1. Screw it Tight

Sometimes, the problem can be as simple and small as just a loose spindle and that might be making the spindle wobble unevenly as it rotates. That is why you will need to ensure that you are checking the screw o it and then you will have to screw it tightly to ensure that you are not getting that problem again.

At times, you might need to replace the screw as it might not be the right fit or the right size and that is certainly going to ensure that you don’t have to face this problem again on the Drill Press Spindle that has been wobbling.

2. Check Bearing

Another thing that you will need to be careful about is the bearing. The bearing needs to be right, and if it is damaged for some reason and the balls inside the bearing might not be right, that can also cause you to have a problem with the Spindle Wobble. You will need to get the bearing inspected properly and if it is uneven, losing a ball, or causing some rotation problem, replacing the bearing in your Spindle is going to help you out in the right manner to deal with any and all the problems that you have been facing lately with your Drill Press Spindle Wobbling.

3. Check Seals

There are also some rubber seals inside the Spindle that hold the spindle and rotate it in the right manner. Yet, if the seals are not set right and you are facing some problem with the overheating, seals getting damaged, or sometimes the seals might be getting too hard, that can also be a reason behind the wobble on your spindle. That is why you will need to ensure that you will have to replace that seal with accurate rubber seals and you will be able to stop the wobbling on your spindle.

4. Change the Spindle

The spindle weight counts a lot and an uneven spindle can be the main culprit at times. If nothing so far has resolved the problem for you, it would be better to replace the Spindle as a whole and that would be just the thing that you are going to need in order to make it work out perfectly for you and you can enjoy just the perfect experience on your Drill Press.

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  1. I wondering if anyone has converted a bent spindle to the new style spindle with and arbor that slides into the Collar part of the upper spindle?
    Just looking at it seems that if there is a .625″ Id Collar with view slot and a #2 MT in each end the Arbor would fit the bottom end the spindle in the top, with a #2 MT. and cut to length long enough to see in a view slot that could be milled in the Quill.
    I haven’t been able to locate the Quill end bearing or a collar that would join Arbor to the Spindle.
    I would greatly appreciate any help or comments . I’ve sent E-Mails out to places that could comment and never had a response.


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